Effectual Methodology to Migrate Zoho Email to Office 365 on Mac

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Are you in a need of application to migrate Zoho email to Office 365 on Mac but not able to get the reliable solution? No worries, the segment has provided perfect method which definitely help out in implementing the process of how to migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365 with attachments. Thus, at the end of the write-up, you will be able to perform the required task without any struggle.

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Zoho Mail is one of the most used and popular email application. The mail client has both a browser and desktop-based servers. It is accessible online or can also run on an application. It includes email, calendar, notes, journals, and all required mailbox service that are useful for a user.

On the other side, Office 365 is a complete suite and cloud version of MS Office for desktop. It delivers multiple services and apps such as Outlook.com, Spreadsheet, OneNote, PowerPoint, Skype, and much more. Office 365 is more flexible and secure than Zoho Mail and is also known for offering beneficial and advanced features to run small to medium and large size businesses.

How to Migrate Zoho Email to Office 365 on Mac directly?

As there is no manual method exists that can give direct solution to migrate Zoho emails to Office 365 account without configuration. Therefore, experts came up with easiest, reliable and complex-free Zoho Email Backup Software Mac to migrate Zoho emails to O365.

Get Zoho Mail to Office 365 Tool on your Mac OS X. The application equipped with fast operational steps and easy to access working interface so that all technical and non-technical users can use the tool to migrate Zoho email to Office 365. Besides Office 365, the application also includes n number of Cloud/IMAP/Webmail/Desktop based accounts and file types. This makes the backup utility different from other applications.

Now, follow the steps and check how to migrate Zoho email to Office 365 in an exact and error-free manner.

Steps to Migrate Zoho Email to Office 365 Account:

Step 1. Run Zoho Mail to Office 365 Tool on Mac.

Step 2.  Choose Zoho Mail option as a source from the list displaying on the left software pane. Enter the login details of Zoho Mail and click on Login button.

Step 4. Software will connect to Zoho Mail account and display its entire list of items with checkboxes on left pane.

Step 5. Go to Select Saving Options, click its drop-down arrow and choose Office 365 option.

Step 6. Enter the credentials of Office 365 account in which you want to migrate Zoho emails. Users can set filters as well for desired migration of Zoho Mail emails to Office 365.

Step 8. Click Start Backup button to start Zoho to Office 365 migration process.

Step 9. After process completes, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”.

With the help of the steps, a user can successfully and directly migrate Zoho mail to Office 365 account. The data will remain in an original form and keep the folder hierarchy accurate as before.

Why to Opt Zoho Mail to Office 365 for Mac Tool?

Below are some important features of the tool that makes email migration effective from other methods:

Direct Migration of Zoho Mail to Office 365

Zoho Mail to Office 365 Tool provides the unique approach which saves users time by offering the direct migration facility. To do this, users only need to select Zoho Mail from the source list, provide the Zoho Mail login details, choose Office 365 option from Select Saving Option menu, providing Office 365 credentials and start the process by clicking Start Backup button. Once this is done, tool will then directly move Zoho Mail emails to Microsoft 365 account.

Offers Advance Filters for Specified Migration

Zoho to Office 365 Tool is equipped with “I want to use an Advance Filters” property. The option can be selected by users if they want to access specific emails from Zoho Mail account to Office 365 environment. The property include multiple options such as date range, to, from, subject, exclude items and more. Users can apply them as per their requirements and save the resultant database accordingly.

Keeps the Zoho Mail Account Folders Data Intact

Zoho Mail to Office 365 Tool has the ability of maintaining the original mailbox structure of Zoho Mail account during the process. Moreover, the data stored in the mailboxes also remain unchanged when the tool migrate emails from Zoho to Office 365. Even, the data integrity such as hyperlinks, header, image, and subject etc. will also remain preserved throughout the migration process.

Allows to Transfer Zoho Emails with Attachments

Zoho to Office 365 Tool is a top-rated solution which not only performs the migration of emails but also takes care of associated attachments. So, if a user is utilizing the solution, then the application will instantly export unlimited Zoho emails with attachments without giving any data loss trouble. Moreover, any professional or any type of user can use the application for migrating Zoho emails successfully.

Creates the Log Report of the Migration Process

After Zoho Mail to Office 365 Tool migration completes, the tool will show “Process Completed” and after that it will display the auto-generated log report. It will display the entire details of the Zoho to Office 365 transfer process such as saving option, start and end time process, count of total files migrated and more. Users can save them at desired location if necessary for the future use.


The blog has discussed a technique for direct Zoho email to Office 365 migration with attachments. Download free demo of the tool now that allows the migration of 25 emails from Zoho account to Office 365 free of cost. With the help of the trial edition, users can check the complete working steps and experience the functioning properly. It is recommended utility by experts as the tool will save lot of user time and efforts.