How to Migrate Email from Bluehost to Godaddy on Mac & Win?

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Do you need to migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy for official reasons and thus continuously searching a suitable approach for the same? Not to worry at all, just go through the write-up and you will come across a method that will safely migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy account on both Mac & Windows OS.

Emails are becoming an important source of communication these days. Users can digitally communicate with each other by configuring any desktop-supported or cloud-supported email client. However cloud-based email services are trending these days due to flexibility, storage space, and reliability.

Bluehost webmail is a simple and friendly email service provider with all the necessary essentials needed to manage daily emails. The process of configuring Bluehost business email is completely direct and easy – Create an account, navigate to Settings, and add email address. After the address is created, make use of Bluehost webmail client to check the emails online or add it to the required app.

GoDaddy webmail is also similar to Bluehost email service. By utilizing GoDaddy webmail, users send/receive emails with a custom domain. With GoDaddy, one can access emails on the go with iOS and Android Apps. GoDaddy email helps to setup a professional email account quite easily. With GoDaddy Email Essentials plan, for e.g., one can create email accounts based on the domain name (for e.g. and synchronize the contacts across multiple devices.

Why to Choose GoDaddy over Bluehost Webmail?

GoDaddy email is a manageable webmail service. In other words, GoDaddy can take care of the domain as well as your emails and in the meantime, you can focus on running your business smoothly.

Below are some prominent reasons for choosing GoDaddy Webmail –

  • GoDaddy offers free SSL certificates which makes impossible for hackers to get into the account and steal necessary information.
  • More than 150+ hosting solutions are accessible including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Rackspace Cloud Servers.
  • Provide free malware scanning that helps in preventing the network entirely from spam & viruses.
  • GoDaddy SMTP Server is highly secure, so no worries about any security breaches or data leaks.
  • Includes extensive range of services such as web hosting, domain registration, and email hosting.
  • The language in email setup used is easily understandable by all types of users.
  • GoDaddy email account supports easy synchronization with all the devices such as Laptop, iPad, PC, Android, etc.

How to Migrate Email from Bluehost to GoDaddy?

The easy and quick way to migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy account is MacMister Email Backup Software Mac & Windows. The tool allow users to select Bluehost from the source list and choose IMAP from Select Saving Options. After providing the necessary details of both the accounts, the application will start migrating email to GoDaddy from Bluehost directly.

Moreover, the user-friendly, advanced features, and time-saving steps makes the software powerful and incomparable. However, freeware version of the tool is also available that users can download and use to check the working steps of the app for free.

Working Steps to Migrate Email from Bluehost to GoDaddy on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister Bluehost to IMAP Migration Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Select Bluehost from the left. Provide Bluehost login details. Tap Login button.

Step 3. The application will connect with Bluehost account and immediately show the list of mailboxes on the left.

Step 4. Go to the right, click on the Select Saving Options and select IMAP from the menu.

Step 5. Add GoDaddy login details with IMAP host & Port Number. You may also set Filters if you need to migrate Bluehost email to GoDaddy according to specific date, month, subject, etc. Last, tap Start Backup button to start the migration process.

Step 6. The Email Backup Report will appear which displays the live migration progress of Bluehost account.

The application will finish the process in few seconds with a message “Process Completed”. Click on OK and login to GoDaddy email service to check the migrated emails. However, you will see that the software did not make any changes in the content. Even, the metadata properties remain preserved during the process.

Why to Choose MacMister Bluehost to GoDaddy Tool?

MacMister Bluehost to GoDaddy is a perfect tool to migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy email account. It is programmed with variety of features & options that allows users to migrate Bluehost email to GoDaddy according to specific requirements. Some of most popular ones are clarified here –

  • Directly migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy on Mac & Windows.
  • Includes Filter options such as date, month, subject, and more to migrate required Bluehost emails to GoDaddy account.
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface which is easily manageable by all professional and novice users.
  • Preserves the content originality and metadata properties of emails during the process.
  • With IMAP, the tool also supports migration of Bluehost emails into 15+ saving options such as PST, MBOX, OLM, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo, and more.
  • Allows to migrate email to GoDaddy from Bluehost on all Mac OS versions including Mac OS Sonoma.
  • Windows users can download and use the app on Windows 11 and earlier versions.


The write-up here mentioned an advanced approach to fix how to migrate email from Bluehost to GoDaddy account. The solution discussed above is trustworthy, reliable and highly secure. Any Mac or Windows user can download the app on respective platforms and perform the smooth migration between Bluehost & GoDaddy without data loss. Moreover, users can experience the entire process by downloading the free demo version of the application. Also, one can migrate first 25 Bluehost emails to GoDaddy account free of cost.