How to Track Lost iPhone with Find My App?

Smart thieves are aware of all the ins and outs of a specific device. But, still one can prevent them from accessing the data stored on your iPhone.

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Apple has put a lot of effort in making iPhone less valuable to thieves through Activation Lock, a feature that is a part of Find my app. To enable this option, go to Settings >> Account Name >> Find My.

An iPhone is difficult to erase and reuse as the process requires the password of Apple ID account.

You can make this little harder by giving yourself a small inconvenience. Simply disable the Control Center from the Lock Screen without the Touch ID or Face ID authentication. Here are the instructions.

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How to Disable Control Center on Lock Screen iPhone?

Face ID & Passcode Setting

Navigate to Settings > Scroll until you see Face ID & Passcode option > Click on it and continue.

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Enter the device password or a passcode.

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Turn Off Control Center

Go to Allow Access when Locked option and disable Control Center by flipping the button to the left.

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The thief will try to shut down your iPhone, which means the device will become less hackable when restarted. Or it will be placed in a metal-lined bag to block the signals. Either way, it will take a lot of time, track the device longer, and put them at risk. It doesn’t deter a theft but someone can discard the iPhone, making it possible to find it if they can’t immediately enable Airplane mode when they realize the additional jeopardy they may be in.

You can still get to the Control Center on the Lock Screen, but you need to make sure to first perform the Face ID lock.

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