How to Backup Emails from Atmail Server on macOS?

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backup emails from atmail server

Have you decided to save Atmail email server backup to your desktop email client, local storage or cloud apps, but don’t know how to proceed with the entire process? Most of us have faced this similar situation where we are ready to switch between email clients or save our webmail emails locally, but don’t have any idea of how to do it and where to start from. But not anymore, because through this blog, we are going to discuss about the best possible solutions to backup emails from Atmail server to your preferred choices. So, relax and read this blog to get uninterrupted and reliable techniques to download Atmail mail server backup on macOS.

What is Atmail – Overview

Ever since its launch in 1998, Atmail has been one of the trusted email service providers in online email market that supports POP/IMAP/SMTP protocols. It offers an array of integrated services including webmail, contacts management, storage, tasks, schedules etc. With 20+ years of experience in delivering highly secure and personalized email servicing, Atmail has provided great email communication solutions to small ventures as well as large organizations, globally (and is still going on). Basically, it is a complete solution provider to cater users’ personalized emailing requirements.

Not that you know about the Atmail email server, lets us now move on towards the best solution to save Atmail email server backup on mac using third party utility, as discussing in the next section.

Save Atmail Webmail Backup on Mac with Error-Free Solution

If you want a hassle-free method to backup Atmail emails locally or another cloud app, then use MacMister IMAP Backup Tool. It permits to backup Atmail account emails to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, CSV, OLM, DOC, Thunderbird, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP Server, Google Drive, Dropbox and etc. Its GUI is very attractive and displays simple buttons for quick navigation. The tool provides optimized Atmail email backup solution with minimized efforts. All technical and non-technical users find this tool handy to use and effortlessly save Atmail on macOS editions – 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and later editions. Moreover, using the advance filters of this tool, users can even backup selective Atmail account emails to either their local system or cloud apps/storage.

Important : It is recommended to download free demo edition of IMAP Email Backup Tool to evaluate its working capabilities. The free trial utility will work exactly like its licensed copy, but with certain limitations. Use this free demo tool to learn how to backup emails from Atmail Server, with first 25 emails per folder. After getting satisfying results with the demo tool, you can proceed further to buy its licensed edition.

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Download Atmail Mail Server Backup on Mac in Simple procedure!

  • After successful downloading, install and run the tool
  • Enter your Atmail email account login credentials, including email address, password. You also need to provide the IMAP host name and port number of the Atmail user account in the specified fields. Click login button to connect with your account.

The IMAP Server details of Atmail account are as follows :

    EU Servers
  • Host Name :
  • Port: 993 for IMAP
    US-EAST Servers
  • Host Name :
  • Port: 993 for IMAP
    EU-WEST Servers
  • Host Name :
  • Port: 993 for IMAP
  • The tool will then display the folders list in tree hierarchy. Select the desired folders that you need to create a backup of locally or directly migrate to another cloud app.
  • The tool displays a list of various saving options, choose the one as you desire.
  • Set sub-options of the selected output option, apply filters and click on Start Backup button
  • The software will then start the Atmail backup process and displays its progress status. Once completed, a new message window opens with the message “Conversion done successfully”.

Note : Follow this guide to know step-by-step procedure to backup emails from Atmail Server on macOS.

Why Use Atmail Backup Tool?

The software possesses a vast range of outstanding features, some of which are given below :

  • User friendly interface
    The software has a clean interface to help even non-technical users to quickly backup Atmail emails without any technical expertise.
  • Safe backup of Atmail emails
    Atmail Backup Tool is a secure tool and is free from any virus. Moreover, it doesn’t save your email account’s login details in its cache or database, thus your data remains safe with this tool.
  • Multiple output options to save Atmail on macOS
    The tool provides numerous output options for users to backup their Atmail emails to local storage, email client, cloud drive, cloud /webmail server. You can opt any option such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, DOC, CSV, OLM, HTML, Thunderbird, Office 365, IMAP Server,, Yahoo, Gmail and many more to download Atmail email backup on Mac.
  • Independent application
    Atmail Backup Tool doesn’t need any other application or software to backup your emails on mac system. The only requirement that needs to be fulfilled for efficient software working is your Atmail account’s login credentials, and nothing else.
  • File naming options to save resultant files
    While saving Atmail emails to individual email supported file formats like EML, MSG, PDF, HTML etc. the software allows you to save the resultant files according to specified file naming options such as Subject + Date (dd/mm/yyyy), From + Subject + Date (yyyy/mm/dd), Date (yyyy/mm/dd), Auto Increment etc.
  • Supports selective data transfer
    After the software has uploaded all the folders of your Atmail email account on its left pane, you can see that each folder is having a corresponding checkbox to it. You can select or deselect these folders through these checkboxes and backup only the selected folders, as per your requirements. Additionally, you can even use various date and mail filters to backup only required Atmail emails, selectively.
  • Suitable with all macOS
    The Atmail Backup Tool is completely Mac based utility and supports all its editions – Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave etc.

User Reviews

This Atmail Backup Tool is what I needed and was searching for all these days. I am relieved that I bought this tool and downloaded all my Atmail emails to PDF format including all attachments. All the data was in exact form and noting was misplaced. Thank you team for this amazing tool.

– Amanda James

I used this Atmail email migrate software to create Atmail mail backup on mac hard drive and got what I wanted. It also let me choose and I could backup only those mail folders that were important to me.  Thanks.

– Bell Jones


The above blog has explained step by step procedure to backup emails from Atmail email server to multiple output options. You can choose any option as per your requirements. I am pretty sure that you will not regret your decision and will attain desired Atmail backup results with this tool. Still having doubt? Don’t worry, as told earlier, download the free demo tool first and clear all your confusions. Only then decide further about purchasing the licensed tool.