How to Track Stolen iPhone using IMEI Number?

The increase of phone theft has become a major concern nowadays. Losing the phone can be stressful but what if it’s stolen? This makes the situation even more troublesome.

Luckily, there is a technique to track the stolen iPhone and that is using IMEI i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. Each phone has a unique IMEI number; it is a 15-digit code that is hard-coded in the device during manufacturing. It serves as a crucial tool in recovering the lost phone as it will assist the law enforcement agencies in locating the stolen device and apprehending the culprits behind the theft.

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Now, let’s just explore the process to track stolen iPhone using IMEI Number.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Number, a unique identifier added in every mobile device. It helps in distinguishing individual devices in a network and helps prevent theft and fraud in the telecommunications industry.

How IMEI Number is assigned?

The IMEI number is assigned by the device manufacturer when a phone is manufactured. It is then registered with GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communication) and the wireless carrier delivering service to the device.

Why IMEI Number is Necessary?

IMEI Number is necessary for many important reasons and some are highlighted here:

  • IMEI Number works as a digital fingerprint for the device. It allows cellular networks as well as service providers to identify and differentiate one device from the other on their networks.
  • Prevents unauthorized use and a mobile device theft.
  • IMEI Number can be added to global backlist when the phone is stolen. This will stop the phone from being used on unknown cellular network.
  • Helps in tracking and regulating the mobile usage within the jurisdictions.
  • Able to track warranty details and offer technical support for a particular device.
  • Helps in detecting and preventing different types of frauds such as device manipulation or cloning.

One can check the IMEI number before the purchase of the phone to avoid stolen or blacklisted device.

What are the Steps to Track Stolen Phone using IMEI Number?

Tracking a stolen phone number with IMEI number can be complicated, and it is necessary to note that the individuals cannot directly track their phone using IMEI. There are some steps which need to undertake:

  • File a Police Report: It is necessary to file a police report first when the phone is stolen. Provide the information as much as possible including the IMEI number. This is important for legal purposes and even helps authorities in the investigation.
  • Contact Service Provider: You can contact the mobile service provider and provide them the IMEI Number of the stolen phone. They can help in blacklisting the IMEI and prevent your device from accessing cellular networks.
  • Get help of Tracking Apps: Some smartphones can come with in-built tracking feature i.e. Find my iPhone for iPhone devices and Find my Device for Android devices. If these are configured on your phones, then you can easily find your stolen device.
  • Corporate with Law Enforcement: It is necessary to corporate fully with the law enforcement during investigation. They are experts in working with the telecommunication companies and have resources to track stolen devices. Also, take a quick action after finding out that your iPhone is stolen or lost. The faster you report and provide the IMEI number, the higher the chances of recovering the stolen device.

How to Track iPhone using IMEI Number?

Follow the steps to track the iPhone device:

  • Always Save IMEI Number: Dial “#06#” on your iPhone and IMEI number will quickly display on the screen. Alternatively, you can go to Settings >> General >> About.
  • File a Police Report: File a report of a stolen iPhone to the local authorities and provide the IMEI number.
  • Contact your Provider: Get in touch with your mobile service provider about the situation and give them your phone IMEI number.
  • Use IMEI Tracking Service: Several platforms provide IMEI tracking services. Register information of stolen iPhone on the platforms providing tracking services as it will help you locating the device with the help of IMEI number.
  • Track the Phone: By using the help of law enforcement and IMEI tracking service, monitor the location update of your iPhone. If found, coordinate with the authorities and recover the same safely.

How to know IMEI Number of Android or iPhone Device?

Checking IMEI number of a phone is a simple procedure. Here we have provided the information to check IMEI number on both Android and iPhone.

For Android Phones:

  1. Open your phone and dial *#06#. The IMEI number will appear instantly on your screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings and go to About Phone or About Device. It depends on model to model. See for IMEI information or IMEI and you will be able to find the IMEI details.
  3. Some Android devices have IMEI number printed on a back cover or back cover. Switch off the device, remove the battery and check IMEI number.

For iPhone Devices:

  1. Go to Settings section in your iPhone. Navigate to General and click About. Scroll down until you find IMEI number that is present along with other device details.
  2. iPhones does not have a direct dialer code to check IMEI, one need to use a different method to check IMEI number. Open Phone application, dial *#06#. A pop-up will appear showing IMEI number.
  3. Some iPhone models come with a SIM card tray on the side. Use the paperclip or a tool to eject SIM card tray. You will see IMEI number on a tray or its slot.

Note. It is necessary to remember the IMEI number of your phone as it will really help you to recover the device when stolen or lost. After facing such situations, immediately contact to authorities or a service provider as they will help you to track the stolen device with the help of IMEI number. Make sure to keep the IMEI number in a safe place, don’t save it on your phone for instant access when needed.


Losing a phone, especially because of a theft can be worrisome. But, IMEI number as well as collaboration with law enforcement and mobile service providers can help you recovering the stolen phone. And, you can minimize the risk of phone theft, take precautionary measures such as keep your phone locked with a strong password, being alert in public areas, and enable tracking feature.