How to Export Office 365 Emails to Rediffmail on Mac & Windows?

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Did you recently switch to Rediffmail account from Office 365? Are you in an urgent need of accessing crucial emails stored in Office 365 account in your new Rediffmail profile? Wondering about the safest and most accurate way to export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail? Searching for a hassle-free and effective technique to directly export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail including attachments without any changes to the data? Not to worry, in the blog we provide an exceptional method which will assist you to directly export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail with attachments 100% accurate output.

In today’s digital era, emails have become an important part in both personal and professional sphere. With the large number of email service providers available, Office 365 and Rediffmail are two prominent platforms that offer feature-rich solutions for advanced communication and collaboration.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a widely used subscription-based cloud service that includes all the applications found in Microsoft Office Suite for Desktop such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,, and more. These tools help businesses improving workflows, allowing teams located in different parts of the world to collaborate and work on documents in real-time. Additionally, Office 365 strong security measures makes sure to protect user’s accounts and databases from malicious attacks.

Office 365 is popular for its robust infrastructure and reliable services. It delivers seamless integration across devices for users worldwide.

Overall, Office 365 a great source for managing large amount of database but a few inevitable limitations compel users to switch onto a different platform like Rediffmail.

Rediffmail is a leading Indian webmail platform, known for offering friendly interface and powerful features. It provides secure environment for all individuals and businesses with unlimited storage space, customizable domain names, spam filtering options, and more.

What is the Need to Export Office 365 Emails to Rediffmail?

One of the main benefits of storing Office 365 emails to Rediffmail is enhanced accessibility and convenience. It is equipped with a friendly interface which allows easy navigation and email management facility to its users. By exporting Office 365 emails to Rediffmail, users will be able to easily manage their essential email messages in one centralized location, helping them to search, organize, and extract the data when needed.

Another beneficial feature of performing the migration between Office 365 and Rediffmail is data backup and security. One can use Rediffmail as a backup server of Office 365. This ensures the safety of important email messages, helping users to generate backup copy of their essential Office 365 data in Rediffmail server.  Moreover, exporting Office 365 emails to Rediffmail can eradicate the unnecessary cost of the server.

Rediffmail is known for its cost-effective plans which many businesses can opt and save their money by transferring their account from expensive email service providers.

How to Export Office 365 Emails to Rediffmail on Mac & Windows?

The easiest and safe way to export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail on Mac & Windows is MacMister Office 365 Backup Tool for Mac & Windows. The application is simple, cost-effective, and reliable. It has a secure operational environment which any individual and business can opt without any difficulty to perform the process to export Microsoft 365 emails to Rediffmail on Mac with attachments. Even, the steps are not complicated as it seems. The whole procedure will take few seconds to finish successfully.

Moreover, the software holds wide variety of features which are useful in exporting emails from Office 365 to Rediffmail according to specific requirements. However, one can even take help of a freeware version to understand the entire working of the tool for free.

Working Steps to Export Office 365 Emails to Rediffmail on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run Office 365 Email Backup Software Mac on Mac machine.

Step 2. Select Office 365 option from the left. Add Office 365 login details. Click the Login button.

Step 3. Software will connect with the Office 365 account and list its mailboxes immediately on the screen one by one.

Step 4. Now, you can head towards the right-side of the application. Then, click on the Select Saving Options. And, choose Rediffmail from the menu.

Step 5. Enter Rediffmail login details in required fields. Set Filters of your choice if you want to export specific Office 365 emails to Rediffmail. Then, press Start Backup button.

Step 6. The process will start and an Email Backup Report will appear on the screen showing the current backup status of Office 365 mailboxes.

The process will take minimal time to successfully export all emails from Office 365 to Rediffmail on Mac OS. After this, users will be addressed with a notification message “Process Completed”. Click on OK and go to Rediffmail account to check the results. However, you will see that the exported content with metadata properties is 100% accurate. Even, the folder structure is appearing exactly the same as before.

Why MacMister Office 365 to Rediffmail is Expert’s Recommended?

MacMister Office 365 to Rediffmail application provides countless benefits and some of them are discussed here –

  • Directly export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail with attachments with ease.
  • Ensures the data and account protection throughout the process.
  • Supports variety of Filters that helps to export specific Office 365 emails to Rediffmail.
  • Handles the large migration without damaging original data and folder structure.
  • Keeps metadata properties preserved while migrating Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Displays Email Backup Report that shows the backup status of Office 365 emails.
  • Generate log report that includes the summary of the process.
  • Equipped with both Mac & Windows versions so that both Mac & Windows users can easily utilize the solution to export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail.
  • The entire range of Mac OS versions are supported included Mac OS Sonoma.
  • Windows Users can download the Windows version of the tool on Windows 11 and earlier Windows OS versions.

Quick Note. You can Download FREE DEMO to Experience Software Features & Options.


The blog has offered an outstanding methodology to export Office 365 emails to Rediffmail including attachments on Mac & Windows. MacMister Office 365 to Rediffmail Tool for Mac & Windows delivers an exceptional interface which is straightforward and simple to use.

Any Mac user can download the app on any Mac OS version and accomplish the necessary task in few seconds. No data damage will be done by the tool during the process as the application ensures the smooth and error-free migration of Office 365 mailboxes. One can use the free demo of the app and check the process for free. It also enables to export first 25 Office 365 email messages to Rediffmail free of cost.