Excel File is too Large to Open – Fix Now!

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Is your Excel file is too large to open and you are finding difficulty in accessing its database? Wondering how to resolve the issue with ease? Not to worry, simply go through the write-up and you will discover a method that will help you to manage large Excel files with ease.

Microsoft Excel is an outstanding tool that features pivot table, VBA, computation or calculation capabilities, and graphic tools. It is mainly designed to manage and work with comparatively small datasets. But the file size becomes bigger with a huge dataset and many other reasons.  And nothing about large Excel file is helpful except that it contains data in a large amount. Due to this, the file gives hard time in sharing and every process takes a lot of time than needed. In case you find out that Excel file is too large to open for no reason, then one of the following solutions can fix the issue.

There are many reasons why Excel file is large. It can be due to the amount of data stored in a Spreadsheet. Moreover, large Excel files are not a great option to work with. They can affect the entire system and slow down the speed of the same which can be annoyed for those who need to urgently view the data stored on a machine. So, here are some tips and tricks explained that you can apply to make Excel file work and manage it appropriate on the system.

Fix 1. Check for Hidden Worksheet causing large Excel files

Sometimes, the already existing spreadsheets appear invisible in a workbook, which actually known as hidden worksheets. For e.g. let’s take a look at a workbook having hidden spreadsheet. Navigate towards the sheet tabs present in the bottom left of a spreadsheet which will look like the image below –

In the picture, there are three spreadsheet tabs in total. Go to Review tab >> choose Workbook Statistics >> Click Proofing.

Here, you will find the total count of worksheet details.

To make a worksheet unhide, follow the steps:

Step 1. Navigate towards Sheet tab and right-click on the same.

Step 2. Click Unhide option.

Step 3. Choose the worksheet you need to unhide from the Unhide screen.

Step 4. Click on OK button.

Step 5. Now, you can view the hidden sheets on a Sheet tab.

Now, explore the hidden sheets and remove the unnecessary ones.

Fix 2. Eradicate Unused Worksheets and Reduce File Size

You should remove the worksheets which are not in use anymore not just the hidden ones. Having several sheet tabs can take a lot of storage space containing irrelevant data.

So, removing the unused worksheets can solve a problem for you.

Fix 3. Remove Unnecessary Formatting in Excel can Reduce File Size

Formatting helps in customizing datasets making them more presentable. But this can also result in large file size. Moreover, for small datasets, formatting results in having more information which is increasing the file size. Excel file is too large to open because of too much formatting. So, it is necessary to eradicate formatting and not to have a lot in the beginning. Or just remove as per the file size you are having.

Follow the steps to remove formatting:

  1. Choose the cell or a cell range whose formatting you want to remove.
  2. Navigate to Home tab appearing on the ribbon.
  3. Go to Editing and choose Clear from the list.
  4. Click Clear Formatting from the drop-down menu.  

Fix 4. Compress Spreadsheet Images

At times, it becomes important for us to add pictures in a Spreadsheet for multiple purposes. But adding pictures also increases the size of Excel. One thing user can do is to compress the image added in a spreadsheet. This will reduce the file size.

Follow the steps to compress image size in Spreadsheet

Step 1. Select the required Picture by clicking on the same.

Step 2. New tab will become visible on the ribbon called Picture Format. Select it.

Step 3. Click Compress Pictures and you will find Adjust group option.

Step 4. Select preferred Compression options and select Resolution.

Step 5. Press OK button and the picture will become compressed.

Fix 5. Use Professional Technique – CSV Splitter App

MacMister CSV Splitter is an excellent approach to reduce the file size. The tool help you to break large CSV file into smaller files without data alteration. It can be used by anyone with ease. Even, it will take just few seconds to finish the process as the operational steps are less and simple to operate.

download imap to pst tool

Moreover, it is programmed with plentiful beneficial features that can be applied to get the desired output. However, the software has a freeware version as well which is useful in testing the working steps of the app for free.

Steps to Reduce too large Excel File on Mac

Step 1. Download and run the tool on the system.

Step 2. Utilize Add File(S)/Add Folder button in order to add necessary Excel files folder on the app.

Step 3. The app will load list of selected Excel files on the software one-by-one with checkboxes. However, you can deselect all those checkboxes and select the checkboxes whose files you want to split. Then press Next.

Step 4. Set the destination path and choose a location to save resultant files.

Step 5. Select Include Column Header option if you want to add a column header in every split Excel file.

Step 6. Specify the row count in case you are looking to break Excel file as per specified no. of rows.

Step 7. Set necessary CSV encoding option and press Split button.

Step 8. You can now view the live progress appearing and track the process status.

The process finishes in few seconds and then “Split Process Completed Successfully” pop-up window will appear that confirms that the process is successfully completed. Click on the OK button and then go to location to verify the output.


In the write-up we have mentioned different fixes to resolve “Excel file is too large to open” issue. You can use the suitable fix and eradicate the error. However, it is recommended to use a method which has the ability to securely handle the process. In case you need any assistance, contact MacMister Support.