How to Migrate from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace on Mac?

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If you are reading this guide, then it is sure that you are a Zoho Mail user and looking to migrate from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace. However, it is indeed an excellent choice because Google Workspace has lot of benefits to offer. So, let’s just go ahead!

Zoho Mail and Google Workspace are popular brands, quite known for offering email services. They provide the bundle containing emails, document management, calendaring, chat and more. Both Zoho Mail and Google Workspace are cloud-supported. In other words, they are complete roster of apps that any company and users can access anytime. Both are very much suitable for all types of organizations, but specially for those with remote workforce.

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However, there are no doubts that both applications deliver amazing services. Still, numerous users are looking to migrate emails from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace due to many reasons.

Why to Migrate from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace?

  • Complicated integration and subscription service.
  • Documentation and help videos are quite confusing and very technical as well.
  • Call scheduling is cumbersome.
  • Support is quite slow.
  • Lacking in mobile app.
  • Smart tools are not available for form filling.
  • Sales tools are required for automation.
  • Lacking in accounting features and calendar views.
  • No chat bot.

Apart from this, there are lot more other things lacking in Zoho Mail. And, this creates an urge in users to access more advance cloud-based service like Google Workspace.

There are basically three ways to migrate Zoho Mail data – DIY and using Secure Solution. We have discussed both the solutions in detail in the further section. Just keep reading to find out.

DIY Method to Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace

Implement the steps to manually migrate from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace account.

  1. Go to Zoho Mail and login into the same with required credentials.
  2. Navigate to Settings and choose Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Choose Enable option appearing in IMAP Access. The details will be displayed. However, make sure that you are reading it.
  4. Open your Gmail account, choose Settings and click Accounts and Import tab. The option will appear that will allow to add another email ID. Click on it and provide Zoho Mail email address. Also, make sure that you deselect “Treat as Alias” option.
  5. Next SMTP Server window will be shown and one needs to enter the Zoho Mail SMTP details i.e. Enter Zoho Mail port value as 465. Providing credentials of the same and click Add Account option.
  6. An email will be sent to Zoho account. Go back to your Zoho Mail account and confirm by clicking the received link.
  7. Now, enter the confirmation code in Zoho account for migration verification.
  8. When all the above steps are successfully implemented, the emails sent to Zoho Mail will also be sent to specified Gmail account.

Secure Method to Access Zoho Emails in Google Workspace

Zoho Backup Tool for Mac is a reliable and time-saving approach to view Zoho emails in Google Workspace environment. The software securely transfers Zoho emails with attachments into Google Workspace in a bulk at once. And this will not hamper the originality of data integrity and folder structure of Zoho account data. Moreover, the three operational steps will help users to perform the complete process in less time. However, the feature will be beneficial for those who want to import limitless Zoho account data in fraction of seconds.

The software has a user-friendly and intuitive working interface that professional and non-professional will find easy to access. Even, the advance options possessed by the application allow users to get Zoho emails in Google Workspace as per requirements. Users can use the free download edition of the software and know the procedural steps as well as benefits of the tool free of cost.

Steps to Read Zoho Emails in Google Workspace

Step 1. Run Zoho to Google Workspace Tool on macOS.

Step 2. Select Zoho Mail option from the webmail source menu displaying on left. Enter Zoho Mail login details and click Login button.

Step 3. Zoho account mailbox list will be scanned and start listing with checkboxes. The checkbox will make the work easier for those users who want to add selective Zoho emails in Google Workspace account.

Step 4. Choose Google Workspace/G Suite from Select Saving Option.

Step 5. Enter Google Workspace login details and click on Start Backup button.

Step 6. Process will run and display Email Backup Report screen that will show the live migration status.

In few seconds, the entire procedure will complete and it will be confirmed to users through a message that will show “Process Completed”. Click on OK and the users will get log report that will generate automatically by the software.

Features of Zoho Mail to Google Workspace Tool

Direct Access of Zoho Emails in Google Workspace

Zoho to Google Workspace provides the facility to transfer Zoho emails to Google Workspace directly. The tool only asks to enter the credentials of Zoho Mail and Google Workspace and press Start Backup button. After this, the application will forward all Zoho emails in specified Google Workspace account within seconds with 100% accuracy.

Multiple Filters help in Specific Zoho Mail Migration

The Zoho Mail to Google Workspace includes advance filters that allow users to save only the particular Zoho emails in Google Workspace account. With the help of the Filters option, users will be able to exclude the unnecessary items, transfer Zoho Mail as per date, subject, send email address and more.

Maintains the accuracy of Zoho Emails during Process

The Zoho to Google Workspace not only performs the migration successfully but also look out for the data originality as well. So, users can use the solution without any worries and migrate all Zoho emails to Google Workspace account within seconds. And, in-between this, the tool will make sure that the data integrity of Zoho emails remain maintained and accurate.

Email Backup Report and Log Report for Verification

The Zoho Mail to Google Workspace shows Email Backup Report window when a user click on Start Backup button. It will display the status of live migration that users can use to track the process. Whereas, the log report will be created automatically when the process will get completed. It will show count of items transferred, saving option, start and end time process, etc.

Simple and Smart GUI works on Entire Mac OS Versions

The Zoho to Google Workspace has a simple, smart and an intuitive GUI. The tool has friendly steps as well that technical and novice users can use instantly. By operating few easy clicks, any user will be able to migrate emails from Zoho account to Google Workspace. Moreover, the process can performed on all Mac OS versions including Mac Ventura.


The above article has focused on two main methods that will help users to migrate from Zoho to Google Workspace environment. The first method is do-it-yourself but need to be implemented under expert’s guidance. Whereas, the second one Zoho to Google Workspace Backup for Mac is reliable and very much secure for those who wants to pursue the migration process securely without data loss. Also, it will come with a free demo edition with the help of which users can experience the steps and advance options of the process. However, it allows migrating 25 Zoho Mail emails to Google Workspace with attachments for free.