How To Convert MSG File To Plain Text on Mac Without Losing Data?

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Summary: In this write-up, we are going to explain “how to convert MSG file to Plain Text on Mac?” Now conversion of MSG files to Plain Text on Mac is being trouble-free by using the MSG file converter for Mac tool, it completely designed to help people who are looking for a solution to convert MSG files to Txt format on MacBook, Mac OS machine. So let’s know this third-party tool in an actual way.

As we have searched and found that people are facing challenges while opening or reading MSG files in Plain Text on MacOS, it is quite natural just because we all know that *.msg file type not supported by the Mac operating system but it’s being quiet simple and unproblematic now to convert MSG file to Plain Text on Mac by using the user-friendly MSG to TXT Converter Mac program without losing internal data part.

Why Convert MSG File to Plain Text?

Let’s know first, why users necessitate converting MSG to TXT format on MacBook, and MacOS, read below.

  • Text file formats are easy to open on different platforms.
  • It is easy for people to view or edit in plain text format.
  • In terms of memory size, Text formats are small in size.
  • The plain Text file can be stored in the same folder as they are so simple to work with.
  • The file can be compressed into smaller sizes, which saves time while sending or receiving information by the use of e-mail.
  • Most preferred file type for data forensic, digital forensic, law enforcement, etc. users for its portability.

These are some common whys and wherefores to transfer Outlook MSG files to Plain Text format. Henceforth now the question arises “how to convert MSG files to Text format on Mac?” however there is no manual approach available to complete this conversion task, you are definitely in need of a professional yet automated toolkit. So without wasting your time, let’s process further to know about the real and safest solution to convert MSG files to Plain Text on Mac without losing data part.

Convert MSG File to TXT with MSG Converter Mac Tool –

MSG Converter for Mac program, developed by MacMister. It’s a completely reliable and easy-to-use solution that helps you to complete the task of file conversion of MSG to Text format in a hassle-free manner. This application helps you to keep complete *.msg file type data safe and secure such as; Meta properties, Embedded Images, Signatures, Attached files, and other internal data. It gives you the benefit of large-scale migration of Outlook MSG files to Txt format as the program supports converting MSG files/folders to a Text file in batch mode by maintaining 100% accuracy and complete data structure.

*Annotation – Free-Trial mode is available, download MSG Converter for Mac freeware version to test its actual working functionalities and it supports converting 20+ files at a time. So download and use this working demo on your MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro MacOS machines.

Beneficial Features of MSG File Converter for Mac Toolkit –

1 – Retains Actual File Properties
All through the MSG to Text conversion procedure, this program keeps complete data safe and secure in actual forms, such as; Embedded Images, Users Signatures, Attachments, Meta header items (To, Cc, Subject, Date, etc), and other existing details in a complete manner.

2 – Different File Saving Options
The software gives you the benefit of multiple file saving options rather than Txt file type, which means people are able to convert MSG files to Plain Text as well as PDF, PST, EML, DOC, HTML, etc., and Web-based email clients too like; IMAP Server, Gmail / G-Suite, Yahoo, Office 365 and more, that makes this solution a one-stop MSG Converter for Mac tool.

3 – Designed with a Manageable Interface
We developed this automated tool with a user-friendly yet manageable graphical interface, so that any Professionals or Non-Technical (Users or Organizations) people can simply use MSG to Text Converter Mac toolkit to convert or transfer Outlook MSG Messages to Text format on MacBook in a trouble-free manner.

4 – Benefit of Sub-Options
This program is developed with multiple different useful Sub-Options, which ease the task of conversion of MSG files to Txt format, such as; File Naming Options (From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), Form + Date, Auto Increment, etc.), Attachment Saving options, etc.

5 – Dual Conversion Method
The software comes with dual file conversion methods such as; Add Files or Add Folders. By using this method you can easily upload and convert large-scale MSG files to Text format at once without losing the data part. Conversion of MSG to TXT in batch method saves users valuable time and effort.

6 – Supports All Mac OS Versions
MSG Converter for Mac toolkit perfectly works with every available Mac OS / Mac OS X version such as; 10.5 Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, and others. You can simply install and use this automated tool in a trouble-free manner to convert MSG files to Plain Text without losing data.

Follow Easy Working Phase to Convert MSG files to Text on Mac –

Phase 1. Run the MacMister MSG Converter Mac toolkit on your MacBook, and iMac macOS machines.

Phase 2. Dual options are available like; “Add Files” and “Add Folder” to add Outlook MSG files, click the “Next” button.

Phase 3. Now the software will start listing files on the screen with a checkbox so that you can select files as per your need. Click the “Next” button.

Phase 4. Select the “TXT” file type from the available file output preferences, select the “Save Attachments” option as per your need, and select the file saving location by using the “Browse” option on your MacBook or iMac MacOS machines.

Phase 5. File Naming Options are also available to ease your file conversion task, select them accordingly for example; To, Cc, Subject, etc., and click the “Export” option to start conversion.

Phase 6. You can check the conversion process through the available software live screen window, its shows below.

After the complete MSG to TXT file conversion process, this application will show you the “Conversion Completed” message. Now click “OK” and go to the saving location to open or use converted Plain Text files. The software assures you of the MSG file conversion process without any data loss and it also maintains 100% precision.

Final Conclusion –

Thus, in the above article, we have described how easy the task of data conversion from MSG to Plain Text on Mac is by using the all-new MSG Converter Mac toolkit by MacMister. This program flawlessly helps required users to open, read or convert MSG files to Plain Text on Mac OS without losing data. In actual form to convert MSG files to Plain Text on MacBook Air, iMac, and MacBook Pro macOS machines are being possible with the assistance of MSG Converter for Mac toolkit, it supports large-scale conversion processes also without losing data part. A free Working Demo of the MSG to TXT Converter Mac tool is available, download and grab the benefit of it. The free version supports converting 20+ files at a time and helps you to understand the software actual function.