How do I Export Emails from Hostinger to Gmail Directly?

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Are you thinking about moving from Hostinger webmail to Google Mail and searching for a method to export emails from Hostinger to Gmail? If yes, then keep reading the article because MacMister has discussed an exceptional technique that will help to export Hostinger emails to Gmail with attachments.

The Hostinger is a popular email hosting service that uses only three steps for a complete setup. The user-friendly data management facility with the auto-configuration feature, automatic email function, enhanced email messaging security and different logs make it safe and a powerful email server. There is no doubt that Hostinger is widely used by many organizations and users. But, with time, users’ necessities start to change and they look for a different service that could fulfill their essential requirements. And, nowadays they are finding Gmail suitable webmail service.

Gmail is another most used email service among large organizations and users. Millions of people are utilizing its tools and facilities for managing their important databases. However, the best thing about Gmail is that it frequently gets updated with more enhanced features and services that attract a lot of users. Moreover, it is totally a free email service that is equipped with several productivity tools and Google Drive. Like, if we compare Gmail from the date it was launched till today it has gone through a lot of changes. The graph just constantly increased.

Why Hostinger Email Forwarding to Gmail is required?

Gmail has numerous features to offer that pressure people across the globe to definitely use its services. However, some of them are:

  • Spam Filtering is an advance option which is quite popular as a junk email as well. It is equipped with a technique that keep the spam emails out of the mailbox. If Gmail detects an email suspicious then it will automatically sent the same to a separate Junk/Spam folder. The files of a folder will be deleted after 30 days.
  • In-built Chat help users to send a message to someone instead of sending an email. Moreover, one can do a video call or use the voice feature to send a voice message. And, this will be accomplished by connecting microphone or a webcam.
  • Call Phone is similar to voice chat option. The feature allows to dial a phone number to call anywhere in the world. It is completely free and one can make the international call as well at low rates.
  • Easy GUI is another powerful feature of Gmail as users can simply access the facilities and perform the sending/receiving task on their own without taking any help.

How to Export Emails from Hostinger to Gmail?

MacMister’s IMAP Backup Tool is a secure solution which allows to batch export emails from Hostinger to Gmail with attachments. The application will totally protect the email credentials of Hostinger and Gmail account and allows to safely perform Hostinger email forwarding to Gmail without getting into any trouble. The GUI is friendly and provides the operational steps which are quick and easy to use. Moreover, the users does not require any help from technical professionals because the software can be handled and managed easily by professionals and non-professionals.

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There are innumerable beneficial features in the tool which allow users to export emails from Hostinger to Gmail as per requirements. However, the software is programmed with the trial edition also that allow users to understand the working procedure of the tool with the options for free.

Steps to Add Hostinger Emails to Gmail with Attachments

Step 1. Download and run IMAP Migration Tool.

Step 2. Provide Hostinger Email ID and Password with IMAP Host and Port Number and click Login button.

Step 3. Hostinger email account will be authorized and after that the tool start listing its mailbox folders.

Step 4. Click Select Saving Option to select Gmail saving type.

Step 5. Enter Gmail Email Address and App Password in the required fields. One can make use of Filters to export Gmail emails of a specific month, date, subject, email address etc. Now, click Start Backup button and start the process.

Step 6. Hosting to Gmail backup process will start quickly and show Live Migration Process that will display the status of total items converted and total items left.

After process completion, users will receive a notification that will confirm that Hostinger emails are moved to Gmail successfully. Now, users can go to the Gmail account and check the resultant output. The data will be accurate and appear with precise folder structure and metadata properties.

Why Hostinger to Gmail is a Best Solution?

There are many amazing options in the application which makes the tool best and unique to approach. Some of them are:

Direct Hostinger to Gmail Process is Possible

When you open the application, you need to provide the Hostinger details. And, after that when you select the saving option as Gmail, then you need to provide Gmail credentials i.e. Email ID and App Password. Once both webmail service details are provided, click Start Backup button to export Hostinger emails to Gmail directly.

Take Help of Filters to Export Selective Emails

The Hostinger to Google Mail software has a Filters option which plays a very important role when a user need to export the required Hostinger emails to Gmail account. The option has a date range, from, subject, to, etc. properties that a user can specify accordingly to export selective Hostinger webmail account emails to Gmail.

Hostinger Emails Accuracy will be maintained

The Hostinger to Gmail application has the ability to export bulk Hostinger emails to Gmail at once. But with that, the app also makes sure that the emails original remain safe during the migration process. So, when the process completes, users will see that the migration is performed with 100% accurate content structure and precise formatting properties.

The GUI and Operational Steps are Easy to Use

Users can utilize the tool effortlessly because it is programmed with a user-friendly approach and easy operable clicks. Professionals and novice users can easily understand the steps on their own and apply features according to their own requirements. They will be able to carry out the process without facing struggles.

Provides Download Versions for Mac & Windows

The Hostinger to Google Mail application has two download versions i.e. for Mac and Windows OS. Users can download the suitable version and export Hostinger emails to Gmail on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Note. Unlock more features of the tool by installing the trial edition.

Final Thoughts

The article mainly focused on how to export emails from Hostinger to Gmail with attachments. The Hostinger Email Backup Software Mac has a direct migration procedure with a secure functioning. Even, the confidential details that users will enter during the process will also remain safe during the process. Download the free demo now and export 25 Hostinger emails to Google Mail for free. It will give the idea about the software procedural steps and the advance options it offers to users.