MacMister MBOX to TXT Converter to View MBOX Files on any Text Editor

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Are you a Mac user who has received MBOX files from a colleague or through other sources? But not using its supported email application on the same? Looking for a way out to view MBOX files on a text editor? If yes, then the blog is definitely for you. Because in the segment here you will surely get a technique that will help you to transform all your MBOX files to TXT so that you can view them anytime on any text editor on Mac with an email application in a few seconds. Let’s start with a query that many Mac users are asking on Apple Community. However, I have taken a screenshot of the same so that you will get more clarity about the process.

MBOX is the standard mailbox format that is known for storing electronic email files in ASCII text. However, there are many email applications such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, PocoMail, Spicemail, and more uses the .mbox extension to save the important emails of users. It manages the entire folder’s email messages in a single database file containing one email after the other as well as attachments in an encoded format. Each message in the MBOX file starts with a new line that contains the sender’s name with the date and time that tells when the message was received. There are different MBOX formats and some are listed here:

MBOXO – Another file that is different from the original MBOX format. It make use of constant string like “???@???” instead of sender’s email address.

MBOXRD – It is another MBOX format that carries electronic email messages.

MBOXCL – Used by Unix ‘System V’ mailboxes.

MBOXCL2 – It is similar to MBOXCL. Both are same to some extent.

Why do Users need to Convert MBOX to TXT Format?

A text file is represented as .txt and is a computer plain-text file that includes a typed document as a series of alphanumeric characters usually without the details of visual formatting. The content could be a personal note or list, newspaper article, journal, book, or any other text that can be rendered appropriately in typewritten form. Not only this, we have further discussed some reasons that are basically the advantages of TXT files that will give a clear idea to users about the importance of MBOX to TXT conversion.

  • Anyone can open and easily read TXT file data on any system at any time.
  • They are simple and due to this, they are highly useful for storing important content.
  • One can also manipulate TXT files using VBA as per their necessary, depending on how the data is presented in a file.
  • Data from the TXT files is easy to recover when corrupted.
  • TXT files are smaller in terms of memory size.
  • Easily matches the format accepted by a simple text editor or system terminal.

How to Convert MBOX to TXT Format on Mac?

MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac is the best solution to convert multiple MBOX files to TXT on Mac at once. The application is reliable, trouble-free, and user-friendly. Both technical and novice users can manage the tool independently and convert MBOX to TXT with exact emails and attachments. Even, the operational steps are very minimum. This will save the time of users and help them to convert unlimited MBOX files to TXT very quickly.

Moreover, the features in the software will help users to convert MBOX files to TXT according to their specific needs. If, in case, users want to check the process for free, then it is possible with the help of a free demo. It will give users the opportunity to experience the practical conversion steps for free.

Working Steps to Convert MBOX to TXT on Mac

Step 1. Download, launch, and open MBOX to TXT Converter Tool on Mac OS.

Step 2. Add the required MBOX files on the application with the help of Add File(s) and Add Folders buttons. Click Next.

Step 3. The selected MBOX files will start displaying on the software pane with checkboxes. Quick Note. The checkbox will help those users who want the selective conversion of MBOX files to TXT. Click Next and continue.

Step 4. Choose TXT file format from the software Select Saving Options property.

Step 5. Set the sub-options of TXT according to your necessary requirements and last, press the Export button to start the conversion of MBOX files to TXT.

Step 6. The MBOX to TXT live process is now started and the ongoing progress will appear on the Live Conversion window.

The entire procedure takes a few seconds to complete and shows the confirmation to users by making a message “Process Completed Successfully” appear on the screen of users. Click OK and go to the location that you set earlier to save TXT files. You can now easily open your required MBOX files in any text editor. Moreover, you will see that the data of every file is accurate and will appear with precise formatting properties.

Why Choosing MacMister MBOX to TXT Converter is Beneficial?

There are multiple beneficial aspects for choosing MBOX to TXT Converter and some of them are:

Batch Convert MBOX Files to TXT at Once

The software is equipped with the batch mode option with the help of which Mac users can batch convert MBOX files to TXT at once. The process is achievable by utilizing the Add Folders button of the tool. With the help of the same, users can load a folder containing unlimited MBOX files and then allow users to convert all of them in a single conversion round.

Maintains Data Originality during Conversion

The application maintains the originality of MBOX files during the process. And, so users do not need to worry about their important data. Because the tool will protect the same while converting a few or unlimited MBOX files to TXT.

Dual Options will Load the Required MBOX Files

The software dual options such as Add File(s)/Add Folders button are present on the application. With the help of Add File(s) button, users can load required MBOX files on the tool whereas Add Folders will allow users to add a folder on the software containing unlimited MBOX files on the application.

Simple Operational Steps & User-Interface

The utility is built-up with simple operational clicks and a user-friendly interface. Any user (professional and non-professional) can make use of the software effortlessly and perform the process without taking the support of skilled professionals. In three basic steps, users will be able to successfully execute the desired task in less time.

Convert MBOX to TXT on all Mac OS Versions

The tool has the ability to convert MBOX files to TXT on all versions of Mac OS. With the help of the tool, users can convert MBOX to TXT without any trouble on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Note. Download TRIAL EDITION to explore more software features and options.


The write-up here mentioned a procedure that is direct and will help users to successfully convert MBOX to TXT on Mac. The application is secure and verified. The processing of the tool is quick and carried out effectively out within seconds. However, the freeware version is available that will help users to get the experience of the conversion of MBOX files to TXT for free. It allows to convert first 25 MBOX files free of cost. Quick Note. You can also check the process of MBOX to PDF, PST, EML, MHT, HTML, DOC, and more.