How to Import MBOX to Roundcube in Three Steps?

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Having lots of MBOX files on Mac OS X and planning to import them into Roundcube webmail? But struggling in getting the right solution to import MBOX to Roundcube! If yes, then MacMister team will definitely help you out by providing the appropriate and suitable method that will be totally secure and execute the migration without data loss.

MBOX is the most popular file format and Roundcube is widely used webmail service. Both are used by several organizations and individuals for managing daily database and communication. MBOX is a format which is supported by desktop-based email clients. And, there are plenty of email applications that make use of MBOX format for storing the list of user account emails. Roundcube is a cloud-based email service that is integrated with cPanel account.

However, in many circumstances organizations and individual users need to change the email service provider and there are different possible reasons behind this. Either the user moved to a new organization where Roundcube webmail service is in use. Or, the current corporation is moving to a cloud-based email server to experience flexible data management facility. However, some beneficial features that will clearly convey why to import MBOX to Roundcube webmail.

Why to Import MBOX to Roundcube Webmail?

There are lot of options available which could overwhelm users a little bit. Because, it is really important to always choose the right option for proper business management. Of course, one will have the requirement that delivers host of useful features include advance security and easy to use environment.

  • Includes drag-and-drop support that helps in better email management.
  • User-friendly environment that is easy to manage and operate.
  • Provides package to protect the webmail from viruses and other online attacks.
  • Workflow streamline with canned response templates.

How to Import MBOX File to Roundcube Webmail Server on Mac?

MBOX Converter for Mac is a best choice for everyone who want to directly import unlimited MBOX files to Roundcube webmail at once. The application is very simple and contains three easy operational steps that will save the users time and help them in implementing the migration process within seconds. The output will be accurate and unaltered.

Moreover, the features of the tool are mind-blowing. They will help users saving the MBOX files to Roundcube according to requirements. However, one can download the free demo and check the process of MBOX to Roundcube for free.

Simple Steps to Directly Import MBOX to Roundcube

Step 1. Run MBOX to Roundcube Tool on Mac OS X.

Step 2. Add important MBOX files or folder by clicking Add File(s)/Add Folder button and click Next.

Step 3. The selected MBOX files will successfully list with checkboxes on the software. With the help of the checkbox, one will be able to import the necessary MBOX files to Roundcube. Click Next.

Step 4. Choose IMAP Server option from Select Saving Option menu.

Step 5. Enter Roundcube webmail credentials with IMAP Host and Port Number. When done, click on Export button.

Step 6. MBOX to Roundcube process will go live and allow users to check the on-going migration of MBOX files to Roundcube.

Now, the application will notify once all MBOX files are transferred to Roundcube successfully. After this, go to Roundcube webmail and check the exported MBOX data. The files will be in original state and the metadata properties of the content will appear with 100% accuracy.

Why to Choose MBOX to Roundcube Application?

There are many benefits of choosing the application and some of them are:

Direct MBOX to Roundcube Migration

With the help of the tool, users will be getting the opportunity to export MBOX files to Roundcube webmail directly on Mac OS X. After users have loaded the important MBOX files on the tool, then one can choose the IMAP Server as a saving option and provide the necessary details of Roundcube webmail such as Email ID, Password, IMAP Host and Port Number. Once this is done, users can click the Export button to start the process.

Three Simplified Steps & Easy Interface

The software has a user-friendly interface and three easy operational steps. Any user can proficiently handle and manage the software. No technical knowledge would be necessary to import MBOX files into Roundcube. User’s time will be saved because the tool is equipped with three easy to use steps and fast processing environment.

Maintains the Accuracy of MBOX File Data

The application not only performs the batch migration but also capable of maintaining the data accuracy during the process. So, once the process finishes, users can open the output file and check the resultant data. The content structure, font style, hyperlinks and other properties will be in an accurate state.

Use Dual Options for Uploading MBOX Files

The utility possesses dual options to load the important MBOX files i.e. Add File(s) and Add Folder. By using the Add File(s) option, one will be able to add the necessary MBOX files on the tool and Add Folder will help users to add the required folder of multiple MBOX folders or sub-folders for batch conversion at once.

Utilize MBOX to Roundcube on all Mac OS X

Users can implement the migration of MBOX files to Roundcube on any Mac OS version. The software allow users to import multiple MBOX files to Roundcube webmail on Mac OS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Final Thoughts

The article has mentioned the incomparable technique to import MBOX folder to Roundcube on Mac OS. The MBOX to Roundcube Migration Tool is direct, secure, and completely reliable. Moreover, the credentials entered by the users for Roundcube will remain safe and protected during the process. The tool is available with a free demo which is useful in testing the entire software environment. It facilitate to import first 25 emails from the MBOX file to Roundcube free of cost. For any queries, contact MacMister Support.