How to Convert Apple Mail to HTML on Mac? – Get a Reliable Method

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convert mac mail to html

Are you trying to figure out how to convert Apple Mail to HTML on Mac OS?? We’ll assist you, so don’t worry. HTML is the standard format, as we all know. Without using an email application, it enables you to keep and access email data on your system. However, the majority of you must be trapped in the conversion process, right? It’s common. We’re going to discuss how to import Apple Mail email to HTML on Mac in this article.

HTML files have the unique benefit of maintaining message formatting. In fact, they are utilized for marketing and communication by numerous companies and organizations. Users of Apple Mail, the Mac email client app, are unable to transfer or save emails as HTML. Given that some other email apps have this feature, this is a major letdown. In this article, we’ll fix the problem and show users how Apple Mail can convert to HTML safely.

Mac Mail Export to HTML- Common Query

“Hey, I need to convert Mac Apple Mail in HTML on Mac. I’ve utilized a Mac for a very long time. In order to organize and communicate email messages, I always prefer Mac Mail. However, I currently have to import some of my emails into HTML files. I can use a web browser on any device to access that way. So if you can, please recommend to me a trustworthy way to carry out this safely and quickly.”

A lot of questions can be found in technical forums, like this one. Do you’ve any related queries? We’ve the perfect solution for you, so don’t worry. The most reliable third-party program on the online market will be introduced in the section that follows. To learn more about the Apple Mail to HTML Converter for Mac Tool and all of its advanced features, see the section after this one.

MacMister Apple Mail Converter for Mac is a fantastic option for you if you’re searching for a safe solution to convert multiple Mac Mail emails to HTML format at a time. It enables the immediate conversion of emails from Apple Mail to HTML files. It makes it easier for users to operate the utility thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly GUI interface. Additionally, it offers a free demo edition that enables you to evaluate the program’s features before buying. Get the free trial edition from this link.

Save Apple Mail as HTML File on Mac in Simple Steps

#1- Download and install Mac Apple Mail to HTML Converter on Mac OS, MacBook, Mac Mini, etc.

#2– To load the necessary Apple Mail mailboxes, select the wanted option. It will offer dual options for the same “Convert Configured Apple Mail Mailbox Data” or “Loading Apple Mail Mailboxes Manually”. Then, press Next.

#3– The utility now has Checkboxes and a list of Apple Mail mailboxes. All Apple Mail files’ Checkboxes are selected by default. If you want to perform a Selective Data Conversion, you can Deselect them. Hit on Next.

#4– Select HTML from the Select Saving Option drop-down menu.

#5– Set the wanted Destination Location where you want to save the generated HTML emails by using the Browse tab under the Select Destination Path option. After that, press on the Export tab.

#6– The migration will happen, and the program will also provide the Live Conversion report. You may monitor the conversion status with this.

Mac Apple Mail to HTML Tool- Advanced & Helpful Features

  • The tool can transfer a limitless amount of emails at a time in one round. One can export any number of files or folders quickly into HTML format without any trouble. But, for unlimited conversion, you must buy the license key. The trial edition only permits you to save a limited number of files from each selected folder.
  • Each step in the software’s process has been specifically created for users with and without technical knowledge. In order to help the user overcome all difficult problems with ease, MacMister is ready to provide the top and most trustworthy solution.
  • You can use the software to find and select your output files rather than saving them to a default location. You can utilize the application to find the right location and save your data in a safe place that is simple to find.
  • The Mac Apple Mail Converter is compatible with all Mac OS machines. It flawlessly works with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, and other below editions. You can also download the software on any Windows OS including the latest Windows 11.

Download the Pro and Demo Editions

The initial version of the MacMister software is available as a demo edition. The user can learn how the software functions and what benefits are available by using the free trial version. The demo version holds all the same traits as the professional version. Users have a choice between two upgraded editions or packages. For further details, hit the button below. 


This post provides a comprehensive explanation of how to convert Apple Mail to HTML on Mac OS. You can use it to import and save Mac Mail emails to your local system. We outlined the step-by-step process that facilitates easy data export. Use the third-party tool provided above for a secure conversion solution.