How to secure your iPhone from Hackers 2023?

Know Best Practices to keep your iPhone Safe & Protected from Hackers and Thieves

Local iPhone backup can take a lot of space on your system. Here’s are some tips mentioned that you can undertake to eradicate unnecessary backup in order to create more space for new database. These tips will work on macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave and other new versions of Mac OS.

  • iPhones are less vulnerable than Android but still they can be hacked.
  • Maintain good digital hygiene by applying strong passwords and updating iOS software. This will protect your device from hacking.
  • Install antivirus on your iPhone that benefit you in safeguarding your iPhone data.

Although iOS possesses robust security as compared to Android, still you should not rely completely on Apple for data protection. Therefore, having a good data security habits can prevent you from grief by taking charge of all your accounts and identity in your own hands.

Can iPhone Hacked Easily?

If you are scared of your iPhone security, then it is essential to understand that iPhones are usually secure than Android, they are not invincible. Hackers can gain access of your iPhone from anywhere like through vulnerabilities in apps or iOS operating system as well as forcing to download malware attachment. In order to protect iPhone from substantial attacks, ensure to keep iOS apps and iOS up to date by applying strong and complicated passwords, applying two-factor authentication and be cautious while opening links or downloading files from unidentified sources.

How to secure your iPhone from Hackers?

In the following section, we have highlighted advanced security tips, from enabling 2FA to switching off auto-fill. Go through the list of safety tips you can opt to secure iPhone from hackers.

Install Updates Regularly

Always install updates of your iPhone. This is necessary for fixing the random bugs and access enhanced iOS features. Apple takes user’s security seriously, and thus the new update comes with new security patches. So, it is advised to regularly install iOS updates to safeguard your iPhone and the data stored in it from hackers.

In case you unable to see the notification of software update, go to Settings >> navigate to General >> click Software Update. If you find the message of software update, install it immediately.

Enable Find My App

Find My application is a tracking software that allow users to track their device location if it is somehow lost or stolen. It is considered as one of the best anti-theft app of iPhone. Although, by default it is enabled. But you can check again to verify if it’s not been disabled accidentally. Go to Settings and click on your name appearing on the top. Then, navigate to Find My > click Find My iPhone and enable all the options present on the page.

Remove yourself from iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is a great source for managing passwords, so it is necessary for you to be aware that your iPhone passcode is the access of the entire data in this service. This means, if someone has the access of your phone, they can then easily get into your email, retrieve bank account details and other sensitive information.

Use Apple Watch to Lock iPhone

If a thief snatches unlocked iPhone from your hand, you can quickly lock the device using your Apple Watch. To do the same, simply set up automation through Apple’s shortcuts app. First, navigate to Settings and select Focus. Then, tap + button to create new focus.

There is no need to enable any triggers for this automation. Open shortcuts app, go to Automation tab to select Create Personal Automation. Scroll down until you see Focus section and select Lock Screen, then click When Turning On and press Next. Again click Add Action. You can take help of a search bar to find and add following actions:

  • Lock Screen
  • Set Wi-Fi
  • Set Mobile Data

Tap Next button, disable Ask before Running and hit Done button.

You can now go to Control Center of Apple Watch to enable Lock Screen focus. This will immediately lock your iPhone and enable Wi-Fi as well as mobile data so that you can use Apple’s anti-theft feature to your advantage. It is a wise way to lock your iPhone and make it harder for thief to unlock it.

Enable Lost Mode

After your iPhone is stolen, use a different device to login Provide Apple ID credentials and mark the device as lost. This will protect the data of your iPhone and make it challenging for thieves to erase and sell the device further. Make sure not to remove the device from Apple ID.

Limit the Access to Features from Lock Screen

iPhone allows to access countless beneficial apps directly through Lock Screen. Thieves can access this functionality to buy expensive good using your stolen credit card. You can take security measure to prevent yourself from this scam. Go to Settings, click Notifications, navigate to Show Previews and click When Unlocked. Then come back to Settings again, click Siri & Search to disable Allow Siri When Locked. Now, move towards Settings, go to Face ID & Passcode option, enter your passcode and navigate to Allow Access When Locked. Review the options present here and disable them to protect your data from thieves when your iPhone is locked.

Apply Additional Lock for Apps with Sensitive Data

For additional safety, you can use Face ID to lock multiple apps on your iPhone. Because in case your unlocked iPhone is snatched, then all your essential apps will remain protected as you have applied Face ID on them. Thieves cannot open them easily.

Set Screen Time for Good Effect

Screen Time can protect your data when your iPhone is stolen. It helps you to disallow few settings. This will be advantageous to you. To implement the same, open Settings, go to Screen Time, and select Screen Time Passcode. Make sure to opt for a different passcode for Screen Time. It is recommended not to use the same one for unlocking your iPhone. You can save the new passcode in a password manager or in another safe place. Now, go to Content & Privacy Restrictions and disallow Account Changes.

Apply Passcode on your SIM Card

You can lock your SIM card by applying four-digit pin. Whenever thieves tries to access SIM card on a different phone, they have to first enter four-digit pin to unlock SIM card. Before you enable it, know that this can stop your SIM card from automatically connecting to mobile data after restarting the iPhone. This could have negative impact on security features such as Find My that needs internet connectivity to work. If you are ok with this, then go to Settings, select Mobile Data and select SIM PIN and enable the same. Make sure to remember the PIN you have applied to lock your SIM.

Enable Lockdown Mode for Unsafe Places

Last, you can use Lockdown Mode if you are visiting unsafe locations or if you are scared of losing the access to sensitive data. To enable it, go to Settings, open Privacy &' Security, scroll down and select Lockdown Mode. A pop-up window appears, click Learn More in case you need to read more about it, otherwise continue further by enabling Turn on Lockdown Mode option. After this, select Turn On & Restart for confirmation.

The device will reboot. Unlock your device using your PIN/Passcode. Now, Lockdown Mode is enabled. You can disable the same using the above steps.


The write-up has highlighted tips & tricks to secure iPhone data from illegal use. You can apply the necessary features mentioned above to protect yourself and your sensitive database from thieves and hackers. Also, it is recommended to take regular backup of emails stored in iPhone. This will prevent your essential emails from being leaked.

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