How to Migrate Office 365 Email to Zimbra Mail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you moving to Zimbra Mail from Office 365 and wondering how to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail in a simple and effective way? Looking for a stress-free and secure solution for the same? No worries, because here we have mentioned a precise approach with the help users can directly migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail accurately.

Nowadays, technology is getting advanced more and more. Many email platforms are releasing every day to ease the communication process for users. That is why people frequently changing their email application in search for a more simplified interfaced and enhanced functioning. One of the common migration happening today is Office 365 to Zimbra Mail.

Several people are aware of Office 365 environment. It is a cloud version of Microsoft Office Suite as it as it also contains all the applications present in the desktop version of MS Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more. Many have used it due to its flexibility and reliability.

But sometimes, the unavoidable circumstances require change of email client. This actually create a challenge for most of the users who are using Office 365. Because Office 365 stores their important database and moving straightaway to a different platform is not possible.

So, the main concern is how to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail.

Why Migrating Office 365 Email to Zimbra Mail is Essential?

Emails are essential for many individuals and businesses. In today’s era, only emails are the main source of digital communication. People keep moving from one email client to another to experience more advanced features and options.

Zimbra Mail is an application that helps users to communicate, organize, and secure the database. It is an open platform that allows managing and controlling the data the way you want, keeping it secure and private. It is easy to use and accessible from anywhere anytime.

Zimbra is easy to customize and integrate. So, only pay for the features that are required. However, you can add more features as your business expands.          

How to Migrate Office 365 Email to Zimbra Mail on Mac?

The quick and cost-effective solution to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail on Mac is MacMister Office 365 Backup Tool for Mac & Windows. The software is user-friendly which is accessible by all professional and non-professional users. It’s simple and easy operational steps that will take minimum time for users to complete the entire migration process.

Moreover, the built-in features in the tool help users to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail on Mac according to their requirements. Also, a freeware version of the tool can be used to evaluate and analyze the working of the tool for free.

Steps to Migrate Office 365 to Zimbra Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister Office365 to IMAP Backup Tool for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Select Office 365 from the left. Add Office 365 email client details. Click Login button.

Step 3. Office 365 account will successfully connect with the tool and then its mailboxes start to appear on the software pane.

Step 4. Go to the right side of the tool, click Select Saving Options, and choose IMAP option.

Step 5. Enter Zimbra Mail email address and password. Simultaneously specify Zimbra Mail IMAP host and port number. Apply Filters if you need to migrate only necessary Office 365 emails to Zimbra Mail. Then, press Start Backup button.

Step 6. The process is live and an Email Backup Report window appears showing the current backup status of Office 365 emails.

The entire procedure finishes within seconds and then users will receive a “Process Completed” pop-up confirming the process is successfully completed. Click on OK and go to the specified Zimbra Mail account to check the results. You can open the required file in the same to verify if the files are accurately migrated or not. However, you will see that the data of each and every file is 100% accurate and precise. The folder structure also appears in the exact way as before.

Why to choose MacMister Office 365 to IMAP Tool?

MacMister Office 365 to IMAP Tool is a brilliant migration tool to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail. It has numerous features and benefits some of which are:

Directly Migrate Office 365 Email to Zimbra Mail

The application has the ability to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail directly. Simply select the Office 365 option from the left. Provide its credentials. Choose IMAP as a saving type. Set its sub-options as per your need and directly migrate Microsoft 365 emails to Zimbra Mail.

Use Advanced Filters to Migrate Specific Emails

The tool includes a Filters section the helps users migrate only the required emails from their Office 365 account to Zimbra Mail. It has date range, to, from, subject, and other options that can be applied as per requirements to carry out the migration accordingly.

Equipped with Simple and Time-Saving Interface

The application possesses a simple and time-saving interface. It contains a GUI that is effortlessly accessible by all technical and novice users. Even, the three operational steps will take only three seconds to finish the entire migration process.

Supports Batch Migration of Office 365 Email Files

The software has the ability to batch migrate Office 365 email files to Zimbra Mail with attachments at once. With the help of the app, users can migrate the entire Office 365 inbox to Zimbra Mail easily in a single migration round.

Maintains the Original O365 Database during Process

The utility not only performs the migration but also makes sure to protect the originality of Office 365 email data during the process. The content of emails, formatting properties, and folder structure remain preserved throughout migration.

Capable to Migrate Office 365 Email on all Mac OS

The application allow users to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail on Mac OS versions. With the help of the app, users can implement the migration of Office 365 mailboxes to Zimbra Mail on Mac OS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, etc.

Quick Note. You can download FREE DEMO for more software features and options.


The write-up has discussed an extraordinary solution to migrate Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail. MacMister Office 365 Email Backup Software Mac is a secure approach that safely performs the migration on macOS and delivers instant results with 100% accuracy. However, a free demo of the tool is available with the help of users can check the process of Office 365 email to Zimbra Mail on Mac for free. Also, users can migrate first 25 emails from Office 365 account to Zimbra free of cost.