How to Open Gmail Archive MBOX File in Outlook on Mac?

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Dealing with how to open Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac? Looking for a trouble-free Mac solution to perform the necessary task? No worries, go through the segment in which you will come across a method that will help in opening Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac (all versions) successfully.

Gmail is considered as one of the powerful and flexible source for email management. It is introduced by Google itself on April 1, 2004. One can directly access Gmail account through a web-browser or any official mobile application. Even, people with desktop email clients can synchronize their account with Google Mail to receive emails and other files via POP and IMAP protocols.

And at the time of launch it has offered 1GB of storage space which was quite higher as compared to other webmail programs. But with time, its services are updated and now it delivers 15 GB of space that is divided among Google Drive, Google Photos, and other Google Services. However, there are different plans available in Google One as well that users can use to exceed the storage limit.

Sometimes, instead of purchasing the storage plan, users download the necessary emails from their account and store them as a backup locally. After this, they delete all the emails and make space for new incoming messages.

The task of downloading Gmail emails has become possible through Google Takeout service. It is a Google introduced facility with the help of users can download and save essential Google database on the system such as Mails, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

It uses different file extensions for different Google items. But, for Google Mail emails, it uses .mbox format. Each Gmail email message get saved in MBOX file format.

Why to Open Gmail Archive MBOX File in Outlook for Mac?

There are plenty of brilliant email providers in the market, but picking the good service can be challenging. Ultimately, people will prefer a platform that is the coolest or contains more features. It will be the one that goes most of the user’s requirements.

Both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are free. This means you can create an account on both, experience the service and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Some of the main points why Outlook for Mac should be prioritized over Google Mail
  • Gmail is a part of bigger ecosystem, whereas Outlook is an integrated package. In other words, Outlook has more features than Google Mail.
  • Pricing Plans are competitive but Microsoft Outlook is more affordable.
  • Outlook delivers free support service to users whereas Gmail needs Workspace account.
  • The contacts in Microsoft Outlook are directly integrated into the platform whereas Gmail needs to connect to Google.

Gmail and Outlook are wonderful applications for emails. But, the change in an organization requirements sometimes pressurise users to change the email platform. That is why many business individuals move from one email client to another and search for a solution to perform the migration between their emails files. Because, each email program supports a unique file format to save the email account messages. So, if a Gmail use MBOX format, then Outlook for Mac will allow to import files that are in PST or OLM format.

Let’s see how to import Gmail MBOX files into Outlook on Mac.

How to Open Gmail Archive MBOX File in Outlook on Mac?

The best way to open Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac is MacMister MBOX to PST Converter Mac solution. The application allows users to batch-convert MBOX files to PST at once and instantly open MBOX file in Mac Outlook with all the accurate email messages and attachments. The software GUI is easy to use and simple. Any technical and non-technical individual can manage the tool independently and access Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac without wasting any time and effort. Even, the short operational steps will quickly perform the process and deliver accurate result with 100% accuracy.

Moreover, the application also includes OLM in a Select Saving Options list which users can use to save Gmail archive MBOX files. Apart from this, there are plenty of options present that users can set as per the requirements to get the desired result. Download the free demo version and learn the steps of the tool to open Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac for free.

Working Steps to Open Gmail Archive MBOX File in Outlook on Mac

Step 1. Download and run MacMister MBOX to OLM Converter Mac on a macOS.

Step 2. Add MBOX files on the software pane by using dual options i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons and click on the Next.

Step 3. The MBOX files list will appear on the software with checkboxes. And, the checkbox will help users to save the specific MBOX file in Outlook on Mac, if required. Click Next to continue.

Step 4. Click Select Saving Options and select OLM or PST from the list.

Step 5. Set OLM and PST options according to the requirements and click on Export button to start the conversion process.

Step 6. The conversion will start and a Live Conversion Window will appear on the software showing the ongoing export status of MBOX files.

The complete procedure will end with a message in a few seconds and a “Conversion Completed” pop-up will appear with the OK button. Click on it and go to your Outlook account to open Gmail archive files.

Steps to Open Resultant Gmail Archive File in Outlook on Mac

Step 1. Open Outlook on a macOS.

Step 2. Click on Tools and select Import.

Step 3. Use the Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst) option if you imported the Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac. Use Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) option if Gmail archive MBOX file is imported to OLM. Click on Continue.

Step 4. Locate where the resultant files are saved. Select them and click Import.

After the import is completed, all the resultant files will appear on the left navigation pane under On My Computer. Choose the required item and view the result. However, the content will appear accurate and the details will also be shown without any modification.


The write-up has explained an ultimate technique to open Gmail archive MBOX file in Outlook on Mac. The MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac is an effective solution that performs the process instantly and delivers the result without destroying the data originality. Download the freeware version now and explore the steps as well as features of the tool for free. Also, use the same to open 25 Gmail archive MBOX files in Outlook on Mac free of cost.