How to Screen Record on iPad?

Helpful tips & tricks on how to exactly capture the displaying window on your iPad in real-time

There are few people who make use of iPad for day-to-day tasks. Sometimes, they need to record some essential activities they are performing on iPad such as movies, meetings, or facetime calls. Whether you are thinking about recording your favourite videos so that you can play them later or want to share tutorial related to iPad, screen recording is the best way to capture everything you like.

Apple has designed iPad with in-built screen recorder which help users to easily record iPad screen and sound in few taps.

How to Screen Record on iPad?

Follow the working guide mentioned below to access iOS Screen Recording Tool.

Step 1. Open iPad and head towards Settings.

Step 2. The iOS Setting interface is visible now, navigate towards Control Centre.

click Control Centre

Step 3. Choose Customize Controls.

set option accordingly

Step 4. The features present in iPad Control Centre will appear in front of you with the list of items that can be added. If Screen Recording is already existed in INCLUDE section, then move ahead and skip the step. If not, then scroll down until you see Screen Recording option and the click green plus (+) appearing with it.

start recording

Step 5. Press your iPad Home button to navigate back to the Home Screen.

Step 6. Go to the bottom edge of the screen to swipe-up or move to upper right-hand corner to swipe down, depending on the iPad version to access Control Centre. You will encounter an icon that looks like a record button, filled-in circle that is surrounded by thinner circle. Tap it to start recording. If prompted, click Start Recording.

click Start Recording button

Note. While taking the recording of iPad screen, everything will be captured including incoming notification. To avoid items like iMessages from interrupting in the recording process, it is recommended to use Do not Disturb mode beforehand.

Step 7. A timer countdown (3, 2, and 1) will display instead of the button which conveys that screen recording has begun. You can tap anywhere on the screen to leave the Control Centre. You will also notice red record button or red time indicator at the top of the screen while recording is processing. After it is finished, click on this button.

confirm recording

Step 8. You will receive a notification asking if you like to finish the recording process. If you want to then click on Stop button. The recording is successfully completed. Now, you can go to camera roll in the Photos app to check your recording.

How to Record iPad Screen using Microphone?

Step 1. Open iPad, go to Settings and select Control Centre.

Step 2. Add Screen Recording option into iPad control panel.

Step 3. Go to the iPad screen you like to record.

Step 4. Navigate to top-right edge and swipe down.

Step 5. Press grey-circle button for long and turn on the Microphone option.

Step 6. Click Start Recording to start the recording and tap the red icon to stop your recording.

Using these steps, you can record iPad screen that include the microphone sound and the same will be saved in Photos.


The write-up has discussed the steps on how to screen record on iPad. The steps are not complicated. They are simple to operate and manage. Still if you face any difficulty while implementing them, contact MacMister Support.