Transfer Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook on Mac OS

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In this article, you will understand how to Transfer Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook on Mac OS completely. If you are looking for the right solution to complete the task of e-mail transferring on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and more macOS machines, then you are just in the right place.

The relocation of *.eml emails files from Live Mail (Windows) to Outlook mail PST on Mac OS can perform with a simple and secure method. This process can be done quite easily by maintaining its accuracy and file properties from WLM to Outlook PST mailboxes without any risk of data loss and tempering. You will get the accurate conversion result of EML files to PST Outlook without any need for further additional apps through the approach. We will explain the further steps in the coming segment.

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Windows Live Mail Migrate to MS Outlook – Whys and Wherefores

Microsoft Outlook, which comes with the MS Office package is a powerful and mostly used working email client. It includes notes, tasks, calendars, Address books, journals, etc. The Outlook email client app stores its mailboxes as PST file type completely, it is also known as a personal information management application to store user’s data files and send & receive e-mail messages whereas the Windows Live e-mail client stores all its data as *.eml file type, both the file types are different. Sometimes users may necessitate to migrate or Transfer Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook on Mac OS, in that case, users will face massive difficulties.

The big reason for transferring emails from Windows Live *.eml to PST emails in Outlook, the Microsoft Outlook app is a widely used email client for Users or Organizations for its effortless email file management as compared to the Live Mail application. One more reason is a change of user’s job or location.

Import Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook on MacBook Pro (macOS)

Go with MacMister Windows Live Mail Converter for Mac tool. It helps to import emails from Live Mail (Windows) to PST Outlook on Mac OS or Mac OS X. This absolute third-party tool easily converts files/folders from WLM to Outlook for Mac. Follow the below process to transfer your e-mail files –

It can be carried out by using two simple and easy methods as mentioned below –

  • Export Windows Live EML files to PST Mail
  • Import PST folders to Outlook

To complete the above steps, first, get the EML files from the Windows Live email client by using the following steps –

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Extract EML files from Windows Live E-mail App

In the below segment, you will know how to extract *.eml files from Live Mail and then import emails to Outlook mailboxes.

  • First, start the Live Mail email app and follow the easy steps –
  • Go to File Menu, then Export email, and there you can find Email Messages click the button.
  • You will get the Windows Live Mail Export option.
  • Now choose the format Windows Live Mail, and press on the “Next” button.
  • Choose the destination location for saving EML Files, after that press the “Next” button to complete the process.

Import Converted PST Files to Outlook Mail

  • Open the MS Office Outlook email client and select the option open & export.
  • After that select the Import/ Export option. Select another program or file option, and then select the data file of Outlook (PST file).
  • Check & Read your e-mails now.

Steps to Import Windows Live EML Files to PST Outlook on MacOS :

Step 1 – Download and Install MacMister EML to PST Converter for the Mac program

Step 2 – Select Add files or Add folders options to upload required *.eml files which need to be imported in Outlook for the Mac location. Press “Next”.

Step 3 – After loading EML files or folders having files, each and every file will be shown with respective checkboxes. This process will help users import or convert selective *.eml files in one go, if required, or press the “Next” button for further steps.

Step 4 – Now Select the “PST” file option from the 15+ files Saving Options.

Step 5 – Multiple smart options are available; Choose File Naming options, etc. so set them accordingly and choose the saving file location by using the “Browse” option, and click the “Export” button to start the EML to PST file migration process.

Step 6 – Now the software will start the EML emails to PST conversion process, it will display through the Live Conversion screen, shown below;

At the end of the email migration process, it will show you a “Conversion Completed” Pop-up message. Click on “OK” and close the window. Now go to the destination path to check your resultant PST files. The emails export without any data loss or error.

Useful Features of the Automated Program –

Here below we will discuss some basic and strong aspects of the EML Converter for Mac tool:

  1. Easy approach with simple steps to move Windows Live Mail .eml files to Outlook PST
  2. Allow users to export email messages with attachments and other included files.
  3. Dual options are available to select or add Live Mail Email files.
  4. The batch approach is offered to import multiple WLM files or folders at a time.
  5. Ease of selecting the desired file saving location for the output result
  6. Options to create separate PST files for every single EML email.
  7. Preserved original file properties without tempering all through the process.
  8. Offers 15+ saving file formats & Web-based email clients
  9. Supports all Mac OS or Mac OS X versions (MacBook Pro / MacBook Air, etc. machines)
  10. Easy to use Graphical User Interface integrated for Users or Organizations

Finishing Words –

From the above write-up, it is quite clear that transferring Windows Live .eml files to .pst emails to Outlook in MacBook Pro (macOS Machines) is very easy and hassle-free. The software allows users or professionals to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on Mac by including complete email attributes like; attachments, embedded images (GIF, jpg, png, webp, and more), user digital signature, hyperlinks, etc. with 100% accuracy and data safety.