Quick Fix – Cox Email Not Working on iPhone!

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Is you Cox email giving you trouble while trying to connect it with iPhone? Wondering why Cox email not working on iPhone after applying different methods? No worries because in the segment we have described some techniques that you can opt to make Cox email work on iPhone.

Cox Communications is one of the oldest and popular service providers in United States. It is because they provide multiple plans and packages for internet, phone, and TV. Additionally, offers variety of features including high-speed internet, live TV, and multiple phone plans. Cox customers can also contact the company directly to know latest deals and updates. But sometimes, due to technical disturbances, Cox Mail users unable to connect Cox email on iPhone which puts them into trouble as they no more able to get the update of new emails or messages from its support.

Main Reasons Why Cox Email Not Working on iPhone

If you are facing issues while connecting Cox email on iPhone, then you have to first go to the root cause of a problem. There are many reasons why Cox Mail sometimes gives hard time to users to connect on iPhone. However, it is necessary to encounter the correct issue before resolving it, because then only the entire process will be simplified. Moreover, different devices support different settings that need different techniques. If you are having an iPhone, then here are some possible reasons why Cox Mail can be unresponsive:

Slow Connectivity

Connectivity issues are a common problem as it occurs from time-to-time. If internet connection is slow on your iPhone, then connecting Cox Mail on iPhone will be slower process than usual or will not connect at all. Without internet connection, sending/receiving emails is not possible. Therefore, make sure to have good internet connectivity before configuring any webmail service.

Forgot Password

If you have recently changed your password of Cox Mail account but it is not updated on iPhone, then also you may face trouble while logging to Cox Mail account on the same. So try to logout and login again with a new password to keep your emails updated and functional.

Outdated App

There are several applications which are updated frequently to improve features like speed, utility, and display. If you face issues while installing such updates then there’s a possibility that the app will not work. As a result, it is essential to keep all your apps up to date with most recent features to reduce irregularities. So, make sure that your Cox Mail account is updated on iPhone.

How to Fix – Cox Email not Working on iPhone?

Once you have figured out the source of the problem, and then try these fixes which will help you resolving the error as soon as possible.

Turn Router Off and On

One of the reasons why Cox Mail not able to connect on iPhone is due to internet connectivity issue. To fix this, ensure that the network is stable and functioning well. If not, then turn off the router and turn it on again. By doing this, the signals will be updated and speed up the internet connection.

Specify Correct Login Details

To know the latest Cox Mail plans, you have to stay updated through email. But first, it is necessary for you to verify the functioning of your email account and check if it is responding properly or not. If you encountered any problem, then make sure that you have provided correct login details. In case the password is incorrect or you no longer remember it, then request a new one.

Disable Antivirus Software

If you have antivirus on your iPhone, then you may face difficulty connecting with Cox Mail account. Because it can block such activity for safety reasons. Thereby, disable antivirus software if such issue arises. By doing this, you will be able to use Cox email on your iPhone.

How to Update Cox Email Settings on iPhone?

You can right away contact the company through email by specifying questions related to Cox bill pay, TV guide, or internet plans. By if your emails are failed to respond, then you have to update iPhone settings. Check the port settings first. By examining it, you can easily figure out the resolution. Also verify SSL, IMAP, and POP fields.

How to Contact Cox when Cox Email not Working on iPhone?

If Cox email not working on iPhone, then there are other ways you can contact Cox Company. Customers can either call Cox customer service directly or visit the nearest store. Besides, you can also use the app or live chat for the same.


To make Cox email work on iPhone, it is important to first make your internet connection stable and check if the apps are up-to-date. Moreover, update your iPhone settings, check IMAP, POP, or SSL options.


Why my Cox email not working on iPhone?

This can be due to slow internet connection, wrong port settings, or antivirus software which is installed on your iPhone.

How do I receive Cox email on iPhone?

You may download Cox Mail on your iPhone, login with the credentials and access all your emails.

How to configure Cox Mail on iPhone?

Just open iPhone, go to Settings, navigate to Mail Account and choose Cox as the option.

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