How to Forward Hotmail Emails to another Account on Mac?

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Did you recently create a new Hotmail account for official purposes? Now want to access some crucial emails stored in old Hotmail to new email account? Wondering how to forward Hotmail emails to another account on Mac safely? Looking for a solution for effective migration? No worries, because the blog will offer you a technique that will help in direct forwarding Hotmail emails to another account on Mac with attachments.

Hotmail is one of the old widely used email service providers. Millions of people have created an account on the same as it is considered the first webmail introduced in the online market. However, from time to time, users started facing some technical problems and one of them was “Hotmail not working”. And when this error occurs, users barely receive an email. Undoubtedly, the situation becomes very stressful.

Reasons “Why Hotmail not working Error Occurs?”

Are you currently facing a problem with “Hotmail is not working” or confused if “its services are down right now”.

Even, if you are facing Hotmail not working issue, then you cannot put the entire blame on Hotmail for the error. It now started arising the most because it doesn’t exist anymore. Even though having an email ID as shut down in 2013. After Microsoft turned Hotmail to, it has migrated all Hotmail users to the same, allowing them use the same prior email address.

In other words, Hotmail is now hosted by But, it is not the reason why Hotmail is down. There are different problems that unexpectedly occur and become the reason why the account is not working properly. Knowing about these will help in resolving the problem effectively.

Some of the common reasons are listed below –

  • The server is down.
  • Not properly connected to the internet.
  • Inappropriate configurations.
  • The username and password are not correct.
  • Older Microsoft Outlook version or a problem with Outlook account.
  • The applications that are in use for sending emails might not be properly working.
  • Something could be wrong with an iPhone, Android Device, Computer, or Tablet, through which one is trying to access the Hotmail account.

In such cases, forwarding Hotmail account to another account is a wise step. Now, let’s see how to perform the task.

How to Forward Hotmail Emails to another Account on Mac?

There are multiple approaches for forwarding Hotmail account to another account:

  1. Easy and direct Method
  2. Manual Method

Let’s get started with the first method without more ado.

Method 1. Direct Method to Forward Hotmail Account to another Account

The easy and direct procedure to forward Hotmail account to another account is the MacMister Hotmail Backup Tool for Mac & Windows. The application is simple, proficient, secure, and reliable. It is a utility that does not carry technical steps and helps both professional and non-professional users to use the application effortlessly. The steps are also short and save the time and energy of users by forwarding Hotmail account emails to another account very quickly.

Moreover, the software has the ability to forward Hotmail account to 15+ saving options such as PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, TXT, CSV, IMAP, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo,, and more. One can use the necessary saving option, migrate Hotmail account emails in the same, and use them in the required account. However, the free demo is present that can be used to test the software process for free.

Working Steps to Forward Hotmail Emails to another Account on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister Email Backup Tool for Mac on any macOS.

Step 2. Pick Hotmail from the left options. Provide Hotmail account details and tap the Login button.

Step 3. The Hotmail account will connect with the tool and all the mailboxes will start to appear on the left navigation pane.

Step 4. Now, on the right side of the software screen, click on Select Saving Options and select the required saving option from the list.

Step 5. You will find different options appearing under the selected saving option. Set them according to the requirements. You can even try Filters if you want. After that, click the Start Backup button.

Step 6. The migration will run and an Email Backup Report screen will be shown to users that will help them tracking the ongoing progress of Hotmail emails.

The process will not take much time but instantly show the “Process Completed” message. Click the OK button displayed with it and go to the location where the resultant files are saved. However, the migration will be 100% accurate and there will be no modifications in the result.

Method 2. Manual Method to Forward Hotmail Account to another Account

Follow the steps to forward Hotmail account to another account:

Step 1. Open any browser and log in to the Hotmail account. It will redirect to

Step 2. Go to the Gear icon (Settings) appearing on the top-right of the Hotmail account screen. Select View all Outlook settings.

Step 3.  A new dialogue box will appear. Go to Mail and select Forwarding.

Step 4. Here you are trying to access critical information and so Microsoft can ask to login again.

Step 5. Select the Enable Forwarding checkbox. Now, from below, in the Forward my email to section, enter the email address which you need to forward Hotmail emails. After this, click on the Save to confirm the changes.

This will how the data from one Hotmail account to another account will be transferred.

However, the steps are technical, and so it is advised to perform them under experts’ guidance.


In the write-up, different approaches are discussed that are useful to forward Hotmail emails to another account on Mac & Windows. The first method is direct and safe to use. Anyone can securely perform the process in a minimum time. Moreover, a free demo is available which is useful to test the working of the software for free.

Also, one will be able to forward 25 Hotmail emails to another account for free. The second approach is a little technical. Users require well-skilled professionals to execute the steps. Because it can generate an error if a single step is missed.

Quick Note. Contact MacMister Support for any Software Assistance.