How to Migrate Webmail 1&1 IONOS Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you a Mac user and looking to switch to Google Workspace account for official purposes? Looking for a safe and suitable technique to migrate IONOS email to Gmail? If yes, then no worries, go through the segment mentioned here as it will give you the helping hand in implementing the migration of IONOS to Gmail as per your necessities.

IONOS is a popular webmail service that is specially tailored to fulfill your specific requirements. The personalized email address, highest security standards, and flexible email access make email hosting unique and different from other available webmail providers. It provides the facility of creating individual folders, setting up email forwarding, editing custom signatures, and managing appointments, contacts, and calendars.

Moreover, the advanced mailbox security will help in keeping the mailbox protected by applying strict security using top-level antivirus and anti-spam utilities. Even, the one can also add premium virus protection to get the extra safety layer against viruses and online threats. However, the ISO-certified data centers comply with the regulations of strict data privacy and all the emails will then be automatically protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

Gmail, on the other hand, is another widely used free webmail service and is provided by Google itself. It is one of the best sources of communication these days. Every year it gets updated and moves to another level by delivering incomparable features to its clients. It is an irreplaceable webmail source because not only it has powerful benefits but also takes responsibility for protecting the user’s account. Moreover, the advanced productivity tools will help large organizations to manage the workflow effectively. Gmail has several remarkable features and options that ease the work for individuals and businesses. And, due to this, the complex-free environment has attracted lots of users worldwide.

Why to Migrate IONOS to Gmail?

There are multiple reasons for migrating IONOS webmail 1&1 emails to Gmail and some are highlighted here:

  • Gmail uses Spam Filtering to keep the spam email out of the INBOX. So, whenever, Gmail thinks that its users are receiving spam emails then it will automatically put them into the junk folder.
  • Productivity apps like Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google Meet, etc. will help users manage the business’s day-to-day activities really well.
  • The interface of Gmail will help you to easily navigate to your contacts, settings, emails, and more.
  • Provides large storage space to users as it will help them store their important database on the cloud efficiently.
  • It is a good platform to access emails from multiple webmail sources like Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail on a single platform.
  • Functions like Email Formatting and Digital Signatures will help you in sending emails to other clients as per your requirements.

Gmail has several incomparable benefits and due to this, the IONOS requires migration of their emails into a Google Mail accounts. So, now, let us try to carry out the issue and check the procedure of how to migrate IONOS email to Gmail with attachments. However, there are two methods available to perform the process. One is performing the migration manually and another is applying the direct approach.

How to Migrate IONOS Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

To transfer emails from IONOS webmail, let us start with the manual steps and then we will discuss the direct professional approach that is safe and secure to use.

Method 1. Transfer Emails from IONOS to Gmail

  1. Open any browser, go to Gmail, and sign-in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the gear icon and select “See all Settings”.
  3. Choose the Account and Import tab.
  4. Click Add another email address option.
  5. Another screen will pop up asking for information about other email addresses. Enter your Name and Email Address in the required fields and hit Next Step.
  6. Provide configuration details i.e. in the SMTP server and use 465 as a Port Number.
  7. Enter IONOS webmail credentials and then press Add Account.
  8. Open IONOS Webmail again and click on the confirmation link you have received.
  9. You need to do the verification of the email address that you have added.
  10. Confirm the forwarding, and enter the confirmation code into Zoho Mail as per the given instructions.

Now, the IONOS will get connected to Gmail account. And, all its respective emails will start appearing on the same.

Method 2. Top-Level Solution to Migrate IONOS Emails on macOS

1&1 Webmail Backup Tool is a perfect reliable utility to transfer all emails from IONOS to Gmail. The solution is secure and capable to migrate unlimited IONOS emails to Gmail at once with attachments. The GUI is easy-to-use and so any professional and non-professional users will be able to perform the migration effortlessly. The output will be correct and delivered by the tool immediately. Even, the steps are not typical. They can be operated within seconds and help users carry out the desired results in minimum time.

Moreover, the features are remarkable and advanced. By applying them as per requirements, users will be able to save IONOS emails to Gmail accordingly. Also, one can check the entire procedure of the tool by downloading the trial edition.

Working Steps to Migrate IONOS to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run IONOS Email Backup Software Mac on Mac OS.

Step 2. Choose the 1&1 Webmail option as a source. Provides its login credentials and hit the Login button.

Step 3. The Tool will authorize the specified account and then start listing all its mailboxes on the software panel.

Step 4. You now need to go to Select Saving Options. Choose Gmail from the list available.

Step 5. Enter your Gmail email address and app password in the necessary fields. You can also use Filters if you want to migrate selective IONOS emails to Gmail. When done, hit the Start Backup button to start the process of transferring emails from IONOS to Gmail.

Step 6. Now, go through the live migration procedure appearing on Email Backup Report screen as shown-

The entire process to transfer IONOS Webmail emails to Gmail will take a few seconds to complete successfully. Click the OK button appearing on the confirmation pop-up. After this, go to the Gmail account whose credentials you have entered before. You can now open the required IONOS email in Gmail. The content and formatting properties of emails will not get affected during the process. Everything will be accurate and precise.


The write-up here offered multiple techniques to transfer all emails from IONOS to Gmail. The first method is manual but time-consuming. Whereas, the second method i.e. MacMister IONOS Webmail to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac & Windows is a cost-effective solution that possesses quick and secure processing. Also, it provides the guarantee of accurate migration. However, users will get the trial edition as well with the help of which they can check the working steps of the tool for free. It allow users to migrate first 25 IONOS emails to Gmail with attachments free of cost.