How to Add IMAP Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

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The write-up here covered the detailed information about how to add IMAP email to Gmail on Mac & Windows with ease. Every user has different requirements that force users to migrate IMAP email to Gmail account. But not to take worries anymore, because in the following segment we have discussed a method that will easily add IMAP email to Gmail without losing data integrity.

What are IMAP Emails?

The IMAP emails are used for the emails associated with all the email applications that supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) to access remote server to receive and send emails. IMAP enable users to read their emails by just login to IMAP-supported email clients from any device anytime. However, there are several email applications that are configured with the help of IMAP-based email servers such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, and more.

How to Add IMAP Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

The easiest and simple way to add IMAP email to Gmail is MacMister IMAP Backup Tool for Mac & Windows. It is advanced, trusted, and reliable solution that allow users to securely add IMAP account in the same and add IMAP email to Gmail in a short time. The tool possesses a friendly GUI so that all users can utilize it effortlessly and perform the necessary task without dealing with any difficulties.

Moreover, the application is programmed with many solid features that are helpful in adding IMAP email to Gmail according to specific requirements. Also, a free demo version of the tool is available with the help users can understand the working steps of the app for free.

Working Steps to Add IMAP Email to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run MacMister IMAP to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Add IMAP-supported email server login details in required fields with IMAP Host and Port Number and then tap Login button.

Step 3. The IMAP account will connect with the tool and all the mailboxes start appearing on the left pane.

Step 4. Go towards right, click Select Saving Options, and select Gmail option from the menu.

Step 5. Add Gmail login details in email address and password fields. However, it is recommended to use App Generated password instead of using the main password. Simultaneously, use Filters if you need to add only the required IMAP emails to Gmail account and then click on the Start Backup button.

Step 6. Now, view the live migration of IMAP email to Gmail as appearing on the screen.

The entire process will complete in few seconds with a message “Process Completed”. Click on OK. Log in to your Gmail account to check if the emails are accurately added or not. However, users will find no alteration in the original email messages. Each and every email will appear with precise content, layout, and formatting properties.

Why to Choose MacMister IMAP to Gmail Tool?

There are many reasons for choosing MacMister IMAP to Gmail Tool, some of them are –

Directly add IMAP email to Gmail

The application has the ability to directly add IMAP email to Gmail on Mac & Windows without data loss. It only requires the credentials of IMAP account and Gmail and after clicking the Start Backup button, the tool will right away add IMAP email to Google Mail account.

Use Filters to add Specific IMAP Emails

MacMister IMAP to Gmail offers multiple filters that allow users to add specific IMAP emails to Gmail account. It has date range, subject, from, to, etc. that can be used to add only the required IMAP emails to Gmail account.

Designed with a Friendly Interface

The software offers friendly and intuitive GUI for simplified execution. Any professional or novice user can easily utilize the app and add IMAP email to Gmail. One do not need any support of third party experts to operate the solution to handle the necessary process.

Protects the Confidential Details

The tool not only add emails from IMAP to Gmail but also makes sure to protect the login details of IMAP and Gmail account during the process. It will safeguard the email ID and password information and keep them protected throughout migration.

Support all Windows OS Versions

MacMister IMAP to Gmail Tool offers Windows version as well so that Windows users can use the application to add IMAP email to Gmail on Windows 11 and all earlier versions.

Able to run on all Mac OS Versions

The application is available in Mac version as well so that Mac users can operate the process on all Mac OS versions including Mac OS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, and etc.

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In the blog, we have discussed unique and powerful approach to fix “how to add IMAP email to Gmail” on Mac & Windows. The application is easy to use and has the ability to precisely add the entire IMAP email INBOX to Gmail at once. It offers plentiful features that will benefit many users who wants to save IMAP emails into Gmail according to their necessities.

However, MacMister also offers Email Backup Software Mac that includes 30+ webmail sources and 15+ saving options. It also includes the trial edition that allow users to check the process for free. With the help of the same, users can save first 25 emails from the necessary source and import them into saving options such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, IMAP, G Suite, Gmail, and more.