How to Export Outlook Mac Contacts to Excel on Mac?

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There are many users who are searching to export Outlook Mac contacts to Excel file. Because Excel help users to manage all the contacts at once place. It will help in easy data management as well as allows to read them anytime. Moreover, users can import the same to any address book or contact management solution.

At some point, we all need to export contacts to Excel for numerous reasons. It could be taking backup of contacts, updating contacts or creating a list of it in a different category to easily access it in a future.

Before proceeding with a solution, let us know about Outlook Mac and Excel

Outlook for Mac is a Mac supported email client that is designed by Microsoft for Mac users. It is totally similar to Outlook for Windows application and also used as a Personal Information Manager. The working of Outlook for Mac is same as other email applications such as sending/receiving emails, managing contacts and calendar etc.

Excel is a Microsoft designed proprietary software that maintains all the data of users through Spreadsheets. Microsoft built-up these apps for Win, Mac, iOS and Android. Excel is known for offering advance calculations via graphical tools, functions, pivot charts and tables, as well as additional data formatting as required.

Some common reasons to Export Outlook Mac Contacts to Excel

  • CSV is a universal supported file format that can be used on any platform at any time.
  • Both technical and non-technical users can access it.
  • It has the ability to store n number of contacts.
  • Used mostly for data management.
  • Easy to import in multiple email client applications.

Besides this, there are other common reasons as well which will pressurise users to export contacts to Excel from Outlook for Mac application.

Instant Way to Export Outlook Mac Contacts to Excel on Mac

The process can be achieved easily by using Mac OLM Converter. An advance solution designed by MacMister for Mac users to manage OLM contacts in Excel by converting the same into CSV format. The application offers friendly GUI with multiple saving options and features that makes the software desirable and simple to access for both technical and non-technical users.


The software gives the freedom to users to export unlimited user contacts to Excel supported CSV format at once. However, there is nothing to worry about the originality of the database the application will keep them safe and accurate throughout the process. No Outlook Mac is required for saving user contacts to Excel.

Procedural Steps to Export Outlook Mac Contacts to Excel

Follow the below mentioned steps and know how to export contacts from Outlook Mac to Excel –

Step 1. Run Outlook Mac to Excel Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Load Outlook for Mac required contacts on the software with the help of Add Files and Add Folder button. Click Next.

Step 3. Contact list will be shown with checkboxes. Users can use checkbox list to export selective user contacts to Excel. Click Next.

Step 4. Choose CSV from Select Saving Option list.

Step 5. Provide destination path to save the resultant output at desired location and click Export.

Step 6. Procedure will start instantly and shows live conversion report on the screen.

Now, navigate to the specified destination path and check the exported contacts. All the details will be precise and exactly the same as before.

Features of Outlook for Mac to Excel Tool

Mac Baed Application

Outlook Mac to Excel is a Mac-supported utility that help users to export Outlook for Mac contacts to Excel on all Mac editions such as Mac Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina etc.

Batch Export Contacts

With the help of the app, users can export unlimited contacts in a batch at once. Simply create a single folder and keep the necessary contacts that you want to export in the same. Now load it using Add Folder button and choose CSV option. Tool will convert the entire folder to CSV in a single time without data loss.

Provides Dual Options

The software offers dual options to load Outlook Mac contacts i.e. Add Files and Add Folder. Users can use the desired option and load user contacts accordingly.

Save CSV at desired location

After choosing CSV as a saving option, users can click Browse button and set the destination path where they want to save the resultant file. It will help them to access the same immediately after conversion.

Offers Simple and Easy GUI

Outlook for Mac to Excel application designed with easy GUI so that all home and professional users can use the application without expertise guidance.

Auto-Generate Log Report

The software automatically creates the log report once the conversion completes. It will show item count, saving option, start/end time etc.


The post has discussed a direct technique of transferring Outlook Mac contacts to Excel on Mac. It is cost-effective, secure and a reliable solution that provides accurate output to users. The application comes with a free demo and enables to export first 25 contacts to Excel free of cost. You can use the same to export Outlook for Mac to PDF, PST, MSG, MBOX, IMAP, G Suite etc.