Facing Gmail Temporary Error 500 – Fix Now!

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Facing Gmail temporary error 500 frequently! Want to fix it without more ado? Not to worry, just read out the segment and you will discover some techniques that will help you eradicate the error.

Gmail is considered a go-to email service provider for many people because of its extraordinary and dependable services. The features included in a webmail are stable and highly advanced from technical point of view with easy utilization.

They are known for offering great support when a user encounters any issue while using its services.

Generally, Gmail works perfectly well almost 99% of the time. But still, it is a cloud-based app which sometimes can cause trouble. One of the common and most faced issues is “Gmail temporary error 500”.

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The temporary error 500 on Gmail is visible after a user logs in to a Gmail account. Instead of opening the main email account window, users encounter an error 500 page appearing with “Try Again” and “Sign-out” options. It is a server-related problem that happens due to slow network connections, third-party apps, or corrupted browsing data.

In the following guide, we will give you highlights on how to fix “Gmail temporary error 500”.

Let’s get started!

Fix 1. Verify Gmail Servers

After encountering temporary error 500 while logging Gmail account, the first thing it is advised to check Gmail servers. However, it is a cloud app that depends on servers to deliver services and to function correctly.

Visit Google’s dedicated status page to view the current status of Gmail.

If there is an issue with a platform, you cannot do anything besides wait. On the other hand, go through the following fixes mentioned below in case Gmail servers are properly working and functioning.

Fix 2. Again Login to Gmail Account

If you are unable to view the email feed, sign out from the current session and log back after a few minutes. This will reset the data that got corrupted by glitches and bugs on the platform.

Follow the steps to log out from your Gmail profile:

  1. You will see a long message with few options when the error page appears.
  2. Click Try Again to check if it redirects to the main Google Mail account. If not,
  3. Tap Sign-out and close the session.

After implementing the steps, log back to your Gmail account after few minutes and check if the error is fixed or not.

Fix 3. Restart the Device

Sometimes the issue occurs due to the operating system running on the device which leads to connectivity problems. To get rid of this, try to restart your device, reload the resources, and remove bugs and glitches.

For Users with Windows Operating System, follow the steps:

  1. Press the Windows key through the keyboard to use the Start menu.
  2. Click Power Options.
  3. Select Restart and reboot the system.

For Users with a Mac Operating System, follow the steps:

  1. On a Mac, access the Apple Menu appearing at the top left of the display.
  2. Click on Restart present in the drop-down menu.
  3. Again press Restart button to confirm the reboot.

After the system restarts, go to your browser and log in to Gmail account.

Fix 4. Check Internet Connection

Gmail works when the internet is connected because it is an online platform. If you are getting temporary error 500 then make sure that you are connected with a stable network.

However, you can check the speed through Fast.com to test the download speed and network upload.

If you are encountering an issue with a network, then reboot your modem or router to recreate a connection with the service provider. Disconnect the modem from the outlet and wait for a minimum of 5 seconds before you plug it back.

Run the test again afterward to check if the problem is fixed. If you still facing network-related issues, then you need to contact your ISP and ask them to resolve the problem.

Fix 5. Turn-Off VPN Service

Another reason for getting the error is an unstable VPN connection. VPNs are third-party applications that safeguard the data and network from hackers.

VPN hides your default IP address which results in hiding the location and filtering the activity to secure sensitive information such as account passwords, credit card numbers, and bank transactions.

Unfortunately, all VPNs almost work the same but some can affect the connection.

If you are getting Gmail temporary error 500, disable the VPN for once and then access your account.

Fix 6. Clean all Browser Cache & Cookies

Browsers temporarily store the data on the device that are used to load earlier visited sites faster. However, over time the data become accumulated and make it corrupted. When this ensues, expect errors to happen on the sites you access.

To fix the same, follow the steps:

  1. Launch the preferred browser on the device and go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy & Security and select Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Change Time Range to All Time and add caches and cookies in the process.
  4. Hit Clear Data.

5. Navigate back to Gmail after cleaning the browsing data to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 7. Disable Extensions

Browser extensions and add-ons are third-party applications or tools that offer extra incredible features on the websites you access. Most of them are designed for particular websites and can cause issues with other sites.

Still, if you are getting Gmail temporary code error 500, then follow the steps to disable the extension.

  1. Open Browser and go to Settings.
  2. Click Extensions tab appearing in the side pane.
  3. Last, turn off the extensions and start your browser again.
Fix 8. Use a Different Browser

If you still unable to view your account due to the error then use a different browser. Maybe the current browser are having technical issues in the moment. You can try Firefox as well. If you are not using Chrome then give it a try for once.

Fix 9. Report problem to Google

Go to Google support page and get in touch with the team to report the issue you are experiencing. Provide all the important details to help Google assess the situation quickly.

You can also use guides appearing on the Google support page to see if you find any other solution for the same.


In the write-up, we have discussed different fixes to resolve “Gmail temporary error 500”. You can apply the required fix and check if the error is fixed or not. If you still encounter a problem, then it is recommended to transfer your Gmail account to a different webmail service or download all its emails locally with the help of MacMister Gmail Backup Tool for Mac. It is a solution that has the ability to export Gmail emails into 15+ saving options such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, IMAP, Office 365, Yahoo, and more.