How to Keep Yahoo Mail from Emptying Trash – [SOLVED]

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The following article has highlighted the guidance on how to keep Yahoo Mail from emptying crash. The method discussed in the section is recommended and will surely help in keeping the data stored in Yahoo Mail without data loss. However, before coming directly to the solution, it is better to make you understand the time that Yahoo Mail takes to empty the trash folder.

Whenever emails are deleted from the email account except for the spam folder, they will automatically move to the trash folder and from there, they will be deleted in 7 days. At times, somehow important emails get deleted by Yahoo Mail users and at that time they are not aware that they have done that. But later, when they cross-check their account, they realize that while deleting the unnecessary emails in a rush they have deleted some of their crucial email files as well. However, if they find out about the chaos before 7 days, then they are saved but after 7 days, they cannot do anything about it. Therefore, it is wise to take regular backups of Yahoo Mail emails to prevent unexpected misshapen.

How to Keep Yahoo Mail from Emptying Trash?

  • The simplest way to get deleted emails from your Yahoo Mail account is by quickly opening the trash folder and undeleting the same.
  • If the emails are lost and you are unable to find them in a trash folder, then immediately submit a request to Yahoo for account restoration so that messages can be recovered easily.
  • Yahoo users will get 7 days for request submission also keep in mind that the restoration process is not always successful.

How to Undelete Yahoo Mail Emails via Desktop?

To save the space of a server, Yahoo will not keep the deleted emails forever. Yahoo will automatically clear the trash and spam folder after a certain period of time. The emails in the trash folder will delete after 7 days while spam folder emails will delete after a month. And, these settings cannot be changed.

Whenever the email is deleted, Yahoo moves it automatically to a trash folder where it gets saved for seven days. The easy way to access deleted emails is to undelete emails from the folder.

Step 1. Open your web browser and log in to your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2. Click on Trash appearing on the left navigation pane.

Step 3. Find and select the required email to retrieve by clicking the checkbox appearing on the left of the sender’s name.

Step 4. After selecting the necessary checkboxes, choose Restore to Inbox option appearing at the top.

Step 5. You can now see selected emails in the INBOX.  

How to Restore Yahoo Emails with Yahoo Restore Request?

You need to submit the restore request to yahoo in case you are unable to find deleted emails in a trash folder.

But there is no guarantee that the request could work but still you can try and implement the task by following the steps here.

Step 1. Open a Restore Request form by navigating to Yahoo Help Central.

Step 2. Specify the required information in the form whether you deleted the message in a mobile or desktop Yahoo Mail platform and the estimated time frame when you last saw the message.

Step 3. Provide your Yahoo ID and the email address you access.

Step 4. Click Create Request for finalizing the restore request.

Quick Note. If the restore request becomes successful, the deleted messages will be added back to the folder it was in previously. Check the trash folder in case you are unable to find the message after the restoration process completes.

Alternative Way to Keep Yahoo Mail from Emptying Trash

The most secure and safe way to prevent the permanent deletion of important emails from a trash folder is to take their backup on a local machine. It can be done with the help of MacMister Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac and Windows. It is a cost-effective, reliable, and powerful solution that anyone can use without any difficulty and save Yahoo emails into 15+ saving options. The application has the ability to transfer Yahoo emails into PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, CSV, G Suite, Gmail, Office 365, IMAP, and more. The GUI is not so typical. And, the operational steps are easy to implement. Moreover, the output will be original and accurate.

The application is built-up with many advantages and due to that, users will be able to save their important Yahoo emails as per their requirements. Not only this, the tool is equipped with a free demo with the help of which users can check the process for free.

Working Steps to Restore Yahoo Emails on Mac

Step 1. Download and open Yahoo Backup Tool on any Mac OS.

Step 2. Select the Yahoo Mail option from the left. Add Yahoo email ID and app password. Click the Login button.

Step 3. The specified Yahoo Mail account will connect with the software and all its mailboxes will start to list on the software panel.

Step 4. Go to Select Saving Options and choose the required saving type from the menu.

Step 5. Each saving type has sub-options that users can set as per need to obtain the desired output. Last, start the process by tapping Start Backup button.

Step 6. The restore process of Yahoo Mail emails is live and will show the migration status on Email Backup Report.

The entire task will finish in seconds and then show a “Process Completed” pop-up to users. Hit the OK button and go to the location where the resultant files are saved. You can open them accordingly and verify the result. However, you will see that the content and formatting properties of entire emails are original and precise.


In the article, we have discussed some procedures to keep Yahoo Mail from emptying trash. There are many users who face such issues because of their hectic and busy schedules. They sometimes unintentionally delete their important emails from the INBOX folder and forget to restore them from the trash folder as well. Later, they were unable to find their essential files and regret not undeleting them from the trash folder on time.

So, the section has put light on some techniques that users can use to undo their mistakes. However if the first two methods don’t work, then make sure to protect your emails by taking a regular backup next time. And, the Yahoo Email Backup Software for Mac will help you in the same. It has a free demo as well with the help of which you can check the whole process for free. It will give the opportunity to back up the first 25 Yahoo emails with attachments free of cost.