How to Transfer Email from Sympatico to Gmail?

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Are you leaving Sympatico email server and moving to Gmail account? But wondering how to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail without data loss? Continuously searching for a simple and effective solution for the same? Not to worry because in the following section we will discuss an exceptional way out that will directly transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail with 100% accuracy. is a popular email service provider that is mostly used for creating multiple accounts. Users can create an account in the same to manage their account, bills, sending/receiving emails, and newsletters. account also supports IMAP through which users can access their emails from desktop email applications & mobile devices.

To access email, follow the steps –
  1. Go to
  2. Provide full email address in username field.
  3. Specify password in the password field.
  4. Tap Login button.

After successful login, users can view their emails in account.

But why users are transferring from Sympatico to Gmail. Let us understand the reasons in detail.

Why to Transfer Email from Sympatico to Gmail? email service has become an outdated platform for email management. It no longer update its environment with new features. Moreover, these days, most of the businesses would like to work with the service that is more advanced, offers good amount of storage and has powerful security options just like Gmail.

Gmail is a free webmail service from Google that allows to organize all the essential emails at one place. It provides variety of productivity tools that enhance the business workflow and simplifies their work. Some of the benefits of using Gmail service are listed here –

  • Friendly GUI will ease the work for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Offers Google Chat & Google Meet for real-time discussion.
  • Applications such as Docs, Sheets, Keep, and many more in-built apps will help in organizing the important data online.
  • Avail the Themes to make the Gmail interface more interactive.
  • Provides multiple security options to safeguard Gmail account such as two-step verification, passkeys, Google prompt, and more.
  • Equipped with IMAP & POP support with the help users can connect their Gmail account to many other desktop-supported email applications.
  • Delivers 15 GB of storage space for free.
  • Includes Google One service through which users can extend the storage space of Gmail account.
  • Google Drive allow users to upload their desktop files & folders on cloud and access them whenever needed.

Gmail is however an incomparable platform when it comes to managing day-to-day database. Therefore, users nowadays are moving to Google Mail from their email services including Sympatico.

But how to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail, let’s discuss the process in detail.

How to Transfer Email from Sympatico to Gmail?

The quick and cost-effective process to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail is MacMister Email Backup Software Mac & Windows. The applications includes IMAP Server as a source that a user can select, provide details, and choose Gmail as a saving option. Once all the details are applied properly, the tool will right away transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail account.

Moreover, the GUI is simple to manage. Any technical and non-technical user can utilize the solution and perform the necessary task with ease. Also, there are plentiful features that are helpful in gaining the desirable outcome in minimum time. However, it is available with a freeware version that users can download for free and check the working steps to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail free of cost.

Working Steps to Transfer Email from Sympatico to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run Sympatico to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac on Mac OS.

Step 2. Select IMAP Server from the left. Add Sympatico login details with IMAP Host & Port Number. Click Login button.

Step 3. The tool will authorize Sympatico account and list its mailboxes immediately on its left pane.

Step 4. On the right, click Select Saving Options, and choose Gmail from the menu.

Step 5. Add Gmail credentials (email ID & app generated password). Also, apply Filters if you need to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail as per specific date, month, subject, and more.

Step 6. The Email Backup Report screen will appear that shows the live migration details of Sympatico emails.

The process will be concluded with the message “Process Completed”. The notification confirms that the application has successfully transferred Sympatico emails to a Google Mail account with attachments. However, log in to your Gmail account to verify the email messages. After viewing the necessary transferred email, you will see that it appears with accurate content, formatting properties, and layout.

Why to Choose MacMister Sympatico to Gmail Tool?

MacMister Sympatico to Gmail is a remarkable tool to use. It safely add Sympatico & Gmail accounts and smoothly transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail on Mac & Windows. The application offers numerous features, some of them are –

  • Directly forward Sympatico email to Gmail with attachments on Mac & Windows.
  • Advanced Filters are available that allows to move Sympatico to Gmail according to specific date, month, subject, etc.
  • Protects the confidential account details of both the email service providers during the process.
  • Allows to add app generated password and not the original one.
  • Preserves the email originality of Sympatico emails during the process.
  • Besides Gmail, also supports variety of saving options in which users can transfer Sympatico emails i.e. PST, OLM, MBOX, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, G Suite, Yahoo, IMAP, Office 365, and more.
  • Simple GUI of the tool will attract both professional and novice users.
  • Mac users can use the Mac version of the application on the entire range of Mac OS.
  • Windows users are free to use Windows software version to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail on all Windows OS versions.


In the write-up, we have discussed easy approach to resolve “how to transfer email from Sympatico to Gmail” on Mac & Windows. The solution discussed here is trouble-free and easy to use. It effectively add both the accounts and handles the entire process without losing the data integrity of Sympatico emails. Moreover, users will encounter several features with the help users can perform the process as per their necessities. However, a free demo is also available that can be downloaded and used to analyse the entire software steps for free. It also allows to transfer first 25 Sympatico emails to Gmail free of cost.