How to Transfer Emails from BT Internet to Outlook on Mac & Windows? – [2023 Guide]

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Is your Outlook not working with BTinternet? Need to urgently access essential BT Mail emails in Outlook? But wondering how to transfer emails from BT Internet to Outlook with attachments aptly? Finding a hassle-free solution for the same? Need not worry, simply continue reading the article and you will discover a method that will effectively resolve the problem, enable you to transfer emails from BTInternet to Outlook with ease.

Transferring emails from one email service provider to another is a complicated procedure, especially for business emails. Therefore, it is necessary to have a smooth transition of emails and contacts when performing migration between two email platforms.  But don’t let this fear hold you back from using advanced email solution. The guide will provide step-by-step procedure; help you to deal with the process without any stress. However first, let’s first understand why to transfer emails from BTInternet to Outlook.

Why to Transfer Emails from BT Internet to Outlook?

BTinternet Mail is a telecommunications headquartered in the United Kingdom, and owned by BT Group (formerly British Telecom). It is a leading provider of fixed-line, broadband, and mobile services in UK. They have a presence in 180 countries, holding the position as the largest operator in the industry. Additionally, the company offers cloud-based services to businesses. Furthermore, BTinternet delivers extensive array of solutions to address different email-related concerns.

BT Internet has gained popularity for its other services as well such as internet security, email services, TV channels, fiber broadband, and more. Overall, it is trusted brand delivering variety of telecommunication services.

But with BT Mail, people have encountered many email-related issues which force them to move onto a different email service provider. Some of its common errors are highlighted here –

Error 1. Loading data please wait…

This error occurs when BT Mail tries to load the data from servers but unable to get any response.

Try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Check broadband speed and connection.
  • Restart your system and power cycle your BT Hub.
  • Clear all the cookies and cache.
  • Close the browser, log out and again login.

Error 2. Sorry, we are experiencing a temporary problem with Email and trying to resolve it, please try again later…

You need to check for updates if you encounter such type of issue.

Error 3. Selected BT Mail Account is not Available

  • Attempt reading the folder content.
  • Read account settings.
  • BT Mail tries to load folders under preferred account in the left panel.

Error 4. Error appears when sending the message. Email has not been found

The error occurs when you try to send an email or there is a network problem at the time. It happens a lot when a user previously created an email and saved as a draft folder.

  • Resolve this by closing the browser session or logging out and log back in.

Error 5. Error occur when moving to the selected email. Email has not been found

This error occurs due to the following:

  • Marking selected email as a spam.
  • Moving required emails to new folder by dragging and dropping.
  • Attempting to view message source.
  • Sometimes viewing a message in conversation view.

However, there is a complete list of similar errors but we have discussed the ones that are popular and most faced.

That is why many individuals prefer Microsoft Outlook because the email client is reliable and enhanced as compared to other email platforms. But the main concern is how to transfer emails from BTinternet to Outlook.

How to Transfer Emails from BT Internet to Outlook on Mac & Windows?

The safe way to transfer BTinternet emails to Outlook is MacMister BTinternet Email Backup Software for Mac & Windows. The application is simple and easy-to-use. And thus, professional and non-professional users can opt the app and implement the migration of btinternet emails to Outlook with ease. Even, the operational steps of the app are not lengthy. They are minimum and will take only few seconds to successfully transfer BT Mail emails to Outlook with attachments.

Moreover, the application supports wide variety of features and options that help in transferring emails from BTinternet to Outlook according to specific needs. However, users can use the free demo of the tool and check the entire software procedure for free.

Working Steps to Transfer Emails from Btinternet to Outlook on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and open Btinternet to PST Converter for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Select Btinternet option from the left. Specify its details in necessary fields. Click Login.

Step 3. The webmail will then successfully connect with the tool and its mailboxes will start to appear immediately on the software pane.

Step 4. On the right side, you will see Select Saving Options. Click on it and select either PST or OLM format to transfer btinternet emails.

Step 5. Set the sub-options of selected PST or OLM file type as per requirements and click on Start Backup button to start the conversion process.

Step 6. The procedure will start and show Email Backup Report screen which is useful in tracking the ongoing migration status of Btinternet emails.

The entire task finishes with a pop-up message i.e. “Process Completed”. This will confirm the successful completion of the process. Now, you can import the resultant files either in Outlook for Mac or Windows Outlook. However, after importing the same in respective platform you will see that the data is accurate and precise. There will be no alteration in the formatting properties as well.


The write-up has discussed an outstanding process to transfer emails from Btinternet to Outlook. MacMister Btinternet to OLM Converter for Mac is a powerful solution which smoothly performs the migration and accurately delivers the output in few seconds. Anyone can handle the app without any difficulty and manipulate the process in a way they want. The additional benefit of the application is freeware version. It provides the opportunity to experience the whole procedure for free. Also, one will be able to transfer first 25 Btinternet emails with attachments into Outlook free of cost.