How to Migrate DreamHost Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you bored with DreamHost webmail service and now switching to Gmail account for official reasons? But scared of losing all the essential emails stored in DreamHost account? Wondering how to migrate DreamHost email to Gmail on Mac & Windows safely? Not to worry, just read the article and you will encounter a solution that allows to directly migrate DreamHost email to Gmail with 100% accuracy.

DreamHost Webmail is a free webmail service that provides secure and spam-free environment to users to manage day-to-day emails. DreamHost is basically known for offering web hosting organization situated in the city of Los Angeles, United States. It allows users to enroll domain name and get web hosting such as WooCommerce, VPS Hosting, WordPress, shared hosting, Cloud Storage, dedicated hosting, and more.

DreamHost Webmail provides custom email address for sending/receiving emails on behalf of business. The host stores and manages entire incoming and outgoing emails on a separate server. Moreover, its professional email services offer you power and flexibility to improve business productivity. However, you can create emails that match your domain name like

If DreamHost webmail is a wonderful service then why users want to migrate DreamHost email to Gmail?

Why Users wants to Migrate DreamHost Email to Gmail?

Gmail is one of the oldest and widely used webmail services. It is secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. It is designed by Google itself which makes it a reliable platform. The webmail allows organizing all the essential emails and even the ones that you think are not necessary. Also, you will get a lot of storage space to store important emails, photos, documents, and other items.

Gmail has plentiful benefits and some of them are highlighted below –

  • Gmail is free to use and is accessible on any platform anytime.
  • Offers services such as Google Chat & Google Meet to collaborate and connect with others in real-time.
  • Equipped with a Google Drive app which allows uploading the necessary data on the same.
  • Provides 15 GB of storage space for free. And also includes Google One service which is subscription-based that users can opt when they need to extend the storage capacity of their account. It actually offers good amount of storage in less price.
  • Supports multiple security options to safeguard users email account such as two-step verification, Google prompt, passkeys, and more.
  • Includes variety of themes that users can apply according to their requirements.
  • Able to be synchronized with different desktop-supported email clients through POP/IMAP protocols.

Overall, Gmail is suitable for every user and business as it not just provides email management but also makes sure to take your business to the next level.

How to Migrate DreamHost Email to Gmail on Mac & Windows?

The direct way to migrate DreamHost email to Gmail on Mac & Windows is MacMister Email Backup Software for Mac & Windows. The software is programmed with an intuitive and friendly environment so that all types of users can utilize it and perform the migration without losing data integrity. The tool also possesses three-step procedure that takes minimum time to finish the whole process.

Moreover, the application contains many beneficial features which can be utilized to get the desired results. However, you may download the trial edition of the app to understand the entire migration of DreamHost emails for free.

Working Steps to Migrate DreamHost Email to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download MacMister DreamHost to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac on a Mac system.

Step 2. Select DreamHost option from the left. Enter DreamHost credentials in required fields and click on Login button.

Step 3. The DreamHost account will connect with the app and after that its mailboxes start appearing on the software pane.

Step 4. Go towards right, click on Select Saving Options, and select Gmail option from the list.

Step 5. Provide Gmail credentials (email address and app password). Set filters if you want. Last, click Start Backup button.

Step 6. The process will start and the tool will show Email Backup Report that displays the current migration status of DreamHost emails.

In few seconds, the process will end and then tool will show “Process Completed” pop-up which confirms the successful completion of DreamHost email migration. Click on OK and go to Gmail account to check all the emails. However, you will see that they are completely accurate. Their layout and formatting properties are correctly appearing.

Why MacMister DreamHost to Gmail is a Preferable Solution?

MacMister DreamHost to Gmail is safely designed. It not only transfers DreamHost emails to Gmail but also ensures to keep them protected and secure during the process. It has been designed with a lot of advanced features that are useful in obtaining the necessary results. Some of them are:

  • Directly migrate DreamHost email to Gmail on Mac & Windows with attachments.
  • Provides Filters such as date range, from, to, subject, etc. that can be utilized to migrate specific DreamHost emails to Gmail.
  • Offers friendly and intuitive interface so that all professional and non-professional users can easily access.
  • Display Email Backup Report that will give the status of DreamHost email migration.
  • Besides Gmail, also supports 15+ other saving options such as PST, PDF, OLM, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLx, IMAP, Office 365, and more.
  • Keeps the formatting properties in correct order after successful migration.
  • Preserves the content originality and layout of email messages during the process.
  • Software has both Mac & Windows versions.
  • Download Mac software on all Mac OS versions including Mac OS Sonoma.
  • Utilize Windows software on all Windows OS versions including Windows 11.

Quick Note. Download FREE DEMO to Explore more Software Options and Features.


In the write-up, we have discussed an exceptional method to resolve “how to migrate DreamHost email to Gmail” on Mac & Windows. The solution mentioned above is cost-effective, safe, and reliable to use. It has a simplified approach so that any user can utilize it and successfully migrate DreamHost unlimited emails to Gmail at once. The results will be accurate and precise. One can download the trial edition of the application to check the migration of DreamHost emails for free. It also allows to migrate first 25 DreamHost emails with attachments free of cost.