How to Archive Gmail Emails by Date Range on Mac & Window?

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Are you currently operating a Gmail account and due to the exceeded size limit you have to urgently archive some of its critical emails with attachments? But wondering how to archive Gmail emails by date range properly. Not to worry, simply read the article in which you will discover a technique that will assist you in successfully archiving specific Gmail email messages with attachments in just a few seconds.

Gmail is one of the widely used webmail services that was introduced by Google itself to manage large amounts of day-to-day emails. Initially, it offered users 1 GB of storage space, which was quite a lot compared to other email service providers at that time. But today, it delivers 15 GB of storage that is divided among different Gmail tools such as Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.

Upon seeing 15 GB of free storage space, initially, you will be impressed and think highly of it. However, with the daily use and accumulation of essential data, the message of full account storage will start appearing on the screen. Although 15 GB is a lot it tends to fill up really quickly once people begin utilizing it.

Google also provides Google One service which is subscription-based that allows users to expand the storage capacity of their Gmail accounts.  But many prefer to archive important emails from Gmail accounts and delete them from the same to create more space for incoming emails.

Now, the main concern is how to archive Gmail emails by date range. Let’s check out some methods to implement the task successfully.

How to Archive Gmail Emails by Date Range?

There are multiple methods to implement the process i.e.

  1. Method 1 – Using Archive option.
  2. Method 2 – Using the Google Takeout option.
  3. Method 3 – Using Direct Solution.

Method 1. Use Archive Feature to Archive Gmail Emails

Whenever the person archives an email message in their Gmail account, that email becomes hidden from the INBOX folder. But that does not mean your email is deleted. By clicking the All Mail option, you will be able to see all your archived email messages in the same.

However, the archive option is useful for people with crowded inboxes. Because they can archive unnecessary or old emails instead of deleting them or leaving them under other labels. This will free up the space, helping you to gain more space for new emails.

The archive feature will also help you to archive emails of a particular date. Let’s see how to archive email messages according to a specific date.

Steps to Archive Emails in Google Mail by Date using Archive Feature

Step 1. Open Gmail by using any web browser and sign in to your account by specifying your Gmail email address & password.

Step 2. Click on the Search bar and enter the command (in:inbox before 2022/06/28). However, you can input a specific date range as per your requirements.

Step 3. Tap Enter. Now you will see all the email messages coming under that specific date.

Step 4. Mark the checkboxes of important emails you want to archive.

Step 5. Click the Archive option and all those selected emails will disappear from the INBOX folder.

This doesn’t mean that your email is deleted. You can still find them by navigating to the All Mail folder under Compose. If you face difficulty in finding it, then navigate to More and click All Mail folder.  By clicking on it, you can view all the email messages including archived emails.

Method 2. Use Google Takeout Feature to Archive Gmail Emails

Google Takeout is also an alternative way to store archived Gmail email messages locally. However, Google Takeout does not offer a date range option for archiving emails from Gmail.  The feature only allows you to select labels and export Gmail emails to MBOX.

Drawbacks of using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is considered one of the preferred manual solutions when it comes to archiving Gmail emails. This is mostly used when the mailbox size is full. However, the option is not appropriate for numerous emails. Some of its drawbacks are:

  • Requires fast internet connection.
  • If there is any kind of interruption during the process, it will not resume. You have to operate the task again from the start.
  • Very time-consuming process.
  • Expert’s assistance is necessary to implement the process.
  • Capable of archiving the entire Gmail database as there is no separate option to archive only specific emails.

Steps to Archive Gmail Emails by Date using Google Takeout

Step 1. Open Gmail by navigating to any web browser and sign in to your account using the necessary credentials.

Step 2. Navigate to the right-side of the Gmail window and click on your Profile picture. Choose Manage your Google Account.

Step 3. From the left panel, select the Data & Privacy option.

Step 4. Then, scroll down until Download & Delete your Data becomes visible. Click Download your Data option.

Step 5. Google Takeout screen will appear. By default, all checkboxes will be selected. Click Deselect all to deselect all checkboxes.

Step 6. Scroll until you see the Gmail option. You can either choose to download all the emails or click on the drop-down button to choose particular Gmail labels.

Step 7. After this, press the Next button.

Step 8. Select the necessary File Type, Archive Size, and Delivery Method.

Step 9. Last, press the Create Archive button.

With the help of the above-mentioned steps, one will be able to create an archive of Gmail email messages. Now, save the same locally.

However, we already have discussed its consequences. So make sure that you are choosing the safe solution to archive Gmail emails.

Method 3. Use Direct Time-Saving Method to Archive Gmail Emails

If you encounter that the Gmail archive feature failed to do the task, then make use of a recommended solution that will not only archive emails but also help you to save them into different saving options. MacMister Gmail Backup Tool for Mac & Windows is an outstanding solution for archiving Gmail email messages into multiple saving options such as PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, CSV, IMAP, Office 365, G Suite, and more. It is equipped with a date range filter that allows you to specify a particular date to archive specific Gmail email messages on your system.

Moreover, there are a wide variety of features that can be used to attain the desirable results in a short time. One can even download the free demo version of the software to experience the archive process of the tool for free.

Working Steps to Archive Gmail Emails by Date on Mac

Step 1. Download, and run MacMister Gmail Archive Tool on your Mac OS.

Step 2. Enter Email ID and App Password of necessary Gmail in required fields and click Login button.

Step 3. The software will generate connection with specified Gmail account and list its entire mailboxes on the software one-by-one.

Step 4. Now, navigate to the right side of the tool. Click Select Saving Options, and choose the saving as per your needs to archive Gmail emails.

Step 5. Apply the sub-options according to your requirements to attain desirable results. Also, under the Advanced Filters section, specify the date range to archive specific Gmail email messages according to a particular date or month. Then press the Start Backup button to start the process.

Step 6. The process commences immediately and then the app will show Email Backup Report screen which will display the update of the current backup status of Gmail emails.

The procedure will take a few seconds to finish the task completely. Then, go to the location where the resultant files are saved. You can open the required resultant file and check the result. You will see that the file database is accurate and files are successfully migrated as per the specified date.


The write-up has discussed different strategies to archive Gmail emails by date on Mac & Windows. All three methods are implementable. But make sure that they suit all your requirements. Also ensure, that in the first two methods you are getting help from experts. Because the steps are technical and need to be operated carefully.

The third method provides the advantage to users to download its free demo to check the archive process for free. It only has three operational steps which will complete the whole task in a few seconds. Moreover, the freeware version of the app will help you to archive the first 25 Gmail email messages by date free of cost.