How to Connect cPanel Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you facing difficulty in accessing cPanel email into Gmail platform and thus wondering how to connect cPanel email to Gmail with ease? Looking for a solution that can help you safely implement the task successfully? Do not worry, read the article carefully and you will encounter a solution that will help you to directly connect cPanel email to Gmail in seconds.

cPanel is an online Linux-based GUI that helps manage website servers. It supports different services such as website publishing, organizing web files, backup files, setting up and creating email accounts, and more. On the other hand, Gmail is a webmail service provider that helps in sending/receiving emails. It is known for offering advanced productivity tools that businesses opt for in their daily life to reach specific goals.

However, configuring cPanel to Gmail is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, we are delivering the complete guide that will help you to connect cPanel email to Gmail successfully.

But first, let’s understand the causes of why some users are required to connect cPanel email to Gmail.

Why it is necessary to connect cPanel email to Gmail?

There are several reasons why some users want to connect cPanel email to Gmail but here we have highlighted the common ones.

  • Gmail contains strong security measures that safeguard the emails of users stored on the cloud.
  • Users can access Gmail emails through any web browser or mobile application.
  • Google Meet allows individuals and businesses to connect with others residing in different parts of the world in real time.
  • Google Drive works as a cloud-storage app that facilitates users to upload their crucial files and folders as well as photos and other data on the cloud from their system.
  • Through Google Chat, users will be able to chat with each other and even send files, images, and other documents directly.
  • Supports 15 GB of free storage space and also provides a Google One service that is useful in extending the storage limit.
  • Includes POP and IMAP protocol with the help of users can synchronize Gmail services with desktop-supported email clients.

In short, Gmail is a renowned email service provider that is popular for speedy delivery, cost-effectiveness, ease of communication, mailbox portability, geographical independence, data security, and online access.

How to Connect cPanel Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

There are multiple ways to connect cPanel email to Gmail:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Direct Method

Let’s discuss both the methods so that you can decide a suitable solution and perform the process accordingly.

Method 1. Manually Connect cPanel Email to Gmail

There are two steps to implement in order to connect emails from cPanel account to Gmail manually:

  1. Set up Email Account in cPanel.
  2. Create a Connection with cPanel and Gmail.

Step 1. Set up cPanel Email Account

Step 1. Login to cPanel and search for Email Accounts using the search box.

Step 2. Click on the email account icon to visit Email Accounts page.

Step 3. Create new account by clicking Create Account tab.

Step 4. Fill the email address and password and hit Create button.

Step 5. In case you need to check your email account, click Check mail.

Step 6. Click Connect Devices appearing on the same page. This will redirect you to Mail Client Manual Settings page.

Step 2. Create a Connection with cPanel & Gmail

Implement the steps correctly and add cPanel email to Gmail account.

Step 1. Login to Gmail account and navigate towards the Gear icon that represent Settings on the top-right of the screen.

Step 2. Click See all Settings and select Accounts and Import.

Step 3. Select Add a mail account, specify email address and click Next.

Step 4. Two options will appear “Link accounts with Gmailify” and “Import emails from my other account (POP3)”.

Step 5. Proceed with the second option and hit Next.

Step 6. Enter the details accordingly i.e. “Incoming Server Details”, select the checkbox of first three options and press Add Account button.

Step 7. A new pop-up will appear, select the first option i.e. “Yes I want to be able to send email” and click Next.

Step 8. In a new window, specify Name and press Next Step button.

Step 9. Provide Outgoing Server Details appearing on the next page and select Secured Connection using SSL and press Add Account.

Step 10. Lastly, you will get a confirmation code on the specified username. You will see two options – code and link.

Step 11. Use the link to confirm or copy/paste the code in the next yellow window.

Step 12. This will verify the email address and once the account is verified, cPanel will be connected to the Gmail account.

By implementing the steps correctly, one will be able to connect cPanel email to a Gmail account. But the process is lengthy and in between you can also face many problems. And, it is necessary to perform the process under experts’ assistance. Also, the missed out of a single step can disrupt the process and you have to start the whole procedure again. Therefore, it is advised to take the help of a direct method.

Method 2. Directly Connect cPanel Email to Gmail

You can use MacMister IMAP Backup Tool for Mac & Windows to connect cPanel email to Gmail on Mac & Windows. The software is simple, friendly, and highly secure. It is equipped with easy operational steps that technical and novice users can operate effortlessly and easily connect cPanel email to Gmail in minimum time.

Moreover, the tool possesses numerous features that users can set according to their particular preferences to obtain the desired output. Even, the trial edition is present which will help you to explore the process of connecting cPanel email to Gmail for free.

Working Steps to Connect cPanel Email to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run cPanel to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac on your Mac system.

Step 2. Select the IMAP Server option from the left. Enter cPanel details with IMAP Host & Port Number in the required fields and press the Login button.

Step 3. cPanel account is now connected with the tool and its entire list of items will appear on the left pane of the tool.

Step 4. Verify the listed items and then head towards right side of the application. Click on the Select Saving Options and select Gmail as a saving type.

Step 5. Specify Gmail email address with app password. Simultaneously set Filters if you need to connect necessary cPanel emails to Gmail. Then, click Start Backup button.

Step 6. The process starts quickly and you will see Email Backup Report that displays the ongoing progress of cPanel emails.

After the procedure is completed, users will get a “Process Completed” notification on their screen that confirms that the tool successfully completed the task. Now, close the notification window by tapping an OK button. Then, go to your Gmail account to check the resultant files. However, you will see that cPanel emails are correctly appearing in your Gmail account. Even, the structure of folders is also precise.


In the blog, we mainly focused on providing solutions for “how to connect cPanel email to Gmail”. We have offered both manual and direct approaches. The manual approach has two options that you have to implement to connect emails of the cPanel account to Gmail.  However, it is time-consuming and advised to operate its steps under expert’s assistance.

Whereas, the direct method i.e. MacMister cPanel Email Backup Software for Mac & Windows is safe to use. It protects the cPanel email account details and ensures accurate output delivery. It has a free demo which is useful in experiencing the required process for free. Moreover, one will be able to connect the first 25 cPanel emails to Gmail free of cost.