How to Save & Convert Opera Mail to PDF in Mac Accurately?

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Are you using Opera Mail email client and want to save some of its critical emails locally? Thinking PDF is a great option for the same? Wondering how to convert Opera Mail to PDF with emails and attachments carefully? Looking for a cost-effective and advanced solution for the same? No worries, read the segment entirely, and in-between you will come across a technique that will precisely save Opera Mail emails to PDF with attachments effortlessly.

Opera Mail is a free email application, that comes as a part of Opera Internet Browser. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other different operating systems. Earlier, users could download Opera Suite and access browsers as well as email clients in one. But now, after the release of Opera 15 in 2013, Opera Mail is separated and is no longer equipped with Opera.

Need for Converting Opera Mail to PDF in Mac

Opera Mail has many benefits such as it includes multiple email service providers supporting POP and IMAP for configuration, free form labels, RSS news feed support, address book, TLS/SSL connection support, spam filter, smart labeling, intuitive message sorting, smart organization, and more.

Opera Mail contains a bunch of features but it also possesses some drawbacks due to users’ need to take a backup of Opera Mail in PDF such as –

  • Opera Mail does not offer advanced automation or flexible message templates as compared to other tools.
  • It does not support encryption or secure message signing.
  • Anti-virus does not work properly with the email client.  
  • Slow data synchronization process.
  • Functions overload makes Opera Mail difficult to use.

That is why, people keep saving their essential emails from Opera Mail to PDF in order to prevent them from being misshapen.

Why People Prefer PDF for Conversion?

PDF is a portable Document Format. It is a file type that many users make use of to protect their important database. Some of its brilliant benefits are discussed below –

  • PDF shows the same content with the exact layout on any operating system, device, or software app.
  • Allows integration with a variety of content types such as text, vector graphics, images, 3D models, animations, interaction fields, videos, etc.
  • PDF files can be easily created and used by anyone without any difficulty.
  • Offers the option to set up different data security levels to protect the content and the entire document such as passwords, watermarks, or digital signatures.
  • PDF contains unlimited data of users which can be compressed into a file size that is easily shareable without damaging the quality.

PDF file has countless benefits and here we have discussed the ones which are common and impressive for most of the users.

How to Save & Convert Opera Mail to PDF in Mac in an Easy Way?

The best and most powerful way to convert Opera Mail emails to PDF in Mac with attachments is MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac. The tool is cost-effective, user-friendly, and reliable. It can be managed effortlessly by all professional and non-professional users. Even, the operational steps are not complex. They are minimum in number and save the time of users by converting Opera Mail emails to PDF in Mac within seconds.

download imap to pst tool

Moreover, Opera Mail to PDF Converter contains ample features that brilliantly perform the conversion of Opera Mail emails into PDF as per the user’s requirements. However, a free demo is also an additional advantage to those who want to check the free conversion process of users.

Working Steps to Save Opera Mail to PDF in Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister Opera Mail to PDF Converter Tool on macOS.

Step 2. Load the MBOX files folder on the application pane by using Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. The Add File(s) button will help in adding the essential Opera Mail-supported MBOX files and the Add Folder button allows you to add a folder containing unlimited MBOX files on the app for batch conversion. Click Next to proceed.

Step 3. The tool will list MBOX files on the application and they will be displayed with checkboxes. However, the checkbox can help those who need to convert selected Opera Mail emails into PDF. By default, the entire files will be selected. But, users can tick/untick as per requirements and perform the selective file conversion accordingly. Click Next.

Step 4. Set the options to save PDF file as per the requirements such as PDF file, black and white PDF file, save attachments to separate folder, embed attachments to PDF, convert attachments into PDF, select destination path, and file naming options. Then, click Next.

Step 5. Apply Filters as per your choice and click on Export to start the conversion.

Step 6. The process is live and a Live Conversion Report appears displaying the ongoing conversion status of Opera Mail emails.

The entire task will end with a notification “Conversion Completed”, confirming conversion is successfully completed. After this, click on OK and navigate to the location where the resultant PDF documents are saved. Click on the required PDF file to check the result. However, you will see that the content in the PDF file is accurate. The Metadata properties also appear without any alteration such as subject, header, hyperlinks, images, etc.

Best Qualities of Opera Mail to PDF Converter

The software has incomparable benefits and some of them are:

  • Easily convert Opera Mail emails to PDF with attachments in Mac.
  • Supports batch mode function that helps to convert entire Opera Mail email files folder to PDF at once.
  • Equipped with options such as save PDF file and black & white PDF file. This will help in creating searchable and non-searchable PDF documents.
  • Capable of handling large-size files of Opera Mail without data loss.
  • Offers a variety of options to save attachments such as embedding attachments to PDF, converting attachments to PDF, and saving attachments to separate folders.
  • Provides the option of Set Destination Path with the help users can set the location as per their requirements to save resultant files accordingly.
  • File Naming Options will be helpful to save and organize resultant files.
  • Advanced Filters are present which help users to save necessary Opera Mail email messages as PDF.
  • Allow users to use the app to convert Opera Mail emails to PDF with attachments on Mac OS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, etc.


The blog has discussed an exceptional methodology to convert Opera Mail to PDF in Mac OS. Opera Mail to PDF Converter software is a recommended tool as it includes many advanced beneficial options and features that ease the conversion process and carries out accurate results in a short time. However, it has a free demo with the help users can check the process for free. Also, it allows to save first 25 Opera Mail emails as PDF with attachments free of cost.

Quick Note. You can try MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac if you are looking to Opera Mail emails into different file formats such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, CSV, IMAP, Gmail, G Suite, and more.