Different Data Wipe for Mac Methods

Data Eraser Software for Mac offers 15+ international wiping methods to permanently delete files from hard disk drive Mac.

Why Select MacMister Mac Data Eraser Software?

Permanently Wipe, Erase & Delete Data Hard Disk Drive Mac

Data wipe for Mac is the dedicated Mac Data Wipe Tool from MacMister to permanently delete data from your storage devices. The software is 100% Safe, Secure, and authenticated Eraser Assistant for Mac. It can safely wipe data beyond recovery from all types of storage devices and generate tamper-proof reports. Advanced Wipe Data for Mac allows the best-performance wiping of computer hard drives, detachable storage media, servers, and mobile devices, and Protects data privacy throughout the device growth. In addition, we have a number of specialized licenses to help you make the choice easier.

Provide Secure and Certified Solution

The Data Wiping solution is certified and secure. Also, assures permanently data wiping from your storage device within seconds.

Safe and Verified Software

The Data Wipe Tool for Mac is very easy to use, and both professional and non-technical users can simply opt for this tool to wipe bulk data. The application guarantees permanent deletion and backs it up with a certificate of deletion.

Money-Back Offer

The Data Eraser for Mac solution is tested and provides 100% successful outcomes. We offer a money-back promise to customers if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.

24X7 Technical Support

Our professional team provides reliable solutions and handles all software issues appropriately. Also, you can generate refund requests by contacting MacMister Support as they are available 24*7 for the clients.

Superb Features of MacMister Data Wipe Software for Mac

Know Ultimate and Top-Notch Features of Data Erasure Software for Mac to Permanently Delete Files on Mac OS

Selectively Wipe Data on MacBook

MacMister Data Wipe for Mac is a wonderful utility that is equipped with Add Files and Add Folders property to add important files on the tool. Then, the app will read the same and show all the selected files on the software pane with checkboxes. You can now use the checkbox to select/deselect files as per need and selectively wipe data in minimum time.

Use Advance Filters for Wiping Data

The Data Eraser for MacBook offers the section of Advance Filters to delete specific data from the system. It has options of Date Range, File Mask and Overwrite Data With. You can apply the option as per need and erase data from Mac as per date, month, file extension, or overwriting the existing data by specifying DeleteData using MacMister Data Wipe Software.

Multiple International Standards

MacMister Data Wipe Tool for Mac offers three main data wiping International Standards - 1st Wiping Standard include Zero (1Pass), Random (1 Pass), etc. 2nd Wiping Standard has options like US DOD/US Air Force (3 Passes), US Navy - MFM (3 Passes), etc. 3rd Wiping Standard includes NATO Standard (7 Passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), and more.

Dual Options to Load Files for Wipe

MacMister Data Eraser for Mac utility provides dual options i.e. Add File(s) and Add Folders to add required data on the software. By clicking on Add File(s) option, users can add few individual data files on the app for permanent wiping. And, the Add Folder option will allow users to add the entire folder containing unlimited files on the software for data wiping Mac.

Protect Data Theft & Breach

The MacMister Wipe Data for Mac software makes sure to wipe all the important data from the system. Because, many businesses & individuals at times frequently face malicious attacks on the Mac OS. And, it is a solution that permanently erase the necessary files and ensure that it should not be recovered by any unauthorized party.

Generates Data Erasure Report

After the data wipe procedure completes, users will receive a notification that will give them the brief about the wiping procedure. It will show the trial limit as well as data that has been deleted successfully. You can click on OK to finish the process. Last, the app will display Log Report in which you will find the entire data wiping details. You can go through the same and check if the procedure has been appropriately performed or not.

Supports all Mac Devices Versions

MacMister Data Wipe Tool for Mac is specially programmed for Macintosh. Mac users can download and utilize the tool to wipe data permanently from Mini Mac, MacBook, and iMac. Moreover, all OS versions are supported such as Mac OS Ventura, Monterey, Mountain Lion Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, and more.

Simple & Three Step Process

MacMister Wipe Data for Mac Software will take three seconds of users and quickly deliver satisfactory results to them. First, install and open the tool on Mac. Use Add Files/Add Folder to load necessary data on the app. Second, Cross-check the data listed and click Next. Select the wiping method & filters as per need. Third, a warning pop-up will appear. Click OK.

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Size: 4.0 MB   Version: 1.0

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Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent


Minimum 512 MB is required

Hard Disk Space

50 MB of free hard disk space

Trial Limitations

Free Demo will help you erase first 10 item | 5MB in size.

Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina (MacOS X 10.15), Mojave (MacOS X 10.14), High Sierra (MacOS X 10.13) and all below Versions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You can follow the working procedure for permanent data wiping on Mac mentioned below:
  • Firstly, install and launch the Data Wipe Tool on any Mac OS.
  • Now, load wanted files or folders using Add Files & Add Folders option from which you need to remove data.
  • Choose the desired items for erasing selective data.
  • After that, select the required removal process and apply the required filters, if necessary.
  • Last, press on Erase Button to start the process of Data Cleansing.

Ans: Sure, the Data Wipe tool for Mac delivers you a date range filter where you can set the date range between which you want to delete data. You just need to fill in the start date and last date and the software will do the shredding work accordingly.

Ans: Yes, you can simply try it out by downloading the free demo version of Disk Wipe Tool. It will work in the same way as the licensed edition but will be limited to deleting the first 10 files that are less than 5MB in size. When you are satisfied with its free demo version, then you can go through the Purchase licensed edition for complete wiping.

Ans: No, there is no option for you to undo the data slicing process completed using the Data Wipe Tool.

Ans: You can use this MacMister Data Eraser for Mac to erase data from devices like hard disk, external storage devices, etc. It is a certified software and so you can trust the tool completely and permanently erase data hard drive Mac.

Ans: When you complete the purchase process, then you will receive the product license key via email within few minutes only.

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