Convert AOL Email to PDF with Attachments in Batch

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If you are searching for a simple method to convert AOL email to PDF in Mac, then you can rely on this blog post. Here we will be discussing about the best possible solution for your queries regarding how to convert AOL email to PDF in bulk. So, get ready to learn the step-by-step process to convert AOL email folders to Adobe PDF documents in simple steps.

Top Reasons for Saving AOL Emails to PDF?

AOL, no doubt, is one of the best cloud-based emailing service platform, used by millions of users. Despite being the secure platform for exchanging emails over internet, many users are still looking for ways to backup their important AOL emails on their local machines. There may be fear of virus attacks, server outage, account security, need for accessing AOL emails on other Desktop based email client, or just keep them safe on their local hard drive etc. Whatever be the reason, the only thing they want is to save AOL email to PDF format. Here are some other benefits too, why users prefer PDF file format for saving their AOL email messages on mac OS.

Reasons to Save AOL Emails as PDF

  • PDF File format is most secure file format and as its name suggests is portable too. One can access PDF documents on any device – Mac machine, Windows PC, iPhone, Android phone etc.
  • PDF files can be compressed easily and therefore takes very less space to store data.
  • The PDF document supports to save all data in exact form without altering any formatting style, hyperlinks, images etc.
  • Adobe PDF files can be easily opened without any internet connection, as opposed to AOL emails that need internet connection to access a particular AOL user account and read emails from it.

These are just a few of the benefits and advantages of PDFs that compel users to opt it to save their AOL emails. Let us now find out various methods about :

How to Convert AOL Email to PDF in Mac?

You can use both automated as well as manual methods to save AOL email to PDF. Both the methods are capable of saving AOL messages to PDF, but it is upto you which method you want to go with. If you are technically skilled and have enough time and patience, then you may go with manual method. But, if you are a novice user and needs quick conversion of AOL mail folders to PDF in bulk, then I would suggest you to opt professional automated solution provided by MacMister Solutions. Now lets find out the step by step process of both the solutions

Method #1 : Convert AOL Email to PDF with Professional AOL to PDF Converter

MacMister AOL Backup Tool for Mac is a trustworthy utility that allows users to print AOL emails to PDF format with ease. The tool is capable of saving unlimited AOL emails to PDF at once in bulk mode. besides that, it also enables users to convert selective emails from AOL account to PDF using its numerous Date and Mail filters. Now lets find out the step by step process to convert AOL emails to PDF file :

  • First download and install the software on your Mac machine

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  • Enter your AOL account login details and click on login button. Note : you need to login with the App Generated password of your AOL account. To know how to generate one for AOL account, click here
  • The software will now start loading all AOL mail folders in its left pane. select the required folders that you want to save as PDF
  • Now select PDF as the desired output option from the drop down menu.
  • Select required filters of the associated PDF format and finally click on Start Backup button to start the process
  • The software will initialize the process and shows live conversion status

Method #2 : Manual Method to Print AOL Email to PDF

The AOL emailing service provides direct option to download AOL messages to PDF. Moreover, the entire process takes good amount of time and may vary from user to user, depending upon AOL mailboxes size.

  • Open AOLMail on Mac device and log in using your credentials. 
  • Choose the Desired email from the folder that you want to export and then tap on More option. 
  • From the drop-down menu that opens, select Print Message option
  • Now, click Change >> choose Save As PDF option. 
  • Next, click on Save button. Choose the desired location to save the output file, and then, press Save button again. 
  • Now, your AOL message is saved in PDF file on your Mac hard drive. 

Following these above-mentioned steps, you can save AOL Email to PDF in Mac. However, it is not feasible for non-technical users and bulk email conversion. The manual method has its own limitations, which are discussed below :

Manual Method – Downsides

The manual method to export AOL emails as PDF has some limitations, as shared below:

  • A manual method doesn’t support to convert AOL email to PDF in bulk. 
  • Since each message needs to be individually saved to PDF, there are increased chances of saving duplicate emails, repetitively.
  • The manual approach doesn’t support saving attachments separately.
  • This method is not safe because there are higher risks of data alteration or mismanagement

To avoid these drawbacks, experts suggest using a professional Mac AOL Email Backup Tool, as discussed above in Method 1. The suggested professional tool is easy to use and provides secure conversion of AOL emails to PDF without compromising with the data integrity and data safety.


Through this blog, we have tried to explore various aspects of AOL email service providing delightful experience to millions of users. We have also tried to find out the reasons to save AOL email to PDF on Mac. We have also discussed various methods to help users easily and efficiently convert AOL email to PDF with attachments. It is upto them which method to want to go with. I just hope that they get the best possible solution to convert AOL email to PDF in Mac.