How to Convert MBOX to EMLx on Mac?

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Are you finding it hard to convert .mbox files to EMLx on Mac machine? Then not worries, MacMister is here to help you out. However, before proceeding with a solution, let us first understand some common reasons behind the conversion process of MBOX to EMLx.

Why to Convert MBOX to EMLx?

There are numerous users who are struggling to find an appropriate solution for the conversion of MBOX files to EMLx format without any trouble. In the further section, we have providing professional technique which will guide you properly on how to convert MBOX to EMLx on Mac. Now, before talking about any resolution, let us see the reasons first to export MBOX data to EMLx.

Some most generic reasons are as listed –

  • MBOX file consists of all user emails in a single file whereas EMLx is created for each email message. So, if a user wants to export particular MBOX email to a user, then EMLx file format is useful.
  • A Mac user received MBOX files from a colleague but unable to read it’s data as he/she is using Outlook for Mac application. Thus, it can be converted into EMLx and easily opened with any text editor i.e. Notepad++.
  • It is useful in forensic investigation as it can easily open with the help of any text editor. Simply convert .emlx to .txt format and it will be opened easily.

Besides this, there are lot more other reasons as well due to which users need MBOX to EMLx conversion on Mac OS.

Use Powerful Automated Solution to Convert MBOX to EMLx

Mac MBOX Converter is a secure and effective solution to batch convert MBOX files to EMLx format with precise mails and attachments. By utilizing its simplified steps and GUI, any user can instantly perform the conversion process without modifying the original content. The software is programmed by well-known expertise and popular for providing accurate output in few easy steps.

The external guidance is not required as it is completely a do-it-yourself application. The application enable users to implement selective as well as bulk migration by using the options accordingly. The most wonderful thing about the application is that it is supported by all Mac OS editions. Now, let us see the working steps and understand how to convert MBOX to EMLx.

Steps to Convert MBOX to EMLx file type

Step 1. Download and operate MBOX to EML Converter for Mac on Mac machine.


Step 2. Click Add Files and Add Folder button to add required MBOX files or folders on the software. Click Next.


Step 3. All selected MBOX file list will appear with checkboxes that users can select/deselect for selective export process. Click Next.


Step 4. Choose EMLx option from Select Saving menu list.


Step 5. Provide destination path and file naming option and click Export.

Step 6. Tool now shows Live Conversion report. Once it is done, click OK and navigate to specified location to check converted file.  


All files will be transferred into EMLx format, go to the chosen location and check all your resultant data.

Why to Use MBOX to EMLx Application

Supports all macOS editions

MBOX to EMLx application is downloadable on all the earlier and latest editions of Mac OS. Users can utilize the software on Mac OS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina etc.

Multiple Options to Add MBOX

The software provide the options of Add Files and Add Folder to add desired MBOX files and folder for conversion in EMLx format.

Save Output as per requirement

After choosing EMLx format, users can set the destination path as per need as well as choose required naming option to save resultant file accordingly for easy accessibility once conversion is done by the tool.

Maintains Data Integrity of MBOX

MBOX to EMLx application maintains the data integrity and folder structure of MBOX files during the conversion.

Batch MBOX to EMLx Conversion

The users can utilize Add Folder button of the application for batch conversion of MBOX files into EMLx. Users can create a single folder of multiple MBOX files which needs to be exported and then load the same on the software. It will save lot of time and efforts of a user.

Unlimited Conversion at Once

It does not matter how many files you have, you can use the application keeping negative thinking aside and convert unlimited MBOX files to EMLx on Mac at one time without data loss.

Note. MBOX to EMLx application provides free download edition. It allow users to save 25 MBOX emails to EMLx format free of cost. With the help of this facility, users can understand and experience the working as well as associated options before the purchase of license key.


Get the benefit of this advance and remarkable MBOX to EMLx application. It safe export all your MBOX files to EMLx without disturbing the data originality. Without further ado, grab it quickly and perform unlimited conversion. You can use the free demo to transfer MBOX to PST, PDF, MSG, IMAP, Thunderbird and many other commonly used file types, email accounts and web servers.