How to Migrate Yahoo Emails to Hostinger on Mac & Windows?

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Are you moving to the Hostinger webmail server from your Yahoo account? Looking for a method to migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger on Mac? If yes, then do not go anywhere else, continue reading the blog as here you will be getting the direct method that is safe and help you to securely migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger effortlessly.

Yahoo Mail is a popular webmail service and is utilized by almost more than half of the population. Several Mac users and organizations have created their accounts on the same and using its services for managing the regular sending/receiving of emails. Yahoo is an amazing email service provider but it has some downsides that are discussed below:

  • Difficult to Navigate and Manage.
  • Lacking in Customer Support Service.
  • Website features are limited.
  • Outdated System.
  • Susceptible to hacking and malicious viruses.

However, there is no doubt that Yahoo is a strong webmail source. But in today’s era, many advanced email applications are being introduced that are overshadowing the good qualities of Yahoo accounts. Therefore, when organizations think about their growth, they have to think about the services that are holding them back. Thus, they have to take strict decisions and look for webmail sources that could advance their workflow.

Why to Migrate Yahoo Emails to Hostinger Account?

Hostinger is a reliable webmail service that has a low cost and quick loading time. And, there are many benefits of using Hostinger that will clearly tell you why it is fruitful to migrate Yahoo emails to a Hostinger account.

  • Not expensive.
  • The server response time in Hostinger is 43 milliseconds which is very good.
  • Money refund assurance in 30 days if you don’t like the services.
  • Instant customer support service is available.
  • Very easy to use and manage and can be accessed quickly by first-time users as well.
  • Take benefit of unlimited and advanced options available with each plan.

Here, we have discussed a few main positive aspects of Hostinger. But, there are lot more other powerful advantages that are benefiting organizations in managing a large amount of users’ data easily on a daily basis.

How to Migrate Yahoo Emails to Hostinger on Mac & Windows?

Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac and Windows is a solution that is safe and secure to use. The application is trouble-free and equipped with a friendly environment that does not feel complicated to manage. Technical and novice users will be able to operate the utility without third-party support and perform the migration effortlessly. Moreover, the tool will make sure to protect the confidential data of users during the process.

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Also, the software is programmed with features that users can apply as per their requirements to migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger accordingly. However, if you want to test the same, then you can download the trial edition and check the conversion for free. It allows migration of the first 25 Yahoo emails to Hostinger on Mac free of cost.

Working Steps to Directly Migrate Yahoo Emails to Hostinger on Mac

Step 1. Download and run Best Email Backup Software for Mac app on macOS.

Step 2. Choose Yahoo as a webmail source from the list. Provide your Yahoo Email ID and App Password and click on the Login button.

Step 3. The specified Yahoo account will connect and shows the list of Yahoo Mail mailboxes on the software pane.

Step 4. Navigate to the Select Saving Options property and pick the IMAP Server option from the same.

Step 5. Specify Hostinger email ID, password, IMAP host, and port number in the required fields. You can apply Filters as well if you want to migrate selective Yahoo Mail emails to Hostinger. When done, press the Start Backup button.

Step 6. The Yahoo Mail to IMAP Migration process will go live and appear on the Email Backup Report screen as shown –

The procedure will not take a lot of time for users instead try to perform the migration in minimum time with 100% accurate results. However, users will get a “Process Completed” message on the screen after the software process finishes. Click OK and then log in to your Hostinger account to check the migrated database. The content will not get affected and even the formatting properties remain accurate to ate throughout the process.

Why Yahoo Mail to Hostinger for Mac and Windows?

There are several reasons for choosing Yahoo Mail to Hostinger solution for Mac and Windows. And, some of them are highlighted below:

Exact Yahoo Mail to Hostinger Migration

Yahoo to Hostinger has the ability to export multiple Yahoo emails to Hostinger with precise attached files and associated rich-text formatting properties. The application has a simple GUI that both technical and non-technical users can use to migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger.

Move Unlimited Yahoo Emails to Hostinger

The application has the ability to import unlimited Yahoo emails with attachments to Hostinger at once. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the count of emails as the solution is capable to transfer limitless Yahoo emails to Hostinger in a single migration round without data loss.

Selective Yahoo Mail Emails to Hostinger

The utility has a separate section of Advance Filters that include date range, to, from, subject, etc. By applying them as per their specific needs, users will be able to save their emails from Yahoo to Hostinger of a particular month, date, email address, subject, etc.

Protects the Confidential Details of Users

The solution is highly secure and becomes protective when it comes to users’ privacy. Thus, users only need to provide the email address of the Yahoo account with the app password. This will keep the user’s personal account details safe and securely migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger within seconds.

Performs the Migration on all Mac OS Versions

The application has the ability to migrate Yahoo emails to Hostinger on all versions of the Mac operating system. Users are free to download and launch the software on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Note. Download the FREEWARE VERSION to know more about software features.


The entire post has highlighted a secure method to migrate Yahoo Mail emails to Hostinger on Mac and Windows. The application is verified and reliable. Users can run the tool on any macOS. Even, it can be accessed instantly by all types of users and organizations. Moreover, the Yahoo Mail to IMAP Backup for Mac Tool has a trial edition as well through which users will be able to test the migration process for free. It will allow users to migrate first 25 Yahoo Mail emails to Hostinger free of cost.