How do I Import & Migrate Emails from Gmail to Zoho?

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Looking for a way to import & migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho? No worries, MacMister has explained a wonderful Gmail to Zoho Migration Tool that will surely help you to successfully migrate all emails from Gmail to Zoho Mail with attachments accurately.

There are several webmail programs available to fulfill the day-to-day email communication of users. Gmail and Zoho Mail are one of them. Both are popular and deliver outstanding services to users.

But each webmail has a different set of features and options that confuse a lot of users when they think of choosing the right one for them. With time, the applications get updated and added with more powerful interface and productivity tools.

So, if a user has been using Gmail for a long time, they think of moving onto a program that is more advanced and could help in improving business growth like Zoho Mail.

Why Zoho Mail over Google Mail?

Email is playing an integral role among business professionals. There are several email service providers that are helping organizations connect with users from all over the world in real-time.

Zoho Mail is a part of Zoho Workspace and a suite of productivity tools that allow teams to work on the same project from any location. It contains no ads and offers a clean, minimalist appealing interface for professionals. It includes a wide range of advanced features that make the collaboration natural.

Zoho Mail has innumerable features and benefits that attract a lot of users across the globe. And, we have explained some of them here that will clarify why Zoho Mail should be chosen over Google Mail.

Advanced Conversation View

One can view an email thread as a conversation displayed chronologically with the latest email on top. This can be applied to every specific folder. Just visit Settings and select Conversation Settings.

Email Open Behavior

Zoho Mail provides different modes to view emails i.e. Vertical Preview, Horizontal Preview, in a New Tab, or in a New Window. Simply visit Settings and choose Mail View Options.

Organizing Attachments

View mailbox attachments in Attachment Viewer. One can also open attachments received in emails in the browser. Just click on the Attachment Viewer appearing on the right side of the mailbox.

Attach Large Size Files

Zoho Mail allows you to attach files having 1 GB of size. These are convertible to links and can be added to email while composing. Navigate to New Mail and select Attachments.

Offers Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Bookmarks

The webmail is built-up with in-built applications which are accessible directly via Mail dashboard. One can create events, view contacts, assign tasks, and more from Zoho Mail.

Search Filters

One can search and locate any email, event, post, task, or note in Zoho Mail with the help of Mail’s extensive search filters. Go to the Search bar and specify the condition.

There are infinite features in Zoho Mail but here we have explained the ones that work as the highlights for Zoho Mail.

How do I Import & Migrate Emails from Gmail to Zoho? – [SOLVED]

The time-saving and reliable way to migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho is MacMister Gmail Backup Tool for Mac & Windows. The application is friendly, direct, and cost-effective. Any individual can operate the software independently and effortlessly import Gmail emails to Zoho Mail with attachments. Even, the steps are also short and non-typical. One can perform the entire process in a few seconds and attain the necessary result in a minimum time.

Moreover, Gmail to Zoho Migration Tool is programmed with features that users can use as per their requirements to get the desired result. The free demo of the software is also available with the help of users can test the Gmail to Zoho Mail migration process for free.

Note. First, enable IMAP to avoid authentication errors and generate app passwords in both Google Mail and Zoho Mail accounts.

Working Steps to Import Emails from Gmail to Zoho Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run MacMister Gmail to IMAP Backup Tool Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Enter your Gmail email address and app password in the required fields and click on the Login button.

Step 3. The specified Gmail account will connect with the application and start loading all the Gmail mailboxes on the software panel.

Step 4. Go to the Select Saving Options property on the right side of the tool. Click on it and select the IMAP option from the menu.

Step 5. Provide Zoho Mail IMAP account details i.e. email address, password, & IMAP host with port number. Simultaneously choose the Filters section if you want to import specific Gmail emails to your Zoho Mail account. Last, click on the Start Backup button.

Step 6. The process will start and an Email Backup Report window will appear on the screen showing the migration status of Gmail emails.

The task will successfully finish with the message “Process Completed”. Click on the OK button and go to the Zoho Mail account to check the result. You will see that the emails are accurate and appear with correct details and metadata properties.

Why MacMister Gmail to Zoho Migration Tool is a Recommended Solution?

There are multiple reasons why the MacMister Gmail to Zoho Migration Tool is recommended. Some of them are:

  • Directly migrate Gmail emails to Zoho Mail with attachments.
  • Friendly GUI and simple platform that is accessible by any individual.
  • Offers Filters that allow to import emails from Gmail according to date range, to, from, subject, etc.
  • Maintains the originality of Gmail emails during the process.
  • Keeps the email messages, formatting properties, and folder structure intact and accurate throughout the process.
  • Displays the Email Backup Report screen which shows the total count of migrated items and the items left for migration.
  • Allow users to import emails from Gmail to Zoho on macOS Ventura and all earlier versions.


The write-up has provided a significant approach that will help in accessing all the Gmail emails in Zoho Mail with attachments quickly. The MacMister Gmail Email Backup Software for Mac is a tested solution that properly takes care of the migration and delivers accurate results within seconds. Download the software free demo and check the working of the tool for free. Also, migrate the first 25 Gmail emails to Zoho Mail with attachments free of cost.