How to Print OLM to EMLx Format?

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Are you finding an appropriate method to print OLM emails in EMLx format? If yes, then just be here as MacMister blog is here to help you out!!!

In the following article we have discussed an advance technique which will directly convert OLM to EMLx file format. Also, the method is totally for Mac users. They can use it on any Mac edition and perform the conversion process.

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Outlook for Mac is a Microsoft designed email program that is highly known for offering powerful features to users. Many organizations and individual users make use of it to send/receive emails globally and for organizing their database.

The Outlook for Mac uses OLM format to store their data items such as mails, contacts, calendar etc. But at times, due to some reasons they struggle to find precise technique which could print OLM file to EMLx. Some common reasons are discussed in the next section.

Why to Convert OLM Emails into EMLx?

There are many reasons behind saving OLM data in EMLx file type and some of them are discussed below:

  • Sudden failure of Outlook for Mac.
  • Outlook for Mac configuration is accidentally deleted.
  • Uninstallation of Outlook for Mac by mistake.
  • Migration to Apple Mail due to official requirement.
  • Account maintenance.

Apart from this, there are many other issues as that users face unexpectedly and then continuously struggle to get secure application to convert OLM to EMLx.

Simplified Solution to Batch Print OLM Files to EMLx

Mac OLM Converter is a quick, cost-effective and efficient solution which batch convert OLM files to EMLx at one time. The application has a friendly interface with simple and easy clicks that any user can access to print OLM files into EMLx. The error-free utility independently carry out the task as it does not need the support of Outlook for Mac. OLM files are enough to successfully import OLM data into EMLx.

The software has numerous remarkable features that makes the application desirable and very advance. To understand it completely, get free demo version of the tool which allows to evaluate and preview the working as well as related options.

Steps to Convert OLM Files to EMLx

Step 1. Download, launch and run OLM to EMLx Software on Mac.

Step 2. Load OLM files/folder by tapping Add Files or Add Folder button. Click Next.

Step 3. Tool shows OLM file list with checkboxes. These checkboxes will help in selective OLM file conversion if a user wants to otherwise press Next.

Step 4. Choose EMLx option by going to Select Saving Option.

Step 5. Set EMLx options according to need and click Export.


Step 6. Process will start and displays the Live Conversion on the screen. The whole procedure will complete in few seconds and shows a pop-up on a screen “Conversion Completed”. Click OK to end.


Now, import EMLx file to Apple Mail and check the converted file. The data will be precise as well as its associated formatting properties. If you find any changes in it, contact our technical support team.

Unbelievable Features of OLM to EMLx Tool

Use OLM to EMLx on all Mac Versions

The software is compatible with entire Mac OS versions. The application is downloadable on Mac Monterey, Catalina, Big, Sur, High Sierra etc.

Avail Dual Options to Add OLM Files

The Add Files and Add Folder options can be used to load OLM files as per need. The Add Files can be used to load desired OLM files and Add Folder can be used to load entire Folder with unlimited OLM files.

Includes Three Easy Step Procedure

OLM to EMLx application is designed with three easy steps i.e. Step 1. Load OLM Files using Add files and Add Folder. Step 2. Choose EMLX as a Saving Options and Step 3. Click Export to start the conversion of OLM files to EMLx.

Supports all Outlook for Mac Editions

The tool supports all Outlook for Mac editions OLM files. Users are free to convert OLM files of Outlook for Mac 2019, 2016, 2011 etc.

Creates Conversion Process Log Report

Once the process completes, the software will automatically create conversion log report in text format. It will show all the conversion related details such as saving option, start and end time, item count etc.

Note. Download trial edition of OLM to EMLx Tool now and understand the step-by-step process with features on your own. The demo edition allows to print first OLM files to EMLx free of cost. If you want to ask software related query, contact our support team.


The entire post discussed the strong and secure conversion utility i.e. OLM to EMLx Tool. The software is operable by all users as the design of the app is very user-friendly. Moreover, the wonderful thing about the software is freeware version. Users can test the working of the app before upgrading to license edition.