How to Import Email from Eudora to Thunderbird on Mac?

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Are you a Mac user with Eudora mailboxes and wants to import email from Eudora to Thunderbird account directly on Mac? If yes, then not to worry because MacMister Solution is here to help you out!

There are numerous desktop-supported email applications that are used on both Windows and Mac OS. And, one such email application is Eudora which is quite known for delivering several powerful features to users. It allows communicating from one place to another via sending/receiving emails. Moreover, these email programs also help in maintaining the regular database of users.

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On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email client. It is totally free and offers numerous features that attract users towards it. It also built-up with friendly interface and several powerful features as compared to Eudora email client.

At times, either due to official needs or to gain personal experience of different email clients can lead to the migration of Eudora to Thunderbird. Therefore, in the blog, we have mentioned a guide which will help in the conversion of Eudora emails into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Let us now understand the methods to import email from Eudora to Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac.

Different Solutions to Import Eudora Mails to Thunderbird

There are two different methods discussed to import email from Eudora email client to Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Manual Method by installing ImportExport add-on.
  2. Automated Mac MBOX Converter Application by MacMister.

Now, users will get confused which method will be suitable for their process. But, no worries because both solutions are discussed here. Go through both of them and opt the one which suits your needs.

Method 1. Manually Importing Eudora Mailboxes to Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird Account, go to Menu and select Add-ons and then Add-on.
  2. Add-ons Manager tab will be opened. Search for ImportExport Tool. Select ImportExportTools NG and add it to Thunderbird by clicking on the same.
  3. Press Add button and re-start the app and save the changes. Then, go to the local folder and right-click on the same and select ImportExportToolsNG and click Import MBOX Files.
  4. Now, choose Import directly one or more MBOX files and hit OK button.
  5. Further, select Eudora files stored in .mbox format and hit Open to add those files in Thunderbird email client.

Before implementing the manual method, make sure that you have the installation of Thunderbird and Eudora on Mac.

Method 2. Direct and Trouble-free Solution to Import Eudora to Thunderbird

The MBOX Converter for Mac is a direct, stress-free and powerful solution which batch import Eudora mailboxes to Thunderbird at one time. The application carries friendly and easy operable GUI with remarkable features which will give 100% accurate and desired output. The software is also designed with a freeware version. It will help all users and organizations to test and understand the working procedure of the app free of cost.


Procedural Steps to Import Eudora Mailboxes to Thunderbird

Step 1. Download Eudora to Thunderbird application on macOS.


Step 2. Add Eudora email files and folder by using Add Files/Add Folder button. Click Next.


Step 3. The Eudora emails will be listed with checkboxes. The checkbox can be used for selective conversion. Press Next.


Step 4. Select Thunderbird option from the tool Select Saving Option list.


Step 5. Apply Thunderbird sub-options according to need and press Export.

Step 6. Eudora to Thunderbird process will start and the app will show the Live Conversion report on the screen.


The software will complete the whole process with a message “Conversion Completed”. Click OK. Now, navigate to the saving location of a resultant file and check the output data. The originality will remain the same as before during and after the conversion process.

Features of Eudora to Thunderbird Software

  • Avail Dual Options to load desired Eudora email files for conversion.
  • Eudora and Thunderbird email client is not necessary.
  • Suitable for all users and different types of organizations.
  • Performs batch migration of Eudora emails to Thunderbird at once.
  • Supports friendly GUI and simplified functioning.
  • Provides 100% accurate resultant file without any data loss.
  • Able to transfer unlimited Eudora emails into Thunderbird.
  • Easily migrate files from Eudora to Thunderbird on all Mac OS.


The complete article has discussed the procedure to import email from Eudora to Thunderbird email client. The MacMister provided multiple ways for the same. Users can choose the desired method and perform the process. However, it is recommended to take backup of original data before starting the process using any method. If you want any technical support, you can contact us anytime.