How to Import Outlook PST to cPanel on Mac & Windows?

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Do you want to access important PST files in cPanel account? Finding a technique to import PST to cPanel with emails and attachments? Want an immediate solution to implement the required task? If yes, then this blog is all that you need. Go through the article below containing a solution with the help of which you will be able to quickly import Outlook PST to cPanel without any difficulty. Let’s discuss the process by taking help of a forum on which users have asked about how to import PST to cPanel.

Unfortunately, there is no manual method exists which can help users to import PST to cPanel account. Because PST is a desktop-supported file extension and cPanel is cloud-based webmail. They both are different from each other. The process is very challenging and so it is recommended to opt for a technique that is verified and assures accurate output without taking the user’s time and effort.

How to Import PST to cPanel from Outlook?

Use MacMister PST Converter for Mac and Windows to directly import PST from Outlook to cPanel account. The software is reliable, secure, and easy to use. It is built up with an interface that is accessible proficiently by all technical and novice users. Anyone can utilize the software and perform quick migration without data loss. The three-step implementation will save the time of users and help them to batch import PST files to cPanel in minimum time. The tool only requires a PST file and the IMAP credentials of the cPanel account. After that, it will start the process and straight away move all PST files to cPanel accurately.

Moreover, the app contains plenty of solid and remarkable features with the help of which Mac users can import PST from Outlook to cPanel accordingly. Download the freeware version of the tool and know the practical working of the tool for free.

Working Steps to Import PST to cPanel on Mac

Step 1. Download, and open PST to IMAP Migration Tool on macOS.

Step 2. Add required PST files on the software panel by utilizing Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. Click Next.

Step 3. The selected PST files will list on the software with checkboxes. One can utilize the checkbox to import selective PST files to cPanel. Click Next.

Step 4. Pick the IMAP option from the Select Saving Options property.

Step 5. Enter cPanel credentials. Also, specify IMAP Host and Port Number. Last, press Export.

Step 6. Now, check the live export status of PST files appearing on the Live Conversion screen.

The complete task will come to an end within seconds and then show a “Conversion Completed” message. Click OK and then login to your cPanel account to check the imported PST files. You can open them and check the accuracy. However, you will see that the entire PST file content is accurate and will appear with correct data integrity.

Why Opting MacMister PST to IMAP Solution is Beneficial?

PST to IMAP is an amazing solution when it comes to security. It is safe and makes sure to precisely import all PST files to cPanel account without data loss. Some of its highlights are as discussed:

Direct PST to cPanel Migration

The application has the ability to import PST from Outlook to cPanel account directly. Just upload the required PST files on the tool. Then, select IMAP from Select Saving Options. And click on Export. After this, all the selected PST files will move to cPanel in seconds.

Load PSTs using Dual Options

The tool has dual options that allows to load necessary PST files/folders on the software for migration. The Add File(s) property will help to add required PST files on the tool and the Add Folder property will allow users to add a folder containing unlimited PST files on the tool.

Batch Import PST File to cPanel

The utility offers batch migration that will save time and help users achieving accurate output. The Add Folder property is useful for the same. Use the option and add a folder holding unlimited PST files. The app will scan them and load the same on the tool and allows to import all of them into cPanel at once.

Simple GUI and Easy-to-Operate

The software has a simple GUI and contains a user-friendly interface. Both professional and non-professional users can operate the app without the support of skilled professionals and import PST to cPanel with all necessary emails and attachments.

Maintains the PST File Originality

The application is easy, reliable, and powerful. It not only performs the batch migration and save the user’s time but also makes sure that the migration is done without any data loss. The content and formatting properties such as header, images, hyperlinks, etc. will be shown to users with 100% accuracy.

Includes Live Conversion Window

The program will show a Live Conversion window once the user clicks on the Export button to start the migration. It will display the total count of files transferred, files left to transfer, and the live export status of PST files.

Proficiently runs on all Mac & Win OS

The tool comes in two different versions to resolve the problem – one is for Mac and another for Windows. Mac users can install the app on any Mac OS version and import PST to cPanel on Mac OS Ventura and earlier versions. Windows users can use the app on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, etc.

Quick Note. Get TRIAL EDITION to know all software options and features.


The above-discussed article provided a method to import PST to cPanel on Mac and Windows. The software is suggested to those who want quick, effortless, and reliable functioning with accurate results. Anyone can operate the app without the support of experts. However, the free demo is also available through which one can import the first 25 PST files to cPanel free of cost. In case you have any software-related queries, contact MacMister Support.