How to Import Mac Mailboxes MBOX to Office 365 Directly?

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Many users are searching a solution to import MBOX to Office 365 account. But, there is no need to go anywhere, the article will provide the exact solution to import MBOX to Microsoft 365 on Mac.

Let us understand it in a more appropriate way through a common query that most of the users are dealing with nowadays.

Hi, I have so many MBOX files stored on my Mac system that I needed to transfer in Office 365. I don’t know what solution should I choose as I want to upload all of them accurately in minimal time. So, if anyone knows any effective solution to import MBOX to Office 365 on Mac, please suggest ASAP.

Therefore, to lower the worries of users related to the migration of MBOX to Microsoft 365 on Mac, the post will give the precise app i.e. MBOX Converter for Mac that will help to carry out the migration without any trouble.

Detailed Overview – MBOX and Office 365

MBOX is one of the most common file type used by many individuals and organizations. It is supported by many email accounts such as Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Gmail, Spicebird, The Bat and more.

Office 365, on the other side, which is also known as Microsoft 365 is a popular cloud-based subscription application. It help users to manage unlimited database and help to secure the same through multiple security options.

However, there are lot other methods available but they will take lot of time and efforts of users who wants quick and accurate result. So, to ease the entire procedure, we try to design a software that instantly and precisely performs the complete process without efforts.

Reasons to Import MBOX to Office 365 on Mac

Some common reasons why users are transferring their MBOX mailboxes in Office 365 environment are as follows –

  • Only internet connectivity is needed to use Office 365 from any location.
  • Different collaborative tools available that help users to collaborate and edit the single document as per need simultaneously.
  • Offers multiple security options to safeguard the stored data of users.
  • Allow users to manage and access Office 365 data on a mobile devices.
  • Includes Threat Intelligence feature that help businesses to understand and respond to a threat appropriately.

Apart from this, Office 365 has a lot more to offer to its users. Each plan has a different list of options and features that businesses as well as individual users can use as per requirement.

Methods to Import MBOX to Office 365 on Mac

There are two different procedures to import MBOX to Office 365 OWA i.e. Manual and Third Party Professional Solution. Let us first start with a manual steps and check how it migrates MBOX data in Microsoft 365 on Mac.

Manual Steps to Access MBOX files in Office 365 on Mac

Step 1. Click Apple icon appearing on top left and choose System Preferences.

Step 2. From the list shown, choose Internet Accounts.

Step 3. Select Exchange

Step 4. Provide Office 365 account details and press Sign in button.

Step 5. Choose desired macOS app to configure.

Step 6. Hit details button appearing on the same screen and provide description. It could be anything, you can enter it as per need. Click OK, close the window of System Preferences panel.

In case you do not want to configure or make the process so complicated, one can try direct solution. A user can load MBOX files on the software and directly transfer it into Office 365 account.

Directly Import MBOX to Office 365 on Mac using Automated Solution

If you want a quick and effective output, choose MacMister MBOX Migrator for Mac application. The software directly export MBOX mailboxes into Office 365 account with precise mails and attachments. The data integrity of migrated files will remain accurate and unaltered. Moreover, the folder structure also remains exactly the same as before after the export process. Also, the utility is capable to transfer MBOX files of all MBOX supported applications. Download the freeware version and experience the complete process.

Steps to Import MBOX to Office 365 on Mac Account

Download MBOX to Office 365 Converter on any Mac edition including Mac Monterey and implement the steps mentioned below –

Step 1. Add MBOX files or folders by utilizing Add files and Add folders option and click Next to proceed.

Step 2. From another screen, choose required files by clicking the checkbox and again press Next button.

Step 3. Select IMAP and provide Office 365 information in which you want to import MBOX files.

Step 4. Click Export to start migration process.

Step 5. Now, live migration report will be shown on the screen and it will be successfully terminate with a message.

Test Free Demo

The software offers free demo version that allow users to import 25 Mac mails in Office 365 account free of cost. With the help of this, users will get the idea of complete working of the tool as well as associated features. After getting the accurate result, one will buy the license key that help in the unlimited migration process. However, if you are stuck with a certain query or unable to find appropriate solution, contact technical support immediately, they are available 24*7 to help you with the application.

Common Software Related FAQs

Can I download and use the solution on Mac Big Sur edition

Yes, you can download and perform the migration on any Mac edition including Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina etc.

I have approx. 20k+ MBOX files that I need to migrate in Office 365 at once without wasting my time, can I do it using the software.

Yes, the app is capable to transfer unlimited MBOX files in Office 365 at once without any data loss.

I am unable to find the stored MBOX files on Mac which I wanted to export in Office 365. How can I find them

No worries, simply visit – Where MBOX Files are Stored on Mac and you will be able to find the desired MBOX files on your Mac machine.


The complete article has provided multiple ways to access MBOX files in Office 365 on Mac system. A user can use the desired method and implement the process accordingly. Both can be perform according to the time and efforts users possesses. However, still if you are confused, then it is better to opt automated method which is cost-effective and time saving application. Moreover, able to import MBOX to Microsoft 365 with accurate data integrity and folder structure.