How to Migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you having a Rediffmail account but due to official circumstances, moving to Yahoo Mail environment? Wondering how to migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail with emails and attachments safely? Looking for a trouble-free and safe approach for the same? Not to worry, simply follow the segment and you will come across a solution that will directly migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail with emails and attachments on both Mac & Windows OS.

Why to Migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail?

Nowadays, emails have become a necessity for many individuals and business users.  That is why users keep changing their email platforms frequently. They keep searching the one that can fulfil their current requirements. Therefore, migration from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail is quite common.

Rediffmail is a free webmail service, which means users can access their emails immediately through a web-browser from anywhere anytime on any device using internet connection. Rediffmail delivers extensive range of features includes friendly GUI, virus scanning, spam protection, and the ability to send/receive attachments.

Yahoo Mail, on the other hand is another trusted and reliable email service provider. It is considered as the third largest email provider worldwide. The main highlight of Yahoo Mail is that it provides 1 TB of storage space for free which is enough for those who need to manage their large amount of data online.

Moreover, Yahoo Mail allow its users to transfer 50 MB attachment without any issues whereas with Rediffmail, users can transfer the attachments having size 10 MB. This is however one of the main reasons why users are choosing Yahoo Mail over Rediffmail account.

How to Migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac & Windows?

The easy and simple way to migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac & Windows is MacMister Email Backup Software Mac & Windows. The tool contains 30+ webmail sources and Rediffmail is one of them. It is a friendly, safe, and cost-effective approach that is easily manageable by all professional and non-professional users. Also, the minimum operational steps of the application will save users time & efforts.

Moreover, the software includes many features that allow users to handle the process according to their requirements. However, a free demo of the app is also available that a user can download and use to understand the process for free.

Working Steps to Migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download and open MacMister Rediffmail to Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac on Mac OS.

Step 2. Select Rediffmail option from the left. Add Rediffmail account credentials. Click Login button.

Step 3. The tool will connect with the Rediffmail account and start showing all the mailboxes on the left pane.

Step 4. On the right, click the Select Saving Options, and choose Yahoo from the menu.

Step 5. Provide Yahoo Mail details i.e. email ID and app generated password. Simultaneously use Filters if you need to migrate Rediffmail to Yahoo as per specific date, month, subject, etc.

Step 6. The tool will display Email Backup Report that shows the live migration progress of Rediffmail emails.

The process will finish within seconds with a message “Process Completed”. Tap OK button and login to Yahoo Mail account to check if the tool has successfully migrated Rediffmail emails to Yahoo or not. Although, the software will not perform any change in the original files. Each and every email will appear with correct layout, formatting properties, and precise content. So, a user can keep all the worries aside and use the solution to migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail with emails and attachments on Mac & Windows.

Why to Choose MacMister Rediffmail to Yahoo Tool?

MacMister Rediffmail to Yahoo Tool is a remarkable migration solution that takes care of the entire process with ease. The application is programmed with variety of wonderful features that makes the tool unique and brilliant. Some of them are –

Directly Migrate Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail

The tool offers Rediffmail as a source and Yahoo Mail as a destination. Just by providing the necessary credentials, one can directly migrate Rediffmail emails to Yahoo Mail.

Utilize Filters to Migrate Necessary Emails

MacMister Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail offers Filters section such as date range, from, to, subject, etc. that users can set as per their needs to migrate only the required emails.

Migrate all Rediffmail Emails at Once

The tool has the ability to migrate all emails from Rediffmail account to Yahoo Mail at once. One can directly migrate Rediffmail inbox to Yahoo without losing single bit of data.

Offers Easy, Simple, and Reliable Interface

The application is designed with a user-friendly interface so that any user (technical or non-technical) can utilize the self-navigational steps and perform the process effortlessly.

Supports Multiple Saving Options other than Yahoo

With Yahoo Mail, users will also get many other saving options to migrate Rediffmail emails such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, DOC, IMAP, G Suite, and more.

Show Live Process for Tracking Rediffmail Emails

The application will display the live process report on the screen that users can use to track the ongoing migration progress of Rediffmail emails.

Migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo on all macOS

MacMister Rediffmail to Yahoo can easily perform the migration on Mac OS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, etc.

Quick Note. Download TRIAL VERSION to TEST Rediffmail to Yahoo Migration.


In the following write-up, we have discovered a powerful way to fix “how to migrate from Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail” on Mac & Windows. The solution mentioned here is advanced and easy-to-use. Anyone can take help of it and perform the process without dealing with any obstacles. And in-between, the app will take care of the confidential details and make sure to protect the same throughout the process. Also, there are countless features available which will help users in migrating Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail according to necessary requirements. Download the free demo right away and test the process by migrating first 25 emails from Rediffmail to Yahoo free of cost.