How to Import Mac Mail to Outlook 365 on Mac?

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Get tips on how to migrate Mac Mail to Outlook 365 on Mac easily. The article has explained the manual procedure to transfer Mac Mail to Office 365 account through IMAP configuration on Mac OS X.

However, users can import or export Mac Mail Inbox.mbox to O365 profile using secure migration utility as well i.e. Mac MBOX Converter. But, before going into the export process, let us first know why to transfer desktop emails into Cloud server.

Mac Mail, also Apple Mail is one of the popular email client which comes as a default in Mac OS. The software include numerous unique features as well as reliable services to its users. All the files stored in Apple Mail will be saved in .mbox format.

But, due to the development of new technologies and advancement, many organizations and individuals prefer to use cloud services, thus result in the migration of Mac Mail to Outlook 365.

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Mac Mail is a platform-dependent app and a desktop-based server. Whereas Office 365 is totally free from installation process. It only requires internet connection to operate.

Moreover, it can be accessed any time from any location which eases the work for users and saves their effort and time. It is a subscription-based app provided by Microsoft and help users to manage their confidential data on the cloud environment.

Reasons to Import Mac Mail to Office 365

Before we getting deep discussion of the conversion procedure, let us first know different needs that force users to transfer their data from Mac Mail to Office 365 –

Offers less features as compared to O365

One of the common reasons to transfer Mac Mail to Office 365 is less features as compared to Microsoft 365.

Whereas Office 365 offers facilities of instant connectivity as well as systematic data management in user mailbox. Other powerful features such as online mailbox access, meeting invites and scheduling calendar meetings helps in carrying out the professional tasks appropriately.

Limited to Desktop

Mac Mail is a desktop-supported application so it stores the data at local-storage location so it becomes tough to access data from any location at anytime.

On the other hand, Microsoft 365 easily manages emails, calendar and contacts from any browser and any location with any device. Thus, it offers independence to users and discard the need to be dependent on desktop-based services.

Work Necessities

In some scenarios, the employees of particular organization need to switch from one machine to another or from one OS to another according to project requirement. So, in such a case, one can move Mac Mail to Outlook 365 and save their crucial time.

Not able to manage bulk database

Due to the increase in the email size and other data items, it become difficult to manage and work with large files with Mac emails. Whereas Microsoft 365 enables to keep unlimited database in the mailbox.

Different Ways to Migrate Mac Mail to Outlook 365

Now, you are totally aware of the reasons to migrate desktop-based email application to cloud server, so now let us know the sources available to export Mac Mail mailboxes into Microsoft 365 account. One can use manual method IMAP configuration on Mac OS X or directly utilize MBOX Converter for Mac application.

Method 1. Manually Transfer Mac Mail to Office 365

Go to Mac Mail and use IMAP feature for configuring Mac Mail with Gmail account –

  1. In Mac Mail, create new folder in Gmail account.
  2. Choose required emails and move them to new created folder.
  3. Sign Up Office 365 account and configure Gmail account in the same using IMAP.
  4. After configuration completes, check new created folder in Gmail account in Mac Mail.
  5. Open the folder and select the files and transfer them to O365 folder.
  6. Once migration completes, delete Gmail account from both Mac Mail and Outlook 365.

Limitations of Accessing IMAP Configuration Steps

There are some limitations associated in configuring IMAP             in Mac Mail and Outlook 365 –

  • One should have proper technical knowledge of the complete migration process.
  • It is necessary to have functional Outlook 365 and Gmail account added and configured in your machine.
  • Users will not be able to extract everything saved in Mac MBOX file and able to transfer limited files.

Method 2. Import Mac Mail to Microsoft 365 using Automated Solution

Choosing a manual way to transfer Mac Mail folders to Office 365 could be a risky process, especially if a user does not possesses technical knowledge. Therefore, it would be better to choose MacMister Mac MBOX Converter. A Mac based solution which is easy to use, fast and successfully performs the migration in few seconds.

Even lot of organizations and users prefer MBOX Converter for Mac to export bulk Mac Mail folders to O365 on Mac OS. The software helps to carry out smooth migration and keeps the original data intact throughout the process.

The application supports all versions of Mac OS including Mac Monterey. Moreover, features like filters, batch and selective MBOX file export, direct migration etc. makes the tool impressive and reliable. Now, understand the steps through free MBOX Converter for Mac application.

Steps to Migrate Mac Mail Folders to Office 365

Step 1. Open MBOX Converter for Mac on Mac machine.


Step 2. Use Add Files and Add Folders to load desired Mac Mail files and folders the need to be transferred in Outlook 365. Click Next.


Step 3. All the chosen files will be listed with checkboxes that can be used for selective conversion. Click Next.


Step 4. Choose Office 365 option from Select Saving drop-down list.


Step 5. Apply Office 365 login details accordingly and hit Export.


Step 6. Tool will start the process and shows the live migration process.


Now, you can login to Outlook 365 account and cross-check the transferred MBOX database. All will be shown with accurate data integrity.


The entire post highlighted multiple ways to transfer Mac Mail mailboxes to Outlook 365 account. Users can use both the methods and implement the required process. Also, make sure to use manual steps under expertise guidance and take the backup of your files before initiating the procedure. In case you do not have lot of time and need precise migration, use automated Mac MBOX Converter by MacMister. Try its free version that helps to transfer first 25 files free of cost.