How to Import MBOX to Hostinger in Macbook?

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Are you one of those users who want to import MBOX to Hostinger in Macbook directly? Looking for a trouble-free technique to implement the same! If yes, then just stick to the MacMister blog because here there are multiple approaches discussed that users can access as per suitability to achieve the desired migration process.

MBOX is a file format which is compatible with multiple email platforms that supports both Mac and Windows OS. It is a widely used file type that helps in storing the entire list of email messages and attachments of user’s account in a single folder. MBOX is a platform dependent and so it cannot be viewed and opened freely. Users need to take help of an email program to access its data. And, many times users face a situation where they receive MBOX file from an acquaintance but not able to decide how to open it in Hostinger.

Why to Import MBOX to Hostinger?

Hostinger is another popular webmail service which is free from desktop and directly run on cloud. The user-friendly interface, auto-configuration option and automatic email functions are making the host very demanding among large organizations and users who need a simplified structure for data management. Also, it is equipped with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF that prevent the account from malicious parties. The advance carrier-grade content filters implementation against viruses and spam and internal protection for email files that exchanged between accounts created within same domain. Moreover, the access and action logs in hPanel will help to track the happening in email accounts when detected any suspicious activity.

Many organizations prefer creating their accounts in Hostinger because it is considered as a very protected and secure platform for managing the daily crucial database. But, the main challenge is how to import MBOX to Hostinger. However, there are different approaches and we will be discussing both of them one-by-one in the further section.

How to Import MBOX to Hostinger on Mac?

There are different ways for importing MBOX to Hostinger:

  1. Using Mac MBOX Converter
  2. Using Manual Steps

Method 1. Importing MBOX Mailboxes to Hostinger in Macbook using Easy Steps

The MBOX to IMAP Migration Tool is a direct, tested and secure application for importing unlimited MBOX folders to Hostinger at once. The steps and the GUI possessed by the application is simple and stress-free. The batch mode option will help users to import multiple MBOX files to Hostinger at once. This will save time and efforts of those who are looking to import innumerable MBOX mailboxes to Hostinger in a single time.

The software has few clicks implementation and programmed with features that are easily accessible. However, it is introduced with a free trial which will prove very useful in terms of software evaluation. Users will be able to check the procedure of the application and its entire related options for free.

Step-by-Step Process to Import MBOX Mailboxes to Hostinger

Step 1. Download, install and run MBOX to Hostinger Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Load the required MBOX mailboxes on the software using Add Files and Add Folder buttons. Click Next.

Step 3. The selected mailboxes will list on the software with checkboxes. The checkbox will be helpful to those who need to import only the required mailbox to Hostinger. Now, continue by clicking Next.

Step 4. Choose the IMAP option listed in Select Saving Option.

Step 5. Enter Hostinger IMAP Host and Port Number with Hostinger credentials and click Export.

Step 6. MBOX to Hostinger process will start and the tool will display the on-going live migration of MBOX files.

After the successful migration process completion, users will receive “Conversion Completed” message on the screen. Click OK and login to Hostinger account to check the outcome. The resultant data will be 100% original and appear with accurate formatting properties and folder structure.

Method 2. Import MBOX Mails to Hostinger in Macbook Manually

  1. Open and enter the Hostinger credentials.
  2. Go to More option representing with three dots on the right. Click on it and choose Import.
  3. Import Messages screen will appear. Click Browse button and locate where MBOX files are stored on Mac.
  4. Last, press Import button.

The procedure will take time depending on the file size that users need to import in Hostinger. However, the process is free to use but it has some drawbacks that will disturb those who need to import unlimited MBOX files to Hostinger in a minimum time.

Things to Remember in Manual Process

  • Able to import single MBOX file in a single time.
  • Take lot of time to upload one MBOX file in Hostinger.
  • Need to be performed under expert’s assistance.
  • Technical steps that only technical users will be able to operate.
  • Complicated and full of stress.

Therefore, it is advised to choose the method wisely and then initiate the migration process of MBOX files to Hostinger.

Why MBOX to Hostinger Third Party Solution is Best?

There are various reasons for choosing the application and some of them are:

Batch mode available

Users can load a complete folder with unlimited MBOX files using Add Folder button and import the same to Hostinger account at once.

Direct and Time-Saving

The tool has a direct procedure of importing MBOX files to Hostinger account. It will ask to choose IMAP as a saving option and enter the Hostinger IMAP host and port number with its credentials.

Keeps Data Accurate

The software literally does not care how many files you are importing. It will make sure that each and every file data should be migration with 100% originality and accuracy.

Complex-Free Structure

The interface of the application does not contain complex structure. Even, the steps are straight and simple. Any user and organization can handle the tool properly and import MBOX to Hostinger on Macbook.

Import on all Mac OS

The application will be able to implement the process to import MBOX mailboxes to Hostinger on all Mac OS versions. It supports macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Note. To unlock more amazing features, download the tool now!

Final Thoughts

The MacMister guide has explained multiple techniques to import mailboxes to Hostinger webmail account. The first method is dependable, reliable and handy. It is an application which gives the guaranteed result and capable of transferring unlimited files into Hostinger in less time. The software has a trial edition that allows users to evaluate the whole process of the application for free. It will help to import 25 MBOX mails to Hostinger free of cost. The second method is free but time-consuming. Even, the import of single MBOX file will take some time to properly upload in Hostinger.