Backup Data from Apple Mail as PDF File Format

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Summary: This article is all about how a user can backup data from Apple Mail as PDF document format with an effective and a secure migration tool.

One of our clients has mailed me some important details and information about our company. I operate the Apple Mail email application in my company. I have to make these received documents read-only. For this, I need to save these emails as an Adobe PDF format. But, I don’t know how to save data from Apple Mail to PDF format with attachments. Can someone help me with a method to solve this tricky situation?”

We have mentioned only one user query, there are many other users who are looking for a method to the same problem. But, the migration of data from Mac Apple Mail to PDF is not a simple task. That is why we came up with this trouble-tacking blog post. Here we will suggest users to an easy and effective solution to backup data from Apple Mail as PDF format. However, before we go to the solution part, it is required to better understand the needs or reasons for moving Apple Mail emails in a PDF format.

Reasons to Save Apple Mail Data File as PDF Document Format

Every user has a different reason to backup data from Apple Mail as PDF format. But the main trouble is when a user requires to save Apple Mail mailboxes to PDF format, such an option does not exist. The user can save Apple Mail emails one by one. Furthermore, the email format is disturbed. Also, Mac Apple Mail is well-supported by the Mac Operating System. It is not suitable with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Adobe PDF is a platform-independent document file format, which can be easily accessed and viewed on any platform including Windows, Mac OS, and mobile devices such as Android, iPad, iPhones, etc.

  • Compression – PDF objects like images, etc. can be highly compressed with the use of multiple compression algorithms with no visible loss of quality. A PDF document file can only be a fraction of the actual or original file size.
  • Portability – All PDF documents are independent of the operating systems, hardware, and software and are used to edit, convert or view PDF files.
  • Password Protection – Once you have exported all the emails and their attachments in PDF format, nobody can access or view them until you specify the password. This password protection facility is very helpful in legal cases.
  • No Changes – One of the best advantages of the PDF file is that it includes exact color information, prints documents as they display on the screen.

Is Any Manual Way to Print Email from Apple Mail to PDF Document?

Yes, you can simply print your mailboxes instantly from Apple Mail. And here in this section, we are going to explain the step-by-step process to complete this task. But make sure that if you have fewer mailboxes to print, then this is one of the best solutions. Now, let’s move towards the steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to open Apple Mail on your machine.
  2. Select the email that you need to print.
  3. Now, click on the File option.
  4. From the File drop-down menu >> go to Print option.
  5. Finally, from the Print pop-up, press the Print the emails.

Through the above process, one can easily convert your Apple Mail emails into PDF. And we know the PDF is one of the most used formats for printing. Because Adobe PDF format is always a secured and password-protected document you will not notice any changes in your printed document.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

Everyone knows as the manual method is free but it comes with some drawbacks and disadvantages. And, some of the major explained here:

  • The manual solution to print emails from Apple Mail is only feasible for those users who have fewer mailboxes to print. Because in the manual method you have to each and every email one by one that makes this process very lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Every time one will face a page formation issue while printing the mails from Apple Mail the below the user faced.

Try Best Alternative Software to Backup Data from Apple Mail as PDF

As we know the manual method comes with some drawbacks such as lengthy process, technical steps, time-taking, and alteration in the format of data. So, if you are searching for a solution that can save Apple Mail data as PDF file format then you can use the MBOX to PDF Converter for Mac Tool.


The software provides you the function to save Apple Mail MBOX emails to PDF in bulk. It means you can easily move multiple emails from Mac mailbox to PDF file format without losing any data integrity and structure of the emails. The application also gives a multiple file naming option for that user who need to convert specific range emails. The software was compatible with all the versions of Mac OS.  

The Final Words

How to backup data from Apple Mail as PDF is a very common question asked by many users because sometimes users face some errors. So, here in this article, we have explained manual as well as professional solutions to complete this task. Now, choose one of them as per your requirements.