How to Migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail on Mac & Windows?

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Are you transferring your account from Hotmail and thinking about shifting to ProtonMail server? Worrying about old emails and searching for a technique to migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail? If yes, then keep all your worries aside because in the article we will be discussing an approach that will help you to safely implement the migration of Hotmail emails to ProtonMail with attachments accurately. But, before that, let us know briefly about Hotmail and ProtonMail webmail clients.

Since its launch Hotmail has been rebranded three times. Earlier, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith launched the webmail as Hotmail. After that, Microsoft bought the firm in 1997 and rename the service as MSN Hotmail. The makeover didn’t stop here. It again renamed as Windows Live Mail and then in 2014, it again launched as One can say that Hotmail services are not completely closed because at present, it still provides the opportunity to create an email ID with domain. Its services are highly updated and now users receive unlimited storage, calendar, contacts, tight integration with OneDrive, Skype, Office Online, and more.

ProtonMail, on the other hand, is end-to-end encrypted email service that is officially launched in 2013 Geneva, Switzerland. It makes use of client-side encryption as it protects the email content as well as the user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers unlike other common available web-based email providers like Gmail and The service is accessible through webmail client, the Tor network or appropriate iOS and Android apps.

Why to Migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail?

The need of every user is to opt a webmail service that offers secure email environment. However, one can say it is one of the most common reasons that force users to move from one webmail account to another. Some of the aspects are listed below that tells why migration is necessary from Hotmail to ProtonMail.

  • ProtonMail allow users to be completely anonymous. It does not ask for any private information from users during sign-ups. Also, it will not track users IP addresses or review the emails they send, allowing for completely anonymous correspondence. The rarest feature in any email service provider.
  • The webmail protects user’s privacy by encrypting every email. As per 2022, ProtonMail make use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) that helps in securing both sent and email files.
  • Includes address verification as well as it will help the sender to know that exact recipient has successfully received the emails.

How to Migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail on Mac & Windows?

There are many users who want to migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail with precise emails and attachments. And, so it is important to them to use a solution that is safe and powerful. MacMister Hotmail Backup Tool for Mac and Windows is an application that directly transfers all emails from Hotmail account to ProtonMail with attachments at once. The software possesses an interface that is easy to operate and is operable by all types of professional and non-professional users. Even, the operational steps are just three in total which will save the time of users and help in delivering accurate output in minimum time.

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Moreover, the utility is launched with numerous solid beneficial features with the help of which users can perform the migration of Hotmail to ProtonMail as per their necessities. And, one can check the whole procedure by downloading the free demo of the tool.

Working Steps to Migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail on Mac

Step 1. Run Hotmail to ProtonMail Backup Tool for Mac on Mac machine.

Step 2. Choose Hotmail option from the left. Enter login details of the same and click Login button.

Step 3. The Hotmail account is connected with the software and its related mailboxes will list on the application pane.

Step 4. Navigate to Select Saving Options property and choose IMAP option from the menu.

Step 5. Provide ProtonMail IMAP credentials. Also, enter its IMAP Host and Port Number. Last, click on Start Backup button.

Step 6. The procedure of Hotmail to ProtonMail migration is now live and the app will show Email Backup Report which will display the current migration status of Hotmail emails.

The entire task will successfully end by showing a notification to users i.e. “Process Completed”. Click OK and then go to the ProtonMail webmail account to check the results. However, you will see that the results are accurate. In other words, the email content and data integrity of email files will appear without any modification.

Why Hotmail to ProtonMail is the Best Option?

There are various reasons for choosing Hotmail to ProtonMail and some are highlighted here:

Direct Hotmail Emails to ProtonMail in Seconds

The software has the ability to migrate Hotmail emails to ProtonMail webmail directly. And, to do the same, it will ask to only provide the credentials of Hotmail and ProtonMail. After that, clicking the Start Backup button will immediately start moving all emails from Hotmail account to ProtonMail.

Provides Different Filters for Specific Migration

The utility possesses a separate section of Filters with the help of which users can migrate specific emails from Hotmail to ProtonMail account. It provides date range, from, subject, to, and more. One can set them as per specific preferences and migrate required Hotmail emails to ProtonMail with attachments.

Offers Friendly Interface for Easy & Desired Results

The application designed with a friendly interface which is easily operable by all types of technical and novice users. Users will not require help of skilled professional to implement the required task. Even, the procedural steps are very short. They will save the time of users by quickly transferring all Hotmail emails into ProtonMail.

Displays Live Progress of Hotmail to ProtonMail

After the user clicks on Start Backup button to start the process, the tool will show Email Backup Report screen to users. It will display the count of files that are transferred, files left to transfer, and the export status.

Works Perfectly on all Versions of Mac & Windows

The tool offers two versions for both Mac and Windows. And, the best thing is one will be able to download and use the same on all versions of Mac and Windows OS. The Mac users can utilize the app on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, etc. Whereas, Windows users can download and install the tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, etc.

Quick Note. Download TRIAL EDITION to know more Software Features and Options.


The article here discussed an advanced and ultimate methodology to migrate from Hotmail to ProtonMail. The Hotmail Email Backup Software for Mac and Windows is a highly advanced and safe solution for all users who wants to effortlessly and directly move Hotmail emails to ProtonMail account with attachments. The app will deliver the accurate and desired results in minimum time. Download the software trial edition and check the whole procedure for free.