How to Restore iPhone from Backup?

Did you take the backup of your iPhone on iCloud? And now want to restore iPhone to previous backup and thus wondering the process for the same? No worries, continue reading the article and you will come across a solution which will safely restore iPhone from backup with ease.

iPhone users are already aware of the process to backup iPhone data. But they unable to find a suitable approach to restore iPhone from backup. So, in the segment we have discussed possible methods that will help you implementing the necessary process.

Part 1. Restoring iPhone from Backup using iCloud

If you have taken the backup of iPhone to iCloud, then you can use the following method. In this case, we are considering that you already have the backup of your data on iCloud.

However, remember for both the given methods, it is necessary to first factory reset your Phone and then continue with the process. In case you have a new iPhone, then this won’t be an issue.

If you are having iCloud backup, then directly restore an iPhone from the last backup.

Check how:

  1. Reset your phone as we have mentioned above.
  2. Switch on the iPhone to Hello screen.
  3. Go to the option Restore from iCloud backup.
  4. select restore from iCloud backup

  5. Sign-in to Apple ID and continue.
  6. Choose the backup image to restore, there may be multiple backup images. Also, check the size of your backup to know if your iPhone could support it or not.
  7. Again, sign-in to Apple ID to restore all your Apps and Purchases. This applies even when you have performed the purchasing of your products from different Apple IDs. In this case, sign-in with appropriate IDs.
  8. After the setup finishes, disconnect your device from the network and continue configuring your iPhone. But during the process, you should be in high connectivity region as any fluctuation in the network could increase the time required to restore iPhone from previous backup.
  9. configure iphone

Restore iPhone using Previous Backup via PC/Computer

If your iPhone backup is stored on your computer, then you can restore your device from the computer directly.

Remember that in this case as well, you can completely reset your iPhone and set it up as new to restore iPhone from backup. If you have a new iPhone, continue further without this.

Method 1. Recover your iPhone from Old Backup on Mac using Finder.

  1. Open Finder and connect your iPhone with Mac system. In case you have never performed this before, then Mac and iPhone will ask if you Trust the device.
  2. In Finder, choose the device name appearing on the left-side of the screen.
  3. connect iphone with mac system

  4. You will see Restore option. Click on it and proceed.
  5. Now, check the backup date and choose the one which seems appropriate for you.
  6. Select Restore and wait. You will be asked to specify backup password.
  7. click restore

  8. The iOS backup is deleted successfully. You can repeat the same steps for the backups you no longer needed.

Allow your iPhone to completely sync with the backup and then disconnect it from Mac.

Method 2. Restore iPhone from Backup on Computer using iTunes

It is not important to take backup on your Mac. A lot of users take iPhone backup using iTunes. In such a case, know the steps to restore old backup on iPhone.

  1. Connect iPhone to Windows.
  2. Open iTunes, and consider you have installed it as you have already taken a backup on it.
  3. Click iPhone and navigate towards This Computer.
  4. click iphone

  5. Find Backup and tap Back up Now.
  6. For healthy data backup, go to Wi-Fi settings, go to history, etc. and then select Encrypt local backup and specify password.
  7. data backup

Steps to restore iTunes backup on iPhone -

  1. Go to iPhone Settings and disabled Find my iPhone option..
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  3. Go to your iPhone and select Restore Backup.
  4. Choose the appropriate files to backup which are sorted as per size/date.
  5. Hit Restore button and wait. Add encryption password that was specified above earlier.
  6. hit restore


If you have a backup of iPhone on iCloud or computer, then you can easily restore iPhone from backup with the help of above methods. And make sure to wipe data from old iPhone device while moving into a new one. This will protect you from malevolent activities done by hackers that can harm your reputation later. You may contact MacMister Support for any kind of assistance.