Outlook Notifications Not Working on Mac – Top Fixes!

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If Outlook notifications not working on Mac and you are continuously searching for different ways to fix the necessary error! No worries, because here we have discussed recommended methods that one can undertake to resolve the issue.

Apple significantly enhanced its default email client i.e. Mac Mail since last few years. Still, many prefer third-party alternatives to get better experience. One of its common rivals is Microsoft Outlook, the preferred option for businesses and Microsoft 365 users. But lately, it is getting many complaints from users about issues with Outlook notifications. If you are facing the same issues, then go through the tips and tricks discussed here that fix Outlook notifications not working on Mac.

Microsoft is working on delivering new Outlook experience on both Windows & Mac. It is still in development stage and might take some time to land on Mac. However, you can go through the tips below and get Outlook alerts in real-time.

Method 1. Check Outlook Notifications

After opening Outlook for Mac, it will ask to give permission to receive notification. If you reject it, then Outlook stop delivering notifications. Follow the steps to enable notifications in Outlook Mac:

Step 1. Tap the Apple icon appearing on the top-left corner of the screen and choose System Preferences.

Step 2. Choose Notifications & Focus from the list of options displaying.

Step 3. Scroll and select Microsoft Outlook. Simultaneously, slide the toggle to the right to allow notifications.


Step 4. Select Banners Alerts Style from the same menu.

Now, use Outlook application to set the permission for notification.

Step 1. Run Outlook on Mac.

Step 2. Choose Outlook appearing at the top-left and select Preferences.


Step 3. Pick Notifications & Sounds option.


Step 4. Select Display an alert on my desktop option.


However, you can also set the sounds options as per your requirements in the same menu.

Method 2. Make Sure to Open Outlook in the Background

As per other mobile applications, Mac does not work in the background for sending notifications. It is necessary to make Outlook run in the background or launch the same at system startup.

Step 1. Open System Preferences in Mac.

Step 2. Choose Users & Groups.

Step 3. Tap Login Items.

Step 4. Click on + icon to run Finder.

Step 5. Select Applications from the left pane and search for Outlook.

Step 6. Tap Add button.


The Outlook will automatically launch on Mac OS during system startup to get notifications.

Method 3. Disable Focus

Apple has added Focus and removed Do not Disturb from the system. When Focus is enabled, the system, the notifications will be paused, which results in delivering the distract-free environment to users when working. However, one may disable Focus using the steps discussed below –

Step 1. Open System Preferences and choose Notifications & Menu option.

Step 2. Tap Focus to open a Focus mode that is frequently used.


Step 3. Click + icon to choose App.

Step 4. Select Microsoft Outlook to add the same in exception.


Now, Microsoft Outlook will continue sending notifications even if the Focus is enabled.

Method 4. Add Email Account in Outlook Again

Sometimes, the inappropriate configuration of Outlook will stop notifications from coming across. Thus, it is recommended to remove the account and add the same again in MS Outlook.

Step 1. Open Outlook Preferences to choose Accounts.


Step 2. Choose the email account which is giving you trouble.

Step 3. Press ‘–‘ icon and click on Sign Out.

Step 4. Tap + icon to set up new account.


Sign in again with the same account and start the synchronization of email Inbox.

Method 5. Verify Spam Folder

At times, Outlook automatically sends suspicious emails to Junk folder that some users avoid opening. But in case you unable to get any message notification, try checking it in Spam box.

Step 1. Run Microsoft Outlook. Go to Junk Folder appearing on the left pane.

Step 2. In case you find the desired email, right-click on the same.

Step 3. Navigate to Expand Junk and choose Not Junk option.

Method 6. Cross-Check Outlook Rules

You somehow created Outlook Rules that is automatically deleting particular emails. Make sure to re-check Outlook Rules and perform the necessary changes.

Step 1. Run Outlook on your Mac.

Step 2. Choose the message in menu bar.

Step 3. Go to Rules and choose Edit Rules.

Step 4. Verify the applied Outlook Rules and select the necessary one to delete.

Method 7. Update Microsoft Outlook

The outdated Outlook can prevent from receiving notifications. So, make sure to update its latest version by going to App Store.

Open App Store >> Select Updates >> select Install pending app updates.


In case if none of the above trick works to fix “Outlook notifications not working on Mac”, then move to Outlook Web for a short period of time. Even, one may consider Apple Mail which is a default email client of Mac that is available with additional benefits such as unsend email, scheduling of emails, and an advanced search function with updated Mac OS. And if you are worried about the files of Outlook for Mac, then transfer them with the help of MacMister OLM Converter for Mac Tool. This will allow to import OLM into 15+ saving options such as MBOX, PST, PDF, EML, EMLx, IMAP, Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, Gmail, and more.