How to Add Zoho Mail to Apple Mail on Mac?

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Nowadays, several users want to add Zoho Mail to Apple Mail on Mac. And, there are some obvious reasons for doing this. However, we will discuss each and everything about the process further. But, no worries as MacMister Solutions will resolve all the issues and will try enough to help you!

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Numerous people make use of the Zoho Mail email client for managing both professional and personal work. It works completely similar to other email applications. The attractive features and the data management services offered by Zoho Mail is quite impressive. But, it will be better if we stick to reality.

However, daily new organizations are setting up with more enhanced ideas and so is the technology as well. Undoubtedly, Zoho Mail’s working is just wonderful but sometimes we need to switch onto a different platform not because it is of no use but to experience a different GUI and services. Also, some users switch from Zoho Mail to Apple Mail due to the change of operating system.

Why to Add Zoho Mail to Apple Mail?

Apple Mail is a Mac-supported email application that is present by default on Mac system. Thus, users configure it and continue using the same for day-to-day business and personal purposes. Some benefits of using Apple Mail email client are –

  • Offers handy features to users like in-built Mark-up tools for illustrating and emphasizing aspects of attachments.
  • Advance Email Sorting facility helps users to manage and organize their daily essential emails.
  • Allows creating Smart Mailboxes (folders) with set rules that determine the email direction.
  • The Intelligent Search feature help users to search the required emails and also provide suggestions as well that will give idea to users in email searching.
  • Apple Mail will automatically store the large attachment in to the cloud while sending to the recipient.
  • Easy configuration with multiple services i.e. iCloud, Gmail, and Exchange.

How to Configure Zoho Mail into Apple Mail?

To connect Zoho Mail to Apple Mail, one can make use of remarkable and safe solution i.e. Zoho Backup Tool for Mac. The application has spectacular features and provides friendly surrounding for trouble-free functioning. Moreover, the few simple steps will save the crucial time of a user and help to export all emails from Zoho Mail to Apple Mail with attachments on macOS in seconds.

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The software is equipped with different options that will enhance the functioning and allow users to carry out the desirable result. And, the entire procedure can be tested by the user through free demo version.

However, the complete process is divided into two stages –

  • Exporting Zoho Mail emails to MBOX
  • Importing MBOX to Apple Mail

Stage 1. Export Zoho Mail Emails to MBOX on Mac

Step 1. Run Zoho Mail to Apple Mail on Mac.

Step 2. Choose Zoho Mail from list of webmail source that is displaying on the left of the software screen. Enter Zoho Mail login credentials and click on Login button.

Step 3. Zoho Mail will be connected to the software and all its items are now listing with checkboxes that are selected by default. The selection of checkboxes can be done accordingly in case if someone wants to add selective emails from Zoho Mail account to Apple Mail.

Step 4. Select the saving option as MBOX by clicking Select Saving Option menu list.

Step 5. Set the other options of the MBOX file type and click on Start Backup button.

Step 6. Check the live migration of Zoho Mail to Apple Mail as shown-

When the tool successfully finishes the procedure, it will show the confirmation message on the screen displaying “Conversion Completed” with the OK button. Click the OK button and discard the pop-up.

Stage 2. Importing Resultant MBOX Files to Apple Mail

  1. Open Apple Mail email client.
  2. Navigate to File and select the option “Import Mailboxes”.
  3. Choose Apple Mail or Files in MBOX Format option and click Continue.
  4. Select the resultant MBOX files stored at specified location and press Continue.
  5. From the left, navigate to On My Mac where one can see new mailbox created with name Import.

Extraordinary Aspects of Zoho Mail to Apple Mail Solution

Direct Zoho Mail Emails to Apple Mail

The Zoho Mail to Mac Mail application has a direct migration facility that will save the users time and help them in carrying out the process directly and accurately. Just enter Zoho Mail login details and select the saving option. Once everything is set, press Start backup button and the direct process will start straightaway.

Get the benefit of Multiple Advance Filters

The Zoho Mail to Apple Mail application is equipped with many advance filters that can be used to get the specified output. The date range, to, from, subject, exclude items and more will help users to execute the migration by specifying the particular dates, email address, subject, etc. However, instead of exporting all the emails, users can transfer the required ones.

Includes Intuitive GUI and Three Step Process

The Zoho Mail to Mac Mail software has a three-easy step process. It supports an intuitive GUI which can be handled effortlessly by professional and novice users. The three simple operational steps has the ability of taking care of batch migration and enable users to complete the process without wasting time and efforts.

Inbuilt Protection of Users Confidential Details

The Zoho Mail to Apple Mail users protects the login details of Zoho Mail entered by the users. The inbuilt protection functionality give users the satisfaction and guarantee of software reliability. So, Mac users can easily trust the solution and use the same to add Zoho Mail emails to Mac Mail instantly.

Able to Add Zoho Mail to Mac Mail on all Mac OS

The Zoho Mail to Apple Mail Tool for Mac is compatible with all Mac OS versions. The software is flexible and give users the freedom to operate it without a second thought on Mac Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.

Final Thoughts

The article has mentioned the exceptional solution to add Zoho Mail emails to Apple Mail directly on macOS. The Zoho Mail to MBOX Converter for Mac would be a wise choice if a user is looking for a method that not only performs the migration but also guarantees the reliability of the software. Still, if in doubt, one can download the trial edition and move first 25 Zoho Mail emails to Mac Mail with attachments free of cost and experience the entire working of the tool.