How to Migrate SmarterMail to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you migrating to Gmail account from SmarterMail? But worried about some essential emails stored in your SmarterMail account that you want to immediately access in Gmail? Wondering how to migrate SmarterMail to Gmail with emails and attachments accurately? Not to worry, simply read the entire article till the end and you will come across a technique that will successfully perform the migration between SmarterMail and Gmail with precise content and folder structure.

SmarterMail is considered as a great alternative of Microsoft Exchange. It is a free webmail service which allows the access of single domain with up to 10 mailboxes but do not possesses a feature to sync with desktop and mobile clients. Moreover, the total message size limit is 10 MB. However, it has brilliant features such as instant messenger, team workspaces, integration, active directory, mobile synchronization, and more but they come in premium, depending on the subscription plans.

Thus, most of the users have done the research and found Gmail a suitable platform for email management.

What is the need to migrate SmarterMail to Gmail?

Gmail is a widely used email service provider. It is free to use and introduced by Google itself in 2004. It is a flexible webmail as one can access its services on any platform any time.

Moreover, Gmail provides the support of POP and IMAP through which users can synchronize the webmail service with third party email applications.

When it was first launched, it offered only 1 GB of free storage space to users. But after sometime, it started supporting 15 GB of storage for free which is divided between multiple Gmail services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Mail, etc. However, if storage gets exceed, then users can purchase Google One to extend the size limit.

Gmail is a hub of productivity tools. Every year it gets updated with more powerful features that help many individuals and businesses to reach their goals with ease.

Some of its remarkable benefits are discussed here –

  • Gmail is known for its large amount of free storage space.
  • Access emails during emergency through web browser, mobile, or any other platform effortlessly.
  • Gmail is a cloud based service and so it has high standard of security. It allow users to protect their account by applying 2-step verification, passkeys, etc.
  • The webmail service has advanced spam filter facility that detects the junk emails and automatically transfer them in a Spam folder.
  • Equipped with virus protection that helps safeguarding the email account from malicious attacks.
  • Provide variety of apps such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets.
  • Google Meet and Google Chat helps in collaborating and connecting with others in real-time.
  • Low cost and zero maintenance prevent users from additional charges.

There are many more countless features of Gmail due to why several users are migrating from SmarterMail to Gmail.

How to Migrate SmarterMail to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

Try MacMister SmarterMail Email Backup Software Mac & Windows to directly migrate SmarterMail emails to Gmail with attachments accurately. The software has a simplified appearance which proves comfortable for all professional and non-professional users. They can operate the steps independently and implement the migration of unlimited SmarterMail emails in a minimum time.

Moreover, the application offers features that are advanced and help users to obtain the necessary results in a short time. However, the free demo is also present which users can download to test the migration steps for free.

Working Steps to Migrate SmarterMail to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister SmarterMail to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Select the SmarterMail option from the left. Enter SmarterMail details and click Login button.

Step 3. The tool will connect with SmarterMail account and list all SmarterMail mailboxes on the software one by one.

Step 4. On the right-side of the app, go to Select Saving Options property and select Gmail option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Specify Gmail account details i.e. email address and app password. Simultaneously opt Filters in case you want to migrate necessary SmarterMail emails to Gmail. Last, click Start Backup button.

Step 6. The migration will start and an Email Backup Report will appear displaying the current migration status of SmarterMail mailboxes.

The process will finish within seconds and users will receive a “Process Completed” pop-up that will confirm that the procedure is finished successfully. Click on OK and go to your Gmail account to check the resultant files. However, you can open the required mailbox file to see if the data is appropriate or not.

Why SmarterMail to Gmail Migration Tool is a Good Choice?

MacMister SmarterMail to Gmail Migration Tool is an exceptional tool to migrate SmarterMail emails to Gmail on Mac & Windows. It has many benefits and some are explained below –

  • Directly migrate SmarterMail to Gmail with emails and attachments.
  • Migrate the entire list of SmarterMail email messages at once.
  • Utilize Filters to migrate SmarterMail data to Google Mail as per date, to, subject, etc.
  • Maintains the content originality and folder structure during the process.
  • Keeps the metadata properties intact throughout process such as, header, images, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Shows Email Backup Report window which will display the details of ongoing migration.
  • Supports simple GUI which any technical or non-technical users can easily operate.
  • Provides both Mac & Windows download versions that Mac and Windows users can use as per their requirements and migrate SmarterMail emails to Gmail accordingly.
  • The entire range of Mac & Windows versions are supported.

Quick Note. To experience more features, download FREE DEMO now!


The write-up here offered an incomparable approach for migrating SmarterMail to Gmail with emails and attachments. The above-discussed solution is simple and safe to use. It securely performs the migration and ensures accurate results in a short time. However, one can even use its free demo version and check the process for free. Also, with the help of the same, users can migrate 25 SmarterMail emails to Gmail free of cost.

Quick Note. For further assistance, contact MacMister Support.